Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Ron just left with the fellows to go pick up his latest tractor acquisition. I waved goodbye and went to collect eggs. Tiger Lily was off her nest. That surprised me for her to leave this soon so I went to check it out.


I took my cell phone out of my pocket and called Ron. No answer. Since they had just left, I was sure they were in the valley out of service area. Why was I calling him anyway? He would only assure me that I could handle it. Besides our neighbor in Kansas used to call Ron every time she saw a snake and he would go take care of it. Usually he would bring it home and turn it loose on our place. I know black snakes are harmlesss and they actually help, unless you have chickens and eggs. That is a time to have to kill them.

Tiger Lily would want me to save her future chicks. Thus the snake battle was on. I went for a shovel and back to the barn. The snake had scooted closer to the nest and I could not see it's head. I spotted a fat midsection and struck with all my might. I heard a crunch/squish. I lifted the shovel expecting to see two halves of a snake. Instead it was gone! GONE! I whirled around making sure it wasn't doubling back for me and I hightailed it out of the barn. Tiger Lily has several eggs left, so maybe the snake will crawl off and die and my hen can return to her nest.

I don't look forward to my next trip to the barn. For now, I think I'll have some wine and a movie to calm my nerves. (Any excuse is a good excuse.)

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  1. UGGGG A snake, I think we MIGHT have some tiny garden snakes here but you rarely see them! thank goodness I live in a safe place like New York!(ha ha~)