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Frankie and Slim
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Lovely pine tree near the road at the front of our property.
Pine tree looked nice behind the John Deere Tractor when it was out front.
The pine tree grew into lovely shade for our goats and some favorite grazing too.

Last week we went from Spring to a sudden Sunday of rain, wind, ice and snow. Just enough to weigh down our beautiful pine tree at the front of our property and topple it over. Another loss to Mother Nature. Thankfully family was visiting and my son-in-law managed to finish the taking down and removal.  Monday the sun was back and Spring was making another go at it, but my tree was gone. 

Each loss of a tree is another sad day. 


  1. I guess even trees have a life span but I know it was sad for your to see your tree go. I felt the same a while back when our neighbors cut down 14 aspen trees that were between our house and theirs.

  2. How sad that this can happen.

  3. Oh no - it's like losing a friend, isn't it? I used to have a dogwood tree that was framed by one of my bedroom windows and it toppled in a storm, too. :(

  4. Annie, I am so sorry. That was a beautiful tree.

  5. Jeanie
    We have lost many trees lately that died because of our long drought but this was a living tree. What was learned when it toppled over was that the roots were very shallow because there is so much rock under us and the tree could not support all the rain and ice and snow that built up Sunday.

    Changes in the wind
    The front of our place looks so different now that we have lost our cherry tree, two maple trees and now this pine tree. Plus last year we lost all seven of our young pecan trees.

    You must really miss that dogwood. They are such beautiful trees. I did feel like an old friend was being carted away and was very sad.

  6. Aunt Betsy
    Thanks. It was a beautiful tree and I took my picture a bit late because it was already darkening. I am surprised none of our pine trees in the back were affected.

  7. This winter has been crazy. Pines are notorious for having shallow roots and toppling in storms. Maples, cherries and pecans not so much. Was it the storm that got them or the drought?

  8. Lisa
    The drought took the other trees. The cherry tree was killed by the drought and then finished off by ice. It was another sad story.
    See the Cherry Tree Saga here:

  9. So sorry. Pine trees do tend to have shallow roots. Our trees in this yard are all reaching their climax age and with the crazy weather go down too often. I hope you will plant something there again. Never give up!

  10. I have trees in my yard that I have given names to because I love them so much so I understand your sadness at losing one.

  11. I decided I wood opine about your topiary's demise.
    But then I thought I'd feel like a sap for doing that.

  12. It is a sadness. A huge sadness. After our loooong hot and dry summer we have lost three trees. Which I have yet to cut down.
    One of them was so special when it bloomed (a crab-apple) that a neighbour used to hold morning tea parties so his friends could see it each year.

  13. This winter just keeps on reminding us that we have no control over the weather.

  14. How sad. Your little video brought tears to my simple and poignant.

  15. That's a big one to lose! Our own lodge poles have such shallow roots, we worry about them coming down (some are too close to the house for comfort).

  16. I hate seeing dead trees. In the recent storms here in the UK we've lost so many too. Will you plant a new one?

  17. I hate to lose a big tree. Remember Mother Nature hates a vacuum, so you best get planting. I have planted at least 1 tree every place we lived, I cannot seem to help it.

  18. It always amazes me how near to the surface a tree's roots are. Commiserations but your land still look's lovely.

  19. If it were a human we would say, "it died so young."
    So sorry you lost such a lovely tree.

  20. Anonymous7:55 AM

    That's too bad. I love that beautiful green tree.

  21. Anonymous9:31 AM

    LOL @ Cliff's comment! That was pretty punny!

  22. Boo! We had a huge storm on the coast here a few years ago and entire forests were knocked down.

  23. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Seeing you mention the rock and lack of soil Not sure whether it would be sensible to plant in that very spot. Where neatur eis concerned I've found we can never replace something exactly the same so maybe a little way to one side would be the way to go.
    Did the tree end up in your wood storage yard or someone elses?
    Take care

  24. Tabor
    Yes, will plant catalpa tree. Hoping to get seeds from tree at our place in Kansas.

    I seem to bringing tears to your eyes all the time. But that's okay because I have tears in my eyes all the time too.

    Read on and you will see that your “punny” comment is appreciated by other than myself.

    Elephant's Child
    It was a good thing we took down the last tall dead tree when we did because the next ice storm would have toppled it for sure.

    Yep, it is totally out of our control.

    Pat MacKenzie
    It was very sad to watch it being dragged to the burn pile.

  25. Barb
    At least this one was not close to the house and not close to any power lines. My son-in-law got it moved before it swayed into the road.

    LL Cool Joe
    We will have a family gathering to plant a catalpa tree in Ron's honor. He could have been called “Johnny Catalpa Seed” because he went all around the country side planting catalpa seeds everywhere. They grow fast and provide wonderful shade. They are beautiful trees.

    Yes, see above our plans to plant.

    Yes, if the drought doesn't continue, we should have a lovely Spring and Summer.

    Arkansas Patti
    It definitely died too young.

    That's what made it so shocking when I looked out and saw it tilted for the fall.

    Cliff is a riot. He is only back here until I return to Facebook. He used to be a blogger too and is a very clever fellow. Yes very punny,.

    Riot Kitty
    How terrible to lose entire forests.

    Cranethie (Cathy)
    We have no place else to plant but on top of rock. Our entire place is on top of rock. And the tree went to the burn pile. My neighbor will salvage what he can use for his fireplace.