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Wednesday, March 08, 2017


River of Drifting Through Life is providing our WFW for March.  You can see what others have done in the comments on her site or here in my comment section or on their own blogs (if they tell us). I will be back to post my story later so be sure and check back. Good words River. Thanks!

This week's words are:

notebook, qualities, doubt, join, hundred, instead


flying, signed, connections, manufacturer, fifth, ramp

Ok, here is my story but don't miss Tabor's that is posted in the comment section here.  It is a hoot.


Bea tried to read the writing in her notebook as the car bounced along. Was this really an interstate highway? It was in terrible shape and the qualities needed improvement. She had a lot of doubt about the information she reviewed. Would it be helpful in her efforts as she would join the hundred or more that were usually lined up for assistance?

“Thank you for driving Susan” Bea said. “We probably should have taken the back roads instead of this turnpike. That old road is probably better and wouldn't cost to drive on it.”

Susan laughed at her friend. “I know you are nervous but don't be. You have gathered all the important information and made all the right connections. You are ready to finalize the review.”

“I think I'm more nervous about your driving.' Bea said to her friend. “You were really flying to get here on time.”

Susan responded, “It was important for you to be on time. I did not want to cause you any delay. You have worried about this long enough. The government will do all they can to manufacture more reasons to deny the claim.”

The parking lot at the office of Disabled American Veterans was full to overflowing. They traveled up the parking ramp and finally found a spot on the fifth level. Susan and Bea began the hike back down to the ground floor.

Finally seated in front of the young DAV representative, he reviewed the material Bea brought. “You have certainly answered all the necessary questions.” he said. He added one document to the top of the stack and pointed at a blank line.

Bea signed and her paperwork was on the way once more. She continued to attempt proving her husband's cancer had been caused from his handling of munitions during the Korean War. She knew it would probably not be the last time she would appear in this office.

(This story was created from actual events of this day. I was the driver. LOL)


  1. I am really looking forward to your take on this week's prompts.

  2. It was lying in the mud at the fifth step of the ramp, the pages flying as if they were trying to escape with each gust of wind. She doubted it would be useful but picked up the stained notebook anyway and dropped it in the evidence bag. She signed the plastic tape and sealed it tossing the bag in the plastic bin beside her. Going through garbage was not the reason she had joined the murder section of the department yet there was lots of debris ahead. There must be a hundred more compelling reasons for being here, but she could not think of one on this gray, cold, and misty day. Pulling her collar closer and scanning the warehouse behind her, she instead concentrated on finding the connections: the fiberglass manufacturer, the gay bar at the end of the street, the missing shoes, the tulip bouquet, and most oddly the three stuffed squirrels. (Guess who has been reading too many mysteries for escape.)

    1. I love this Tabor. We need a little more to this intriguing story. You know it is right up my alley. The three stuffed squirrels are especially interesting. LOL

    2. I've always been suspicious of stuffed squirrels!! And everyone always chooses to blame the butler! Nooooooooooo!!

      Well done, Tabor. :)

  3. Very interesting use of the words and now I want to know more. Was Bea's application successful and did her husband get the entitlements and help he deserved?
    I like Tabor's story a lot too, and want a second chapter, maybe even a third.

    1. It will be months before she learns the good or bad results of her efforts.

  4. You are SO good at this.

  5. As always, and I expect nothing less...well done, Annie. :)