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Frankie and Slim
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Monday, October 30, 2017


Question Of The Week 10-30-17

How will you participate/celebrate Halloween tomorrow, or will you?

I'll be home handing out good chocolate to kids while finishing "Something Wicked This Way Comes." I'll also be indulging in a littlel chocolate myself.

Nothing different going on here. We live too far out for people to bother with the drive. I suppose I should buy some chocolates, 'in case' someone does come. Hahahahaha!

We try our best to avoid it and for the most part succeed

Not much at all. The kids don't like my street....houses too small and no side walks. If I buy candy, I EAT IT!! So, lights off and maybe I'll go to the mall to see the kiddies having fun.

We'll hand out treats but we usually don't get very many kids.

I buy candy and keep the lights off while I eat it all

At home with a nice bowl of chili and some cornbread watching something scary on television.

Just handing out candy!

Nothing planned this year, usually no trick or treaters show up out here but if they do, by golly there will be candy.

I live too far out for trick or treaters. So I guess I'll just watch the World Series game. 

I have a bowl of candy ready for trick or treaters. If none materialize (here in my 55 and older gated community) well, fortunately I bought the candy I like. I will be going to a big party at my neighbors' house.

It is today here, and I will buy a little chocolate while I am out this morning. I suspect no-one will come round and am not sure whether that is a good or a bad thing. I really don't need the chocolate myself and will eat it anyway if it is unclaimed.

It's already Halloween here, of course. If anyone does come a-knocking I have a pile of chocolate and lollies/candy here...and will be happy to hand them out. If no one does turn up at my door, like EC....all the more for me!! :)

I think Halloween is all a lot of innocent, good fun. :)

By the way....Happy Halloween, Annie. :)

We don't have trick or treaters, so I will be setting in the dark eating candy...

Highly unlikely anyone will trick or treat here, but I'll be closed up with lights out pretending to not be home, just in case. Because I don't have any candy for handing out.

I usually don't bother participating, as I leave everything else to the family. I'll probably spend the time catching up on writing, but I'll probably be the one to drive my daughter to a party that her ex is throwing.

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Friday, October 27, 2017


And on a personal note, my daughter and son on Halloween years ago.  Both still as precious and fun loving. My daughter had posted this on her Facebook page this week. 


Wednesday, October 25, 2017


My Words For Wednesday story

LIKE A PENDULUM DO by Granny Annie

The pendulum on the wall clock stopped swinging. It was time to wind the antique. Yes, it was seven o'clock pm which was when it always stopped. We had found this timekeeper while scavenging the abandoned house on the hill. Everyone told us the house was haunted and not to take anything from it.

Why couldn't we have found a nice clock with a cuckoo bird popping out to strike the hour? No, we had to have one with a wax raven that would fly out on a spring and scream the hour.

This activity, of course, delighted our grandchildren. I loved to make up tales for them about this crazy chronometer. They would beg me, “Grandma, tell us a tingler.” I would then usher them to the fireplace where we would sit in a circle and I would open my diary containing stories of the many invisible spooks, ghosts and goblins that were forever locked inside the vintage timepiece. 

Go HERE to see the words for today and for the picture Cindi provided plus links to other stories or the ones completed in the comment section.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Cindi Summerlin has uploaded the prompts for Words For Wednesday, October 25, 2017.  This gives some of us a early start for our Wednesday.  Go HERE to see what words we have for tomorrow and for the picture she had provided.   Of course our Aussie friends are way ahead of us.  LOL  Hope you will participate.

Monday, October 23, 2017


Question Of The Week 10-22-17

What and where was your first alcoholic drink?

I was 21...bought a bottle of sherry, brought it home to Mom and Dad, we each had a sip. Nothing after that until much much much later. I still rarely take a drink. If I do it will be a dry white wine and usually only half a glass. I really don`t enjoy alcohol.

A tiny glass of creme d'cocoa that my grandmother reserved for a New Year's Eve toast. I was maybe 16 or 17.

Beer. I was 16, two carloads of us had a party at a nearby state park. Good times.

A bottle of Miller High Life beer, a buddy of mine got it from...I don't remember where but we sat on the rock on top of Paris Mountain and enjoyed the view while sipping the beer, we had to be around 16.

Beer as a kid a home with my folks and more of just a few sips.
I don't even remember how I got it - but my friend and I drank something called Swizzle when we were freshmen in college. No damage done tho.

I have no idea! As a kid but I can't remember where or how old I was.

I think the older kids let me 'share' by the time I was 7 or 8. We grandchildren sat in the stairwell and borrowed chugs off the gallon of Mogan David there.
Real paid for drink was gin and orange when I was 15 or 16. I was with my sister at a 'nicer' bar.

Glass of sherry at Thanksgiving, when I was about 16. Hated it, still do.

Boones Farm Strawberry Hill wine, Columbia, South Carolina.

My friend and I went to visit her sister and brother-in-law, who lived on campus at the University of SC. He took us to a nearby bar and we were underage (17 years old) - I'm not sure how we got away with that.

I was 16 and my best friend and I hit her parents stash of Gin when they were gone. I got blotto, her not so much.

I don't remember. I have never really drunk much alcohol, and these days drink less. A glass of wine is nice, but I can feel the effects very quickly

I'm sure it was a ((very)) small glass of deep red wine at a Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparen't house.

I don't really remember, but when I turned 21 an old friend, a guy, took me out for a night of drinking to celebrate. No one else cared!

Oh...I can't remember. I'm sure I had a sip of something belonging to my mother or grandmother when I was a kid.

I do clearly remember my first ever Scotch. I was at a friend's place...those there were older than I was....I was 16. We were sitting around on the floor listening to jazz.

A fellow...who years later became my first husband, as it eventuated...was drinking Scotch, straight, no ice, no mixes. It was in a white porcelain tea cup for some unknown reason.

I asked him what he was drinking and he passed it to me to try.

I liked Scotch from that very first sip.

Shandy in the lounge area of a pub when I was five or six. It's a 50/50 beer and lemonade mix, acceptable for kids in those days. I didn't like it much and opted for plain lemonade after that. Tried a sherry at a wedding once and really disliked it. Years later bought a pina colada at some other 'do' and liked that but only drank about half.

I had no alcohol until my Junior year of college when I visited my now husband and his apartment mates at his college. Let's just say, I drank everything they gave me, and I lived to regret it. After that it was years before I took another drink

Rum and coke when I was a kid at one of the famous Cuban parties my folks used to have in our fancy basement. I had two sips and that was it! Hated it. Still don’t like rum all that much

I have not tried it...

A whole drink as opposed to a sip of someone else's? A little embarrassed to say it was two years ago when I met the Boy Scout and got "tipsy" for the first time. I was 52.

1/2 a Mai Tai and I could barely walk.