Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Today things are quiet at the New NOL-NOC Estates. This is only the calm before the next storm of grandchildren.

We took Ryan, Dillon and Beth back to Tulsa yesterday. Last night Slim and I had to herd the chickens all by ourselves. We both were a little melancholy as we walked quietly around the property, keeping track of all the chickens and remembering the ten nights before with laughter, stick fights, bon-fires mixed with typical sibling rivalry.

Thursday Joey, Ian and Jasmine arrive with their mother for a brief visit. We cannot wait for them to see our place and to tell us all about their fun and friends and experiences in San Diego.

We had lunch with mother yesterday. She was certainly in great spirits. She enjoyed talking about her newest great-grandchild that will be born today. Yes, Nora gets a brother or sister today. Karen and Scott chose not to know which until he or she debuts, thus leaving all the rest of us in limbo. We can't wait!

Print and Elaine are back from Florida and Print is busy with his new Razor phone. It seems like retirement has only brought him a new list of things to do, only this time they are of his own choosing.

Elenore is in Chicago and Chelle is in Wyoming which left Jessi to read and comment on my blog. Dillon and Beth were thrilled with Aunt Jessi's comments......and, yes, Dillon has learned well from his Aunt Jessi:-) Ryan finally made his entry on my blog so be sure and look.

Today should be a productive but quiet day as we prepare for the next family visit. I started the morning by falling down and cutting my pinky finger. I bled like a stuck pig and scared Ron to death, but all is well except for the irritating pain that I will have all day as I attempt to work. I truly am an "antique little girl" as I stumble and fall and bump into things because I get in too great a hurry as I move forward with anticipation and excitement.

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