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Frankie and Slim
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Saturday, March 29, 2014

R.I.P. Jack

The neighbors came over this morning to tell me that 
Rooster Jack Bauer, Sr. 
died while they were gone last week.  
He sure had a good life here for starters 
and there as the head of their very large flock 
of fancy show hens.

October, 2009 to March, 2014

Click on his picture on my sidebar to learn about the designer of his attire.


  1. Jack Sr. lived a good life. Whatever will his fancy, high maintenance hens do without him?

  2. cube
    He had already been dethroned and was in retirement. The last time I saw him I knew he wasn't long for this world. But he sure lived the good life for a long time. A couple of his daughters have taken first place ribbons in shows.

  3. I have no idea what the normal life span is for a rooster but it looks life his life was a good one while he was here.

  4. Jeanie
    Five years is a long life for any chicken.


  5. So the end of the Jack Bauer era is over!

    He lived a full and happy life making the girls happy and content.

    RIP Jack Bauer. We hardly Knew Ye.

  6. A sadness - but I am glad to read that he led the good life. Rather a lot of it.

  7. Awww. That was a long and lovely life for a rooster. What a dandy.

  8. So he lived for 5 years? Wow, humans should think ourselves lucky then?

    I'm glad he had a good life, that's the main thing isn't it? Not the length but the quality.

  9. I've been sitting here pondering the right words of consolation for the passing of your former cock-o-the walk but I'm at a loss so let me just say I'm sorry about your dead chicken. You and I both know however that death does not need to be the end as we of faith know. Hope springs eternal that a resurrection with chicken and noodles can occur. But since the passing happened while they were away, I suppose a substiute from the super market to lay upon the 4 burner whirlpool alter will have to suffice. I must go, I have become verklempt.

  10. I want to be able to say I lived a full and happy life when my time comes. Perhaps I need more costumes.

  11. Nancy
    I do have Jack Bauer, Jr. and he is awaiting his turn to take over the flock here. I just don't see him ever being quite the bruiser his dad was. The neighbors did give one of Jack Sr.'s sons to another neighbor that I wish they had given to me. It's name is Purple and it is definitely a prize winning Rooster. Gorgeous fellow that would make Jack proud.

    Elephant's Child
    A lot of my chickens make it to five years of age if they don't get grabbed by some predator first.

    We sure had fun with his life story after Adam of Jack's Sack blog made the costume for him.

    LL Cool Joe
    I remember you claimed his sunglasses were just like yours.

    After all the years of following Rooster Jack Bauer, Sr. you could dare to mention chicken and noodles? You have the same lack of reverence as many of my family members.

    You know, that is not a bad idea. Maybe we could all use costumes to make life interesting.

  12. Rest in Peace Jack. I hope there's lots of fancy female chicks in Rooster Heaven flapping their wings and cheering " JACK"S HERE " woohooo

  13. RIP Jack, you served your ladies with honor and vigor.
    I had an Americana hen, Maude, who was 7 when I had to find a new home for her.
    I will toast one to Jack, and one to Maude, as well!

  14. I'm sorry :(

    How long does the average chicken live btw?

  15. It is very sad to lose a pet especially when one is away.

  16. Sonny
    If there's a lot of fancy female chicks there he's happy but if it is called Rooster Heaven it soulds like there is plenty of competition.

    Why did you have to find a new home for Maude at age 7? And wow, 7 is pretty old for a hen.

    Riot Kitty
    I think the average age is 5 but I have heard of a chicken living 8 years.

    Yes it is sad and usually it is when the owners are gone that the predators manage their intrusions best.

  17. Wahhh! Finally I get to read, n see this sad news! So sorry- n I really enjoyed all the stories about him!
    RIP Jack