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Frankie and Slim
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I immediately made a paste of Adolf's Meat Tenderizer and applied it to my foot then wrapped with a dry wash cloth so I could get around. Then I hobbled back to the scene of the crime and beat the already dying wasp to death.  There was no excuse for the wrath I used to annihilate this poor creature and even less of an excuse for the pleasure I felt in doing so.


  1. Ouch. I feel your pain. I was once stung in the underarm by a kamikaze wasp as I was swimming laps. I lost sight of the vicious beast - but would probably have tried to drown the sucker.

  2. Owww! I've been stung by a wasp before - not fun. I'm glad you beat to death.

  3. I feel your pain and understand your ire. I use a hand held electronic bug zapper to ease my anger.

  4. Oh my. At least his brother's and cousins won't be seeking a tit for tat. Feel better soon.

  5. Perhaps it was not your intent but it is grocery day for me today and your post reminded me to add 'insect spray' to my list! Thanks!

    Adolf's Meat Tenderizer? Obviously one of those home remedies I am not familiar with. And finally to the wasp... I'm all in when it comes to its violent demise!

  6. Owwww. I am very allergic to certain wasps, so this is serious stuff & all-out vengeance is reasonable. Thanks for the tip on Adolph's! I didn't know that!

  7. Never heard of this cure before but glad it works!

  8. Oh, I hate those flying, biting things. And I thought our huge flying Florida cockroaches were bad.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  9. Wasps are the assholes of the animal kingdom. And yellowjackets. I have one of those electric swatters and it brings me great pleasure to use it. Flies? Spiders? I let them go free but never with the wasps.

  10. Across the blogosphere, it seems that we are all upset with pesky critters of one kind or another. I know just what you mean! But I am trying hard not to tilt the karmic balance too much.

  11. Ouch poor you! So does the remedy work?? I would have killed the little bugger with delight.

  12. At least you didn't need 350 milligrams of Benedryl n a shot of epi like me!
    Hope it feels better soon-

    I kill fleas n roaches very hastily myself...

  13. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Oh my goodness! I can imagine how painful your foot must feel. Take care of it.

  14. Anonymous8:23 AM

    I got stung in the ass once, it hurt for DAYS. Glad you got to get some revenge.

  15. Oh dear...not at all the way to spend a day. I am hoping by today the swelling and pain have abated! I have not been stung in years, but used to get stung by this small wasp behind my apartment when I lived on an island in the South Pacific. I do remember that as weeks went on, the more I got stung, the less it hurt! I think I was building an immunity to the protein.

  16. Elephant's Child
    That is a miserable thought. Underarm sting!!! I wish you could have drowned him.

    And to think, the creature was in MY home! How rude.

    Arkansas Patti
    We had one of those zappers but I never had very good aim.

    And how do we know they won't. I believe they are ALL lurking outside my door.

    Alan Ginocchio
    Glad I could help with the reminder. Because of my cure some call me a tender foot. Lol

    It has been years since I have had a wasp sting or any kind of sting, so I wasn't sure if I might be allergic. Thankfully it seems I am not.

    Changes in the wind
    It is a wonderful cure and takes care of the pain right away.

    Do Florida cockroaches sting? That would be horrible.

    Yesterday in a local restaurant with a friend, two flies were bothering us and when each flew past her head, they then fell to the table and died. I think I might need to know what perfume she wears.

    Olga Hebert
    I do catch and carry crickets out of the house.

    LL Cool Joe
    The remedy works wonders. Keep some Adolf's handy at all times.

    Snaggle Tooth
    Oh bless your heart. My poor cousin does the same and her face will swell up to near exploding.

    Thankfully my foot is a lot better.

    Oh brother, your ass and EC's underarm. Neither place would be very receptive to a sting.

    Before we got some guinea fowl we had many more bugs get inside the house. The scorpions worried me the most but they say in this part of the country they only sting about like a wasp. Now I know for sure I don't want one to get me.

  17. Crumbs Annie sounds painful. Never heard of Adolf's meat tenderiser but if it works that's great. Hope it gets better soon.

  18. No, giant flying Florida cockroaches don't sting... if they did, I'd live in Ohio or anywhere but here.

    I hope you're feeling better.

  19. Wasps are nasty creatures. Don't feel bad!

  20. I hate wasps! They hurt far too much! They're nasty creatures, and if one bites me, it deserves what it gets back in apologies from me!

  21. Ouch! Good that you knew about the Adolfs, it does help. Wasps are especially nasty because they can hit you more than once, unlike the one go honey bee. Plus they are big on letting their friends know that you are there.

  22. Poor you.
    What are wasps for?

  23. I hope that your pain is all better by now. Hugs.

  24. Yiiikes! I'd do the same thing! Wasps are awful!