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Frankie and Slim
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Friday, June 30, 2017


It is sad when my son has to work so hard he doesn't have time to find cartoons for me.  Meanwhile 
I have others I can depend upon

Meanwhile, I came across this marker art I created a few years ago as a memorial to my Niece's beloved Pug BoBo.  It is nicely framed and hangs in their daughter's bedroom.  
It is one of my favorites.
"Naked BoBo" by EAGHL 2003

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Thank you Elephant's Child for posting the WFW prompts provided by Margaret Adamson and her friend Sue Fulton, plus incredible photograph choices from Bill

Can Annie leave such beauty behind?  (Photo by Bill)

and here is my story for this week...

A HOME FOR ANNIE by Granny Annie

Thoughts were drifting in and out of her head. The movement was extremely fluid. Annie looked at all the choices and attempted to pick the optimum. Her family was encouraging her and she found it easy to get caught up in their excitement.

A move from the country into either big city could rid her of driving concerns. She would have access to a bus or taxi for any place she wanted to go. Her daughter lived in a large city and her son was in another big city and both wanted their mom near them.

It could be that Annie watched too many episodes of Forensic Files, but she imagined living in the city would lead her closer to home invasions and those sorts of crimes.

Would she ever be able to leave her country home surrounded by a lovely forest in exchange for concrete and glass?

Perhaps you can end her dilemma by completing this story with the next 6 words.  Perhaps you could give some good advice and help Annie decide:
Theatre, Shoe, Passion, Dogmatic, Prison, Visitor

Thank you E.C. for this perfect ending to Annie's story.

Love your start on this tale.
Annie thought about it. And thought about it some more. Yes, she would be closer to the theatre. And to the grandchildren who were her passion in life. And then the shoe dropped. If she moved to the city, despite her children's dogmatic insistence that it was the right thing to do, she would feel as if she was in prison. Decision made. She would be happy to go to the city as a visitor, but her home (and her heart) were in green spaces..

Monday, June 26, 2017


Question Of The Week 6-26-17

What would you like to invent?

I would invent a power that could run everything that now requires electricity or batteries. Something even better than solar power. I would call it Air Power:-)

A Stargate disguised as a normal garden gate, so I could use it as a regular gate or program it to step through and exit through other Stargates in other locations, so I could visit friends and family anywhere without making travel arrangements, buying tickets etc.

A youth restorer.

I would invent a medicine that keeps elder's sense sharp until death

A rumba that washes, folds and puts away clothes

To somehow grow a third set of teeth. That would save a fortune!

A kindness drug. Which I would spread in the water to EVERYBODY.

A solar powered robot that loved to weed. 

i like a bunch of these, but i still want a transporter and a replicator (Star Trek stuff) So i could get anywhere without travel and have anything i wanted by asking for it (Earl Grey tea, hot for example)

I believe Arkansas Patti and Tabor have inventions that are most likely to be seen in our lifetimes:-) Such clever ideas from everyone. I always love to read what you are thinking.

A cure for all illnesses; peace and everlasting harmony...

The non-addictive cure to worrying.

So many good ideas in the comments. Brite Mist's idea of a transporter caught my eye but it doesn't sit well with me (shades of Dr. McCoy not wanting his molecules spread all over the universe). The replicator is definitely something I'd avail myself of anytime. I'm too late to invent it because there are already 3D printers that mimic the way replicators work. Like smart phones, Star Trek tech is closer than people think.

Friday, June 23, 2017


My son had a busy week so I had to rely on other relatives for this week's funnies.

And here is a fun quiz for this week. My son did 
provide this.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


We have pictures instead of words for this Wednesday.  Go over to Elephant Child's blog to read the details.  Here is my story and the photo I selected that was taken by Bill. These were offered for WORDS FOR WEDNESDAY by Margaret Adamson and Sue Fulton.

It was an exciting day when we bought the old school house at an auction for $600. There were only a few bidders because not many wanted such a monstrosity. Could it ever be restored? Nevertheless, Ron started work immediately.

Day in and day out he would talk of the progress he was making and tell of the valuable items he was finding. He would clean those items up and bring them home for me to sell on eBay.

Ron would also tell of the man who would visit from time-to-time to observe the work. The man, standing at a distance, would not speak but he would nod. The rough old man seemed to be very interested in the success of the restoration. He would show joy and nod "yes" if he thought things were going well or he would nod his head "no" and storm off if he believed Ron was doing something wrong.

We never saw this old man around town. Inquiries were made but nobody seemed to know who he was. The man was tall and heavyset He wore overalls and a floppy straw hat. His attire was as strange as his actions and attitude.

As Ron's work progressed, I decided to research the history of the old school house. There were actually elderly residents in the town who had attended school there in the mid 1900's. The few who still had their mental faculties about them were able to recall happy moments playing and learning in the once sturdy building.

I was very joyful one day upon coming across an old woman who had a very good memory. She loved talking about the school because her husband Morris had been the caretaker/janitor for the school all his life. Morris took great pride in the upkeep of the school and loved the children who attended. He had died years before but his wife missed him every day. Morris was a tall, heavyset man who always wore overalls and a floppy straw hat.


Monday, June 19, 2017


Question Of The Week 6-19-17

What makes you feel safe?

It's a nice thought....'to feel safe'......I wonder how many of us do feel 'safe' anymore. I fool myself every night when I check the doors and windows into believing that now I am 'safe'. I change the batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and tell myself now I am 'safe'. I keep emergency response numbers beside the phone so I can be 'safe'. The fire extinguisher in the kitchen screams out "you are 'safe' with me on the job". Everyone puts up their 'safeguards' but are any of us really 'safe'? When we feel the 'safest' is likely when we are most vulnerable.

Thanks a lot OSC. Now I don't feel safe anymore. LOL
Oh I AM sorry...I didn't meen o be a 'Debbie Downer'...really I didn't. I guess this latest spate of terrorism activities and natural disasters and horrible events caused by lack of human concern has kind of gotten me down. I shall rise above it. Dang it!!!!
That's okay. I was just kidding. I feel your pain...that goes around the world.

Interesting question. I thought about it and realized I am sometimes aware of a feeling of being unsafe but most of the time I am blissfully unaware of danger.
I felt that way in our small community for quite some time until suddenly we have had a rash of home robberies in the rural area near me.

I do what I can and put myself in God's hands and yes, I feel safe.

Excellent answer CITW. I try to do that also but sometimes it isn't east to let go and let God

The truth is that I rarely feel unsafe. I live in a town where most people never lock their doors. I can walk around alone at night and only meet friends. I do wear a road ID and I have roadside assistance, but beyond that, I generally always feel safe.

Good for you Lisa. Our town is small but is notorious for spawning robbers. Supposedly many generations.

What is safe? I probably am very pragmatic. I do what I need to do to be cautious but am fully aware it can all go to hell in a handbasket even if I am being very careful.

You are so right. I cannot list all the times my safety has gone to hell in a hand basket.
I am with Tabor. So much of what makes me safe (or more accurately unsafe) is out of my control. I do what I can, and live in hope...
Once a hostage in a bank robbery and once home alone while my home was being broken into, I know we are not safe, but I also felt a strong sense of safety regardless of the outcome.
I guess I feel safe too easily and am too trusting. We'll see if that works out.

It is better to be trusting but definitely being more and more difficult.
I've always felt safe, anywhere, anytime.
Until now. The upstairs tenant is bullying towards an elderly neighbor and generally disruptive causing anxiety among the rest of us.

After reading your blog post I know more of the story. This is a horrible situation and I pray it ends well and soon.

I don't think I ever feel safe given the circumstances of our society and the world. Violence can erupt anywhere at anytime. We do have a German Shepherd, an alarm system, and hubby and I have carry permits. These things only make me feel safer than I would feel without them, but I don't believe anyone is safe. 
It is a terrible kind of fear because I grew up without fear. We left doors unlocked and slept with windows open. I will never forget when my dad came home in a terrible sad state because he had to lock the church for the first time in his many years as a preacher. The year was 1961.

I grew up in Manhattan (early '60's) so we've always felt a need to take matters into our own hands in order to feel as safe as we could be. That included a series of deadbolts, locked doors at all times, a healthy vigilance, etc.

We moved to Florida in 1968 and our Florida relatives joked about us locking our cars under our own carport. We've just never felt the kind of safety that the more rural places felt in the old days. It's always been a part of my life.
Really Cube, I would think Florida would be just as dangerous as Manhattan

I never hard a thought about not being safe. I guess I take it for granted that my husband checks things for the house. LOL.
Munir, I never thought about fear as long as Ron was alive. Husbands always offer a special calm.

The last time I visited my sister, we went shopping in the nearby town of Thomasville, Georgia (a charming town). I was running into a shop to return something quickly and she stayed in the car with the motor running and the windows rolled down. "Don't you need to lock the doors and roll the windows up?" I asked. She laughed and shook her head, saying I had lived in the city too long.

I don't really feel that safe in Atlanta, but I take steps to be careful.
I watch too many detective shows. It's those people in those charming towns who are always featured as victims of crime.