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Frankie and Slim
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Friday, May 02, 2014


Pull up a chair in front of your television and select your favorite channels.  Are you eagerly awaiting a special new show or are you already into some good TV watching?

Monday evening we will have Jack Bauer back on FOX for another series of 24 titled Live Another Day.  This first episode will be 2 hours. There will only be 12 episodes and I am already depressed that is will end so quickly.  We will know there will be no more.  Or, will there?  We weren't supposed to have this batch of new episodes.  Never say never.

Now we have FARGO the 10 episode television series starring Billy Bob Thornton.  It is brought to us by The Coen brothers who also brought us the movie by the same name. You don't have to subscribe to HBO, Cinemax or Starz to enjoy it.  Tuesday night it is on FX and I anxiously await each new episode.  The show opens with a trailer stating it is "based on a true story" which is totally untrue!  lol  Oh those silly Coen brothers.  This too is a sad show because it is only ten episodes and like a good book, you don't want it to end.

AMC's MAD MEN is back on for what they are saying is a final season.  It has become a good watching experience for me and going without periodic doses of Don Draper could cause some heartache.  I lived in the workplace in the 60's in a steno pool and can testify that the treatment of women in the workplace in  MAD MEN isn't fiction.

TURN is another AMC production that has caught my attention.  It is a drama of espionage set during the Revolutionary War.  Not generally my cup of tea but it is taking over my interest bit by bit.  

Public Television has me hooked forever on DOWNTON ABBEY and CALL THE MIDWIFE.

Other regular network shows that have my undivided attention are:  THE BLACKLIST; BONES; THE GOOD WIFE;  NCIS; INTELLIGENCE (which ended abruptly and I can't find if it is being cancelled or not.)

Old favorites that I am growing weary of are: THE MENTALIST; PERSONS OF INTEREST; DALLAS; HANNIBAL. 

And last, but not least, LAW AND ORDER in any of it's forms keeps me hooked and I record all the reruns I can find as well as continue to watch LAW AND ORDER SVU though it is my least favorite of the bunch.

Goodness look at what a bloodthirsty and melodramatic person I appear to be.  Yikes!   What viewing tips do you have?


  1. My dvr is so full of things I'm behind on watching that I hate to add something else, but now I just have to find the previous episodes of Fargo. Loved the film. I might be able to get them on xfinity tv.

    I watch the following:

    Dancing with the Stars
    About a Boy
    Top Chef (and all spinoffs)
    Law and Order SVU (and reruns of Law and Order)
    The Vampire Diaries
    Grey's Anatomy
    Hawaii Five-0
    CBS Sunday Morning
    Dateline NBC

    That's a lot, isn't it? I tend to have marathon couch potato watch-a-thons. :)

  2. Oh yes, you must catch up on Fargo. I have DISH and can't find the replays but my sister has On Demand or something like that and got the first episode that she had missed and she and her husband both are hooked. I am glad I caught it at the beginning. Billy Bob Thornton is the key to the TV series.

    I used to be hooked on Parenthood. Not sure how I lost it. Must have found something I liked better.

    You and I have a lot in common with "marathon couch potato watch-a-thons". That is a perfect description.

  3. Ha, I never watch TV and haven't seen or heard of any of your programmes, but I really hope you have fun watching them!


  4. Annie,

    I loved the movie "Fargo" but have not watched the TV Series. I'm glad you mentioned it because I have On Demand and can probably catch up.

    So many of the shows you watch, I like,too. The Good Wife, Law and Order ( The very best was Jerry Orbach and any of his various partners, like Jesse Martin.

    I LOVE Downton Abbey and The Midwife and a few other PBS shows like Antiques Roadshow and Great Performances.

    One thing I despise is COMMERCIALS... That's why I enjoy PBS. When the Network shows are on with their 6 or 7 commercials every 8 minutes,I am watching PBS and recording the Network show so I can Zap through the ads when I finally watch it.

    Great topic today,as usual!

  5. Anonymous10:41 AM

    David and I never fight over the remote, because I never watch television or Netflix movies. I prefer to read.

  6. I loved Fargo the movie. I'm a little afraid to try another version in case it disappoints me.

  7. Of all the shows you mentioned I only watch Blacklist.
    I love Once Upon a Time, Resurrection, Revenge, Betrayal, Idol, Dancing shows and the Sharks on Friday nights.

    I have never seen CSI or Law and Order.....although I am sure I would like both of them.

  8. Television doesn't do it for me. It is on anytime himself is awake, but I read instead.
    I am however a blood thirsty melodramatic reader (among other things).
    I have seen the trailers for Fargo, so it is here (or coming).

  9. Anonymous5:33 PM

    I watch:
    Amazing Race
    Jimmy Fallon
    Modern Family
    Big Bang Theory
    And lots of stuff on the DIY network.
    Plus Netflix movies. I watched the first season of Orang is the New Black and it was awesome!!

  10. Lucky me, I love baseball and subscribe to MLB Extra Innings so I watch a ball game every night. Yes that is EVERY night. Sure gets me through the summer doldrums. One could call it reality TV as I watch my 24 boys play, mature, have babies, fights, and triumphs.

  11. I had not been aware of Fargo, but I may have to check that out. I watch: The Big Bang Theory (over and over again), Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey, Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy (out of loyalty) and public television Create, especially cooking shows.

  12. I don't really watch much telly nowadays. Keep watching the replays of Foyle's War & I think I know the scripts off by heart.

    I only watched the first series of 24 & didn't like the first couple in the second series. I've never got into Mad Men, Law & Order etc but I quite like NCIS. Nicely drawn characters & such humour.

    I did like Call the Midwife, really sad it's finished now. I do like Endeavour which is the young Morse & also Vera which is filmed here in the North East of England.

    We don't have satellite telly so we haven't seen lots of US telly since their original showing. Now I'm having a great time watching Magnum & the fabulous MASH! Those actors were brilliant. Some stories & scripts were rubbish but the acting was always spot on. Now I'm waiting in the hope they'll screen Harry O once again. Ah the gorgeous David Janssen!

  13. I have noticed that all the new good shows seem to be on Sunday and I can only record 2 at a time and then not watch anything! EVEN THOUGH COMCAST advertises for its customers that their system allows ability to record something like 5 or six shows at one time. HAH! I like Mad Men but hat the way it gets so chopped up from season to season and they do not follow up on all the details of the side stories. even the writer talked about that on the radio the other day.


  14. I am a major Blacklist fan- watch every episode 3 or 4 times each:)

    lucky that me and the daughter love the same shows and we love weekend marathons of our favs.

    I will find Fargo and be sure to set that series to record. Then go back later and watch it all.

    Love these::
    Deadliest Catch
    Blue Bloods
    Swamp People
    Life Below Zero
    Alaska the wild frontier
    Mountain Men
    Dual Survival
    Naked and Afraid
    any rerun of Murder She Wrote:)

  15. It's all happening here, too. "Fargo" started on Thursday. I've recorded it but not watched it yet. Will do so today or tomorrow. I'm looking forward to doing - all reports I've heard and read have been good...and let's face it...Billy Bob Thornton is always good...kinky, quirky and brilliant!

    I will never tire of looking at Simon Baker....he is good eye candy. :)

    It would appear we have similar tastes.

  16. You know? I feel better now, because I love watching and reading murder mysteries to relax!

  17. I watch:
    Big Bang Theory--my very favorite
    Modern Family
    About a Boy
    Growing Up Fisher
    The Middle
    Shark Tank
    48 Hours
    Chicago Fire
    Mentalist---but I am quickly losing interest

  18. LL Cool Joe
    You are too busy watching your daughters to take time to watch TV:)

    If you catch up on the TV series FARGO, don't expect the movie and you will be fine. The new characters grab their own claim to the roles. Yes, Lenny (Jerry Orbach) could never be replaced. He was my guy. I am an Antique Roadshow fan also. Of course we like the same shows:)

    They say in order to be a good writer you must first read, read, read, and read some more. Guess that's why you have published books:)

    Sparkling Red
    I feared the same about watching Fargo, but the TV show has taken on a life of its own. Remember it's all the Coen brothers and their style shows through.

    I remember how much you love the dancing show and American Idol. I wanted to start Revenge but something came on opposite that I liked more I guess. As the networks compete the choices become more difficult to make.

    Elephant's Child
    Fargo is here and getting read for 4th out of 10 episodes. Glad to know you are “ a blood thirsty melodramatic reader”. Lol

    How could I have left out Big Bang Theory. Sheldon is too wonderful! And don't get me started on Orange is the new Black. I think the second season is due to start soon and I cannot wait! It came along just in time to keep me from cancelling my Netflix membership.

    Arkansas Patti
    Wow, sounds like you have found the prefect niche for yourself. I too like baseball but not quite that much.

  19. Olga Hebert
    Grey's Anatomy had me really hooked at the beginning and I can't remember why I drifted away. My granddaughter cannot live without it however. I record many reruns of Big Bang Theory and Modern Family so I always have a good laugh at my fingertips.

    My entire family thanks you for introducing us to Foyle's War. It is among our all time favorites. What do you mean Call the Midwife is over? Guess I will have to research. I did not know it was ending. Boo-Hoo:( I remember how you have awaited Harry O. reruns. Maybe it will happen someday.

    Like you I can record two at at time but have to watch something already recorded while that is going on. Plus my dvr system will only hold so many hours of recordings to every once in a while I have to clean it out and make some choices about what to give up.

    Look at us liking some of the same shows:) Plus, you also love those shows Ron loved most like Deadliest Catch, Alaska and Mountain Men. Did I ever tell you that Ron and some of his buddies used to own The Wizard (the actual boat on Deadliest)? I too will watch reruns of Murder She Wrote whenever they are available.

    Billy Bob Thornton really makes the show Fargo. Kinky, quirky and brilliant is a perfect description of him. Yes, Simon is good eye candy, but things are not the same since they ended Red John.

    Riot Kitty
    It has something to do with having to be nice to the public all day. Then to relax we can watch or read something that lets us chop them to bits:)

    Aunt Betsy
    Wow, you are really a sit-com fan. Big Bang Theory is one of the best to come along in ages. MOM is rapidly becoming a favorite too. I have to record Jeopardy every day because watching that show is like having Ron in the room with me. We always watched it together and he knew everything. When I get an answer right I will imagine Ron's reaction. I think we are losing interest in the Mentalist because Red John is caught.

  20. Lawyer to family gathered for reading of the will: "I'm sorry to imform all of you that Grandma left her estate to Public Television but she did gift all of you her large collection of handy tote bags."

  21. I watch almost zero first run shows on regular t.v. and the only two broadcast shows that I watch in rerun is Big Bang Theory and Law&Order: Criminal Intent.

    Beyond that, I do a lot of cable reality shows and maybe one or two pay-cable shows like Ray Donovan.

  22. Cliff
    That probably happens more often than not.

    G.B. Miller
    I had to look up Ray Donovan and might have to see if I can find it on Netflix. Love Jon Voight.

  23. I am a big fan of Fargo and Turn - as you said - is growing on me. But for the rest I am watching movies on Netflix... :)

  24. My son and husband are 24 fanatics and can't wait for the new season to begin. First they watched Lost and were disappointed at how it ended and I stopped watching both way back when. I have little time to follow shows but I admit, I'm a Billy Bob Thornton fan and would like to see what the Fargo hype is all about.

    I am reading more and I find that if I say I'll read at least 50 pages a day I do it...and then some. I'm currently reading Frozen Past," which you may like. "Beautiful Malice" by Rebecca James was also very good. I know you and I have the same interest in books (Harlan Coben), so if you know of any other similar authors, let me know and I'll add him/her to my ever-growing list. Thanks.

  25. My TV is almost always tuned to Investigation Discovery channel. Watch all of the CSI & Law and Order series. SVU is my favorite.

    Through The Wormhole, Pioneer Woman Cooks, and Storage Wars are DVR'd.

  26. I've been an inveterate TV watcher... well, ever since I got my 19" black & white portable Sylvania in my room. I'm the kind of person who switches on the TV when she comes in the house.

    I'm liking many of your shows, but one of the best things about TV viewing today is that if you miss it, you can catch it later.

  27. I'm totally hooked on Once Upon a Time and Elementary. I just haven't had time to watch anything else because I'm so fixated on working on our trip album.

  28. It's strange isn't it how one wearies of shows we had loved?
    My son wanted me to watch Fargo but the time wasn't convenient and I'm off recording.
    Maybe I'm going off TV.

  29. I click around and watch TV when it's on. I don't have anything on my DVR. I'm so freakin' boring, aren't I?

  30. Holland
    I have Netflix subscription but my broadband takes so long to buffer I can only watch in bits and pieces and then it eats up my “allowed” monthly broadband usage. Still I keep my subscription so I can watch Netflix in doctor's waiting rooms, etc. Cannot get enough Fargo and am never ready for it to end in an hour.

    You will have to watch Fargo when you can get all the episodes. It is so good. How did you husband and son feel about the new 24? I am a bit disappointed but will stay with it. Afraid poor Jack is looking a little worse for wear. (But then so am I.)

    Bonnie (BIZ)
    Storage Wars is good but sometimes one or two of the bidders get on my nerves.

    I know what you mean. I was ten years old walking home from school when I saw the men on top of our house installing a television antenna. I ran faster than ever in my life and rushed in the house to plop down in front of the TV where I have been since:)

    What? You don't watch Hawaii 5-0? lol Don't let anything interfere with your travel album.

    You are doing a lot with your time and it beats watching TV.

    I am a bit surprised that you don't record shows. That is the best thing because you can fast forward through commercials. Why does flipping channels make you boring?

  31. I so want to watch it- But work Mondays! No programable thing here either... Enjoy it for me!