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Wednesday, May 11, 2022



This month Wisewebwoman was going to provide the prompts on her blog - but she is on a blog break and has sent the prompts to Elephant's Child .  Essentially the prompts will be here for May.

This week's prompts were again provided by her and are:













TRUST AND OBEY by Granny Annie

The girls begged to rent the lighthouse for their senior graduation part. The Board of Directors took the request under advisement.

The landmark lighthouse had recently been used for a conference and lots of work had been done to make it presentable. The painter did an amazing job. The Board did not have an idea how many shades of white could be shown for selection. Several members could only disagree until they finally gave in as a courtesy to the others. That was the best thing to do. The lighthouse was painted and cleaned up and was beautiful. The conference had been carried off without a hitch and the Board enjoyed the rent that was paid. This would help keep the lighthouse in repair for other events.

Now the board of directors needed to decide if the girls should be allowed to rent the facility. Arguments ensued once more as one recommendation after another was made as to the pros and cons.

How much parking would be required for the traffic. A neighbor of one of the girls stated that the child did not seem to have much ambition and wondered if she could be trusted with the responsibility.Many knew her parents and believed they were trustworthy individuals. Much discussion was finally followed by the decision to rent to the girls and give them an outline of the rules and regulations.

Should anyone have been shocked the morning after the girl's graduation party? Graffiti was painted all over the outside "SENIORS 2022". The inside was in shambles and the kitchen facility was smoke covered. Soda cans as well as beer cans were strewn everywhere. The “trustworthy” parents who had signed the contract for the rental, wrote out a healthy check to the lighthouse fund.


  1. The youth just do what they do and we pay for it. Nothing has changed over the years. You made me smile. Well done.

    Have a fabulous day and rest of the week. ♥

  2. Again another great story. Have a wonderful day.

  3. Yet another great (and very different) use of the prompts. I do hope that the money paid in damages is sufficient to keep the lighthouse going for many a long year - and that the parents make the children pay.

  4. Oh boy, good story, very realistic.

  5. Oh no. Such a shame and I had such high hopes for the kids.

  6. Unusual take Annie. I saw the desecration of a pavilion at one such event but overjoyed to see all the kids involved in the repairs and painting and cleaning afterwards. It took them a whole weekend. I hope those kids of yours had such hard labour too.

  7. It's so sad when this happens. Future classes wanting to rent the place, who might well take care of it, will not get the chance.

    Excellent use of the prompts.

  8. Lovely story, but as WWW says, I would have been making the kids take part in the cleaning up of the mess they made.

  9. Ahhh...yes, the days of yore, when teens were faking "being responsible" almost as good as their parents.

    Excellent story.

  10. My that was a rather sad ending.