Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Friday, April 27, 2007


I love audio books. The best way for me to do my housework is wearing a headset and listening to an audio book. A lot depends on the story, a lot depends on the narrator. My most recent unabridged book tape had a great story and a great narrator. I have been enthralled for a couple of weeks, listening here and there as time would allow.

This story has been so good that I have dreaded reaching the end. Then it happened -- the story ended in the perfect place in the perfect way but the author went past the ending. A lot of nothing was added and instead of stopping where I believe the book should have ended, there was a droning, yawn inspiring, lengthy addition that I kept listening to, thinking surely it was going somewhere worthwhile. It was not -- it did not -- it was horrible. All of my good times spent listening to this delightful story were somehow ruined by a writer who must have been getting paid by the word.

If only writer and/or narrator had warned, "You may choose to stop the story now at this good part because the rest is only crap thrown in as filler."

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  1. I have read books like that actually..."The Poisonwood Bible" comes to mind...I thought that the last chapter could have been left out...