Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


It is hard to tear myself away from the chickens. The Araucanas are a spellbinding group. I’m not sure if they are just that cute or if I’m simply getting more comfortable with chickens.

Chicken Little tried to give me a kiss last night. I was gathering eggs and she hopped up on the nest box and reached up to peck at me. Ron said she was probably trying to peck out my eyes. I think not!

There is a good chance that Bonus is going to turn out to be a rooster. If that happens, we’ll have three roosters with one in each group.

The baby chicks spend a lot of time in the nest box. They spread hay over the newly laid eggs. I didn’t realize what was happening at first and when I checked the eggs, it looked like there was only one egg. When I reached for it, I bumped another egg with my hand and then I spread the hay and found a bonanza of eggs that the chicks had hidden. I’m thinking they might be such spoiled brats that they are making sure I won’t be getting any more batches of chicks to take their place. It is funny to me that the big hens let the babies do this. They kept the teenagers away from the nest totally when they arrived on the scene.

Perhaps my chickens have some sibling placement problems, with the Sex-links being the oldest, the Twylas and Junes being the middle children, and the Noble Davies, et al being the spoiled rotten babies.

By the way, I have a spider bite in my arm pit and that has caused my lymph nodes to swell to fight the infection which causes horrible pain. I’m just hoping it wasn’t a Brown Recluse Spider because Terri sent me a photo of the stages that takes and it is not a pretty site. I can’t reach in for chicken feed without confronting a spider of some kind or another. Here I am, Chicken Annie, rough and tough chicken herder, fighting off snakes and spiders. Who’d a thought it?

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