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Frankie and Slim
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Monday, January 30, 2017


Question Of The Week, 01-30-17

What are your favorite song lyrics?
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You can enjoy my favorite song and lyrics here. Gamble Everything for Love 

"Here comes the sun"
Today it's Bennie and the Jets. I can't get that out of my head. :)

Right now, the phrase "The long and winding road (that leads to your...door...)" is going through my head when you asked that. Without going to my immediate thought, I have always loved the lyrics to "River" by Joni Mitchell (one of my favorite songs of all time;) "Oh I wish I had a river I could skate away on...(I made my baby cry)"

"Hold on tight to your dreams. " by ELO. Besides the lyrics, it has a beat you can't sit still to
Too many to even think about...but for one "Always On My Mind" lyric would have to be right up there!

I love, love, love, the start of the Bryan Adams song that starts with the words, "Put on your best dress darlin' ..."

American Pie, hotel California, stairway to heaven , dream on, horse with no name. I play them on guitar n still forget some verses...I like a cheat sheet of verse opening lines taped to the guitar. Learning southern cross this year. Love the chorus

I don't think I have an absolute favorite lyric. Mostly, they're snippets that pop into my head based on a given moment. For example, the first snippet that popped into my head while writing this was The Beatles opening lines from "I'm Down": You telling lies thinking I can't see. You can't cry 'cause you're laughing at me. I'm down!"
Hold on Tight to Your Dreams by ELO; Last Kiss by Pearl Jam; Lovers Chain by Charlie Landsborough and many, many more
Many different lyrics for different moods but at the moment Eminem's "The Way I Am"

I have many but, this by Waylon & Jessie from Storms never last" is a perennial favorite...

"Storms never last do they baby / Bad times will pass with the winds / Your hand in mine steals the thunder / You make the sun want to shine…"

Like Joey so many songs to think about but I love Elbow's "One day like this" the intro is beautiful.

"So throw those curtains wide. One day like this a year would see me right".

Sunday, January 29, 2017


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My son had to take this picture of me in my yarn hat.  He called it the aging Predator.  (You would have to have see the movie.)

A gift received from my brother-in-law this week to help with my allergies.


Dog kisses:-)

Forever missed kisses

Saturday, January 28, 2017


A manuscript of short stories by Granny Annie
(Written as bedtime stories for my children in the 80's)


"Kiss, kiss, kiss." Old Aunt Beulah had begged with outstretched arms.  A putrid odor surrounded her and drool slithered out the corner of her mouth.

"Come on Cherry, give me a buss on the cheek."

Five-year-old Cherry had reluctantly inched toward the elderly woman and paused as if they were separated by an invisible force that only Cherry could see.

Every time the family visited the nursing home it was this same scene.  So far Cherry had managed to escape the grasp of her batty great-aunt, but Cherry sensed that today was the day.  No more excuses would be allowed.

"Poor Aunt Beulah," her parents said.  "She craves attention and loves you so much.  Won't you please give her a little kiss?"

Cherry broke through the imaginary barrier and was standing within reach of the old woman.  The child could hear the cackling sound emitting from the great aunt.  Wrinkled, gnarly hands reached for the child.  Cherry slowly leaned forward, turning her head to receive Aunt Beulah's slobbery kiss. Cherry felt the warmth of her aunt's breath. 

The five-year-old shuddered involuntarily then shrieked as she felt the flesh rip off the side of her face.

 EAGHL © 2017

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Friday, January 27, 2017


My son forwarded this to me on Facebook.  I can't resist sharing.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


I am responsible for Words For Wednesday in January.  It is to challenge you with random words to create a story or poem.  If you choose to participate, add your story in the comment section or, if you post on your own blog, let us know where to find what you have written in the comment section.

Here are the words for January 25, 2017

Document, birthday, network, removable, jungle, open
Quote, holds, avoid, surrender, grace, living

Also adding this picture in case you can incorporate it in your story.

The first story for the week has been posted by Lee and you don't want to miss it.  Be sure and click on the comment section and read the story.  Here is a teaser showing how she used the picture. This should inspire you to try Words For Wednesday:-)

To QUOTE Forrest Gump – “Life is like a box of chocolates.” In some ways life can be likened to a bowl of pasta, too...with all its twists, spirals and turns; it can be hard; and it can be soft. ~ Lee

Hooray!  Mage and Tabor have joined us the past two weeks.  Go to comments and see their great contributions for this week.  Also make your comments there on what you think of the stories and poems posted. 

O.S.C. (Only Slightly Confused) has a fun conversation today with a surprise twist.  Be sure and read it and comment.   

Elephant's Child has posted her great story so don't miss it.  She commented with kind words for all the contributions.  Remember that River will post her story on her blog on Friday. 

Finally my story is posted in the comment section.  Hope you get a chance to read it.

I have enjoyed providing the WFW for January. Be sure and watch for February. We are traveling full circle and the words will be provided  by Delores, (Only Slightly Confused) who originated the meme.


Monday, January 23, 2017


Question Of The Week, 1-23-17

What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?
 (Comments are added to this page after you post them.  Thanks for your responses.)
Blogger LL Cool Joe said...
Flew over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter.
4:07 AM
Blogger Pat said...
Leave my marriage of 28 years, my friends my business and my town to join someone I hadn't seen for 30 years.
6:00 AM
Blogger Granny Annie said...
I got on an airplane with all my siblings and flew to Seattle to board a cruise to Alaska. All against my grain. One of the most unexpected yet best decisions of my life.
6:48 AM

Blogger Changes in the wind said...
Wrote and published a book...
7:56 AM
Blogger Olga Hebert said...
Our whole New Zealand trip.
8:11 AM

Blogger Louvregirl said...
That's easy.

1.Took the Amtrak in Europe whilst carrying a humongous backpack and having to lift it up above a LONG string of people over (about) an 8 car length.
2. Pastored a church (or my hubby did.)

(The two were equally exciting, disturbing, humiliating, exhilarating, and basically unforgettable.)

12:35 PM
Blogger Elephant's Child said...
Perhaps, though I didn't recognise it at the time, swim well over a mile across the lake to go to a park that my parents told me was too far away for me to get to on my bike. And no, I didn't ask or tell them about the swim.
1:05 PM
Blogger The Happy Whisk said...
Nothing I can mention in print. Insert evil happy grin, here.
1:55 PM
Blogger Lee said...
Oh, boy! I've done a few, I guess...some I never thought I would ever do.

And my adventurous days are now over...these days I've become one of those boring old farts! I suppose that's pretty adventurous...because I thought I'd never do that!! :)
4:33 PM
Blogger Tabor said...
Moved with my husband to a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where I knew no one and had only 50 pounds of stuff with me and stayed for 7 years!
6:05 PM
Blogger troutbirder said...
Took a three week canoe voyage into Northern Ontario wilderness with my brother. My wife took out a hundred thousand dollar life insurance policy (she was pregnant and without a job) My safe return may have bee a disappointment though fifty years later she denies that...:)
6:28 PM
Blogger Jan said...
Mule ride into the Grand Canyon.
8:51 PM

Blogger Brig said...
LOL, too many to name, especially in a public post...
12:25 AM
Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...
I drove myself all the way to the Florida Keyes n back to Massachusetts's in a 2-week vacation from my old job, n visited a bunch of people. It was 2001 after 9/11. I mapped the whole trip in my atlas book some one gave me. I had a boyfriend in Miami at the time. He taught at Mass Maritime up here. It didn't work out well for us that trip.
1:32 AM
Blogger River said...
Ha Ha.
I suppose there's that time my brother and I rode our bikes 18 miles to the next town to go swimming because their pool had a diving board and ours didn't. We stayed all day and rode home after dark.
3:46 AM

Blogger Winifred said...
Think it was applying to do a degree course as a mature student and handing my notice in before I was even offered a place. I was scared stiff the first day going back to studying at 36 with 2 children and being one of the few mature students in those "olden days". Loved it and never regretted it.
12:50 PM
Blogger ashok said...
I worked in Afghanistan for a couple of years after the war ( you can read about it all in my blog from 2005 to 2006). Very adventurous times ;)
3:53 AM
Blogger Mage said...
Flew to London and visited for two weeks then took the Chunnel to Paris for two more weeks.
9:26 AM
Blogger cube said...
I've done a lot of crazy things in my life, but when I was about 11, a friend and I missed the school bus taking us to a class trip to some big Catholic convocation in NYC so we took a city bus by ourselves. Our teacher, Sister Pauline, didn't know whether to hug us or throttle us.
11:09 AM

Blogger Kay said...
I've ridden a mule down a cliff to Kalaupapa on the island of Molokai. My butt hurt for three days.
12:20 AM