Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Sunday, August 14, 2005


If I see a fish on a business card, in a yellow page listing or on a company logo, I decide immediately not to deal with that plumber or electrician or yard specialist.

I was in the banking world for 32 years. I had many persons request special privilege for policy exceptions because they were “Christian”. I never had one person of any other faith request an exception because of their religion.

My dad loved special benefits for senior citizens but, he never took a discount offered to him or his family because he was a pastor. Just because he was a pastor did not set him apart as deserving of discounts.

Inclusiveness was his stock and trade. Yes, we could hold dances in churches where he was the minister, but not rock and roll dances. With rock and roll, you need a partner. You needed an invitation to dance with another individual, thus leaving some poor soul seated on the sidelines. We could have folk dances or square dances because everyone could participate by choice and not by invitation only.

Our political choices are being muddied by small, sanctimonious agendas and we’re failing to see the big picture – The Land Of The Free and The Home Of The Brave ("....where folks agree to disagree" as my preacher brother would say :-)


  1. may have to take exception with the word never regarding dad accepting gratuitys. he never wecomed or expected the favors but i recall a few. may be wrong. -e

  2. I have been accused of embellishing at times :-)