Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Awake at 5:17 a.m.
Tuned into Tulsa’s KRMG Streaming Audio and put on headphones.
Learned four teenage boys got in trouble near pedestrian bridge at 31st and Riverside where Tandy takes Ryan, Dillon and Beth. The boys got trapped in the water near low water dam. All are okay, but one had to be hospitalized. (Note to self, Ann, remember, “Worry is a prayer for something you don’t want.”)
Cleaned house
Prepared crock-pot chicken
Prepared pasta salad
Put in one load of laundry
Listened to Joe Riddle sing the National Anthem. Jessi, did you know Joe could sing? When they announced that he would sing, I trembled fearing they were making light of the song and expected Roseanne Barr type singing. Nope, that Joe can sing, plus he sang a second verse I had never heard. Such a cute, awkward little boy that lived at the end of our street, all grown up, on radio and singing songs. Just think, that could be Tandy too:-)

Ron is on a big conservation kick. We are rare persons in the area having conservation rate on our electric bill for both houses. Of course, when company comes during a very hot month, that rate is in jeopardy. When you lose it, you have to go six months before you can re-establish conservation rate. Ron actually said, “Oh well, whatever will be will be.” I was so proud that he was going to enjoy the company and not worry about the rate. Still, the minute Terri and the kids left and Ron read the meters, he saw he had a small window of opportunity to get the averaging down before the next reading. My technical engineer husband has heavy duty cable running from 321 to 320 and we’re running the air conditioners on 321 electric meter until that reading starts getting too high. I don’t think it’s the rate as much as it is the challenge to beat the meters. (That just sounds wrong….)

Tonight we might be sleeping in new bed. We purchased new mattress and box springs yesterday and will go get today IF we can borrow a truck. Brakes are out on Ron’s pickup and pieces are too wide for van.

Unruly Aracanas, i.e. Noble Davies and pals are continuing to terrorize the hen’s eggs and covering them up. I don’t think there are any eggs until I feel beneath the straw. . Plus, they were the ones that initiated The Great Escape from the pen last week. Who knew youngest children could be such trouble makers?.

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