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Frankie and Slim
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Saturday, June 28, 2014


Probably the original family homestead.
Leaving home each day I travel through a series of "stomach bump" hills.  One family owns about 100 acres of these rolling hills.  Each son and daughter has a portion of the land and they plant the entire road with perennials. You never know what beauty you will behold.  This area was covered in poppies a few weeks ago.  

I have tried on many occasion to take a picture but there is not a safe place to stop.  You must always expect another car or truck to come barreling over a hill and you must keep moving for fear of being hit if you are stopped.  

Yesterday I noticed an area where I could safely pull off the road a bit and was able to quickly snap this picture.  No one lives in the little house but I believe it is probably the original family homestead.  I only wish I could show you what I see all summer long.


  1. How wonderful that they do this. There are a few places that do that here. Always a treat to see what they have planted.

  2. Brighid
    Before the parents died they used to decorate the whole road side for Christmas with unbelievable lighted scenes. Amazing they do all this for the enjoyment of others.

  3. I live on roads just like that. NO stopping, taking pictures nor even rescuing turtles, just keep moving.
    What a lovely thing for them to do. Parts of central Florida started doing that on the highways. Saved mowing and stopped littering. Good move.

  4. Anonymous11:42 AM

    How pretty! This photo would be a nice painting.

  5. Beautiful country scene. What a treat to drive by on your way here and there.

  6. It is a very pretty, yet inviting photograph. For me a scene like this brings out some of those boyhood memories. This would have been a great place to find a praying mantis or two, catch a few butterflies… not to mention those unwanted seed ticks and chiggers I would have taken home for my trouble.

  7. How beautiful. And strangely familiar. We have very similar scenes over here - and they always make my heart sing.
    And I much prefer the old homesteads to the modern monstrosities which are replacing them.

  8. What a shame. Such lovely scenery & nowhere to just sit & watch.

  9. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Can you bring a friend to video tape it and put it on you tube?! There's got to be a way! I wanna see what you see!!
    Pardon me, I'm whiny today.

  10. Arkansas Patti
    If I had the confidence to leave my vehicle, I could walk some of the road and get better pictures, but then I would fear getting hit myself. The traffic isn't that busy, it is just that no one expects anyone to be idling in the roadway.

    It is exciting when a whole new array of flowers awaken to view.

    Olga Hebert
    I do rejoice in the drive as a treat. If I knew the people I could stop in their driveway and take pictures. That should become a goal for me to meet them.

    Alan Ginocchio
    Yes, we used to explore places such as this but our grandchildren would not dare try such an adventure.

    Elephant's Child
    Isn't it an elegant little place and yes, too bad we are losing such sights to more modern structures.

    You have that exactly right. I so crave having just a moment to sit and watch.

    Wish I had one of those dashboard cameras on my car and I could get some beautiful video.

    Brite Mist
    I am going to keep trying to get some better shots.

  11. What a lovely drive-by shooting. We came back from vacation to find either a large ground hog or the rabbit pair ate all the soy beans, green pepper plants and bean plants and demolished 90% of my sunflowers I had be so carefully protecting!!! Oh, you asked what I looked like on my last post, and surprisingly I was showered, dressed and energetically ready to go home!

  12. That is so awesome...wished we knew all the story.

  13. Tabor
    I had to ask that because I saw my sister after she had been with her eight grandchildren ages 1 year to 10 years. She was not a pretty sight. lol

    Changes in the wind
    I shall attempt to find out more. When any of the people are out, I always wave but they never wave back.

  14. Very pretty! I always appreciate the work people put into beautifying their gardens. I sheepishly must admit that I don't spend any time on my garden, but technically it's the responsibility of the condo corporation, so I'll let them take the blame.

  15. It looks beautiful to me. I'm a city girl who lives vicariously in the country though you... thank you for the sights.

  16. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Oh that's the spot you mentioned in a comment a short while ago - I opened your photo to look at more easily and can see what you mean about it being eye catching. All those flowers and the old house take your breath away - such a shame you can't stop for long and enjoy it - even explore it.
    Do you actually know the owners - maybe they'd let you onto the property to wander round and take some photos. Thanks for sharing Annie

  17. That is a beautiful property - I'm so glad the flowers come back, even after their owners are long gone. So glad you got to pull over so you could share this with us!

  18. Thanks for sharing. Some people do a lot so others can enjoy. That is nice.

  19. How very pretty that is...lovely and's not dissimilar in appearance to this area here where I live.

  20. That is very pretty!

  21. What a charming spot.