Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Tiger Lily hatched two eggs on May 6th. Remember the pictures of the chicks peeking out from under their mama? They both seemed to be doing fine until it was time for Tiger Lily to resume her life as an independent hen. She could not shake her chicks. Soon the tiny yellow one disappeared. We assume the unknown predator got it. That left Elvis.

Grandson Mike named Elvis because this chick peeps and shakes frantically all the time. Elvis is on a constant search for mama Tiger Lily. When mama returned to her roosting spot, I could see Elvis either nestled under her or sitting on top of her. I kid you not, Elvis would perch on mama's back for the night.

Ron found Elvis once in the driveway during one of our downpours. Ron picked the soggy Elvis up and placed the chick in the hen house. Elvis soon dried off and was out and about the next day trying to keep up with mama again.

Three days ago Tiger Lily became broody and is sitting on a nest. This severed the tie for Elvis. We could hear him chirping and peeping and yelling all day. That is until yesterday. All was quiet. Elvis was missing from the chicken count last night. I believed the loud guy was done in. However, Elvis has returned today out of no where and is not yelling for his mother. Elvis has grown up and more importantly, Elvis lives!

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