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Frankie and Slim
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Wednesday, December 16, 2020



Elephant's Child gave us these clever idioms to use today for our Words For Wednesday prompts.

    Has the cat got your tongue?

    Curiosity killed the cat.

    Let the cat out of the bag.

    Dog tired.

    Sick as a dog.

    Like a dog with two tails.

    The elephant in the room.

    A one-trick pony.

    Open a can of worms.

    Busy as a bee.


    WHERE IS OLGA NOW by Granny Annie

Okay!”' Elliott screamed, “Who opened this can of worms? Someone must speak up. Frasier, has the cat got your tongue?”

Frasier pretended to be busy as a bee, ignoring the elephant in the room. There was not a doubt that this young man had let the cat out of the bag. He had ruined the Christmas surprise for Olga.

Elliott had worked very hard and was dog tired planning this surprise and Frasier had spilled the beans. Elliott was sick as a dog about it.

It was not my fault!” Frasier insisted. “I told Olga to stop shaking the boxes and reminded her that curiosity killed the cat, but she kept poking around.”

Frasier, you are a one trick pony! I should have known never to let you guard the secret.” Elliott yelled.

I couldn't help myself” Frasier replied. “Olga was like a dog with two tails when the key fell out of the box.”

Well, where is Olga now?” Elliott demanded

She off driving her new red Lexus!” Frasier responded with a look of fear and trembling.


  1. Great job; terrific use of the prompts. Well done!

  2. That mind of yours always amazes me! This post is excellent!!

  3. Love the way you included the prompts. I suspect this story will be played out in many houses over the next few weeks...

  4. Well done, Annie!

  5. What a great job using all the prompts. Olga is a lucky gal.

  6. Very well done, I like it.

  7. Wonderful! Although if she was going to be shaking the box that much, i'm not sure anything could have been done about it.

  8. Aw Granny Annie, you are the Bard of Idiomatic Phrases!