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Frankie and Slim
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Thursday, July 03, 2014



It is good to know that I didn't do damage to my niece's brain. I let her fall on her head when she was practically brand new. Still she goes on to create bigger and better ideas and this newest one is probably the most exciting yet.  You can find the information about it on Facebook but I am giving you a little preview of

right here on my blog.  A bit of unpaid advertising directed at parents and grandparents and teachers and guardians who want to encourage youngsters to develop an interest in fruits and vegetables.
We received a game board to play the game.  This is for my imaginary friend Lil' Annie. She gets a star every time she eats a fruit or veggie.

Lil' Annie also received a neat pack of stickers and a bag for her game pieces plus a comic book about the 5 STAR DINNER Super Heroes.  They are Kelly Kale, Blu Berry, Jack Apple, So Sweet Potato, and Go Go Garbanzo

Go to 5 STAR DINNER on Facebook or ask your grocer if they have the game:)

Fruits and Vegetables have always been good but they have never been so much FUN!

Learn more about how to play and sign up for coloring pages.  Hear the voices of the Super Heroes by clicking here.


  1. That is a great idea--and so well done.
    Still feel the guilt from that bump on the head, though, don't you.

  2. What a great idea....and very well done. It seems you didn't do too much damage. :)

  3. Brite Mist
    I think it is going to help me be more mindful of fruits and vegetables.

    Olga Hebert
    She is in her 40's and I will always feel guilt for that first injury. Her mother won't let me forget. lol

    Who knows, maybe it helped enhance her brain power. Yea, that's what happened:)

  4. What a great idea. Kids have such a problem with fruits and veggies. Make it a game.
    Maybe the head drop was beneficial??

  5. Sorry to say my mother did everything possible to get me to eat vegetables when I was young but to no avail. I'm certain your niece's game would have been welcomed with open arms by her in those days.

    Perhaps she should have just considered dropping me on my head although... one could wonder if she may not have considered doing just exactly that from time to time. :)

  6. What fun.
    And I can think of an adult not very far from me who would benefit from playing that game.
    He thinks that vegetables are the garnish one puts on the plate to make the meat look better (except for potatoes and tomatoes which have honorary meat status).

  7. How are you doing?
    This is a neat game. I am not on Facebook, but I can ask my daughter to check it out. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a safe Fourth.

  8. Sounds like you knocked some sense into her with that drop. ;-)

  9. I should get that for the next time my little bro visits!

  10. Interesting. I wouldn't worry about the drop, seems to have just made things interesting.

  11. Fun idea, hope it does well- Good allegory names.

  12. Wonderful idea!