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Frankie and Slim
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Thursday, July 29, 2021

WORDS FOR WEDNESDAY (on Thursday) -07-29-2021


This month, the great prompts have been provided by lissa at The Memory Tourist

This week's prompts are: 

1. secret

2. garden

3. walk

4. world

5. abandon

6. magic

7. life

8. forever

9. key

10. spring


SINGLE LIFE by Granny Annie


Frances did not have a green thumb and it was not a secret.  If you took a walk by her home you would see her long abandoned garden.   

She moaned at the poem "Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, wonder where the flowers is". Frances had no problem growing grass that had definitely riz.  How in the world would she manage keeping it cut?  Her job kept her away from home most of the time and when she was home, she wanted to rest inside her comfortable house.  


Frances threatened her family members with pain and suffering if they dared plant anything in her vacant garden ... unless they were willing to maintain it. She rarely made it outside her home unless she was going to or coming from work.  Still she was forever surprised coming home to find, like magic, high, weed-filled, green filling her yard. 

How much would it cost this year to keep the yard mowed through the Summer.  Every year the cost was higher. Her friends insisted that marriage for Frances would be the key to her yard maintenance. Her only response to them was "Not on your life would I ever trust another man!"




  1. You do so well with those words, great story!

  2. Very good. I so understand that riz-ing grass.

  3. I know several people with knee high weedy grass where a lawn should be and am thankful myself that this housing complex has a "maintenance" man who shaves the grass too short, but at least it gets cut. There's a different maintenance crew who go around with a chainsaw and lop off most of the shrubs at thigh height once a year.

  4. Very nice story. I always enjoy them.

  5. Oh that green stuff that grows so well during the spring and summer! It is a constant battle!

  6. This is why i am thankful for Mike-Next-Door, who has mowed our grass for many years and is still wanting the job.