Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Cats are a lot more fun.
My best friend Slim has abandoned me.  She has chosen the cats for her summer friends and her happy, playful puppy instincts have kicked in. It took me quite a while to encourage Slim to sleep with me at night but now she has chosen to remain outside with her new kitten friends.  Perhaps I was turning her into an old lady before her time or perhaps she feels like she can protect all of us better from outside.

As much as I miss her company, I do enjoy watching her romp and scuffle with all the cats.  Pretty soon the kittens  will be joined with some new chicks because the hen June is doing a very diligent job staying on her nest and protecting her cache of eggs. It is such a joy to have new life bursting forth on the estate.


  1. Would love to watch them play together....

  2. It will be so nice to see the eggs being hatched and little fuzzy balls rolling around. I would just keep the kittens away.

  3. I had no idea Slim was a puppy since I thought you'd been writing about her for years...or were you just referring to her behavior with the kitties? Cute photo! I look forward to seeing those baby chicks soon!

  4. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Between you and Mary Moon, the Internet is awash with dog, cat and chicken tales this morning! Love it!!

  5. Awww... That's so cute. It reminds me so much of children.

  6. How wonderful to see. And celebrate with them. The German Shepherd we had when I was a child loved kittens. They used her as a jungle gym and she used to pick them up and carry them round the yard. They would later emerge from her mouth soggy, but completely unharmed (and happy).

  7. I used to love watching my childhood dogs and cats play with each other.
    You are lucky that Slim and the cats get along well.

  8. Our dogs and cats play together too. It makes us giggle when we watch them.

  9. We had a cowdog that did that, his name was Slim, named after Slim Pickens. You are probably too young to even know who that was...


  10. they look so cute playing together.

    when my cat , Eliza, was alive she ruled the roost:)
    one look or grr and she had the poms in contol. wish I'd had her when the kids were young, lol..

    enjoy every moment and get yourself a Pom. They will eat, sleep and be with you every moment. you'll not know the meaning of alone with one of them around.

    love you bunches

  11. Wow does that picture look familiar. I just got a new dog that loves cats and desperately wants to play with Minnie but she is uncooperative. Mine does that same stance.

  12. I love reading about all your animals on your farm!

  13. To be rejected your little dog does not seem fair...but for kittens. Oh well. He will learn who really feeds him.

  14. I love reading about your animals as well. In the summer my dog and "bed-fella", Zoe, abandons me too. She doesn't like the heat of summer so she sleeps all day and wants to stay outside all night in the cool air. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Anonymous11:23 AM

    That sounds like so much fun, seeing all of those animals romping together.

  16. Well hey, you shouldn't have to romp and scuffle! Or have Krishna spam, come to think of it...

  17. Isn't that lovely that cbfb.etc has given you an alternative to missing your dog??? :)

    That's always cute when dogs and cats get along in perfect harmony like that. I can understand the feeling of wanting a bit more pet companionship inside though.

  18. He will get hungry eventually. In the meantime--so cute!

  19. Changes in the wind
    Stop by anytime:)

    I love this time of year when there is new life all around.

    Slim is eight years old but the kittens bring out the puppy in her.

    Sounds like I need to find Mary Moon.

    Yes, they are a lot like children. One minute trying to kill each other and the next, they are all cuddled up together.

    Elephant's Child
    Love the image of the German Shepherd with a mouth full of wet kitten. Lol

    You need for me to send you one of these kittens. Jk I couldn't part with a one of them.

    Great entertainment.

    Thanks but I remember Slim Pickens very well:) Our dog is named Slim because she came here as slim as a toothpick with her little ribs sticking out and all covered with ticks.

    Well I will stick with my Black Mouth Cur. She's a good girl and does a mighty find job as a companion and farm dog. Love you bunches too and always wonder what you are up to.

    Arkansas Patti
    Glad to hear you got a new dog. What kind and where did this one come from? Soon the cat will adapt I am sure.

    Glad to hear from you and glad to know you like my animals too.

    Slim is back with me. It either got to hot or the kittens already wore her out. After all, she is an old woman too at eight years of age.

    Aunt Betsy
    I wish I could say I had a wonderful weekend but aches and pains won out. Thankfully my son came and took care of everything so I could sit this one out and rest up.

    It is a joy to watch them.

    Riot Kitty
    A few spammers are creeping in on me once in a while but I make quick work of them. Wish I could romp and scuffle with them.

    Slim is back inside with me at night and standing watch during the day. Guess she just took her summer vacation.

    Olga Hebert
    It is cute and lots of fun. Worth the sacrifice.

  20. It's wonderful that they all get on so well...but I understand you missing Slim. If my two furry rascals, my two cats, are pretty around me all the time, within eye view, I miss them. Both are presently sitting up close and personal to me. One on my lap, and the other as close as he can possibly get to my keyboard!

  21. Poor you! That's tough to be dissed by your bff. I'm sure it's just a summer party fad, n she'll change her tune in the cold when the kittens get older n don't play as much, n when the chill returns. You should pal around with the new chicks n get her jealous!

  22. Kittens sure are fun. But Slim shouldn't come running to you for sympathy when she gets scratched on her nose by razor-sharp kitten claws. Nope. She's made her bed and she'll have to lie in it.