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Frankie and Slim
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Monday, January 27, 2014


Question Of The Week 01-27-14
I would have to say learning to jump rope.


  1. Tying my shoes came to mind immediately. I guess kids don't have to do that now so much, since they have those velcro closures.

  2. Believe it or not I do remember learing to walk. My Dad held a dishtowel and I held one end and we walked around the kitchen table.


  3. Learning to comb my own hair. my grandmother taught me so I'd stop screaming when others had to do it lol. it worked:)

    love ya bunches

  4. Using scissors and cutting all the hair off this doll I'd been given for Christmas, and renaming him Billy. Blimey that was a sign of things to come .... :D

  5. Lynn
    I believe they still teach children to tie their shoes in kindergarten. It is an important skill for later life in many things.

    If you say it is true than I believe it. What a clever way to teach a child to walk.

    I don't remember learning to comb my own hair but I do remember hating to have my hair combed. Usually my sister designated that job as her own. Combing it, cutting it, washing it, curling it, etc. I was (and still am) her favorite doll. love ya bunches too.

    LL Cool Joe
    Now there is a good name for a children's book character "Billy Blimey" and yes, a sign of things to come. Love it!

  6. That teef do not make good brakes for falls...

  7. Climbing an old maple we had in our front yard. It always seemed to be impossible to climb - the first branch waaaay out of reach. But my brother boosted me and up I went. I was seven, I think, and I still remember how cool it was.

  8. Hmmm.....that requires a lot of thought, since I can't really remember anything about it. I do remember learning to ride a bike, but I was 8-9 years old. LOL

    Perhaps when I learned to play the first song on the piano....I was so proud of myself (age 6)

  9. I have no actual memory of learning to do any of the things mentioned above. I can remember sitting at a desk in first grade practicing writing letters over and over.

  10. Tying my shoelaces, jumping rope, and being hated by kids a grade above and a grade below when I was double promoted in second grade. Those were early memories for me. Some are good, some are bad.

  11. It was learning to tie my own shoes around 3 ish. It wasn't easy and took many, many failures before I made it. Boy was I proud. It was the same week I got my first bed without side rails.

  12. I have such a poor memory. I'm sitting here thinking and thinking. I think it was riding a tricycle only because I see a photo of me doing so. Other than that, it was probably learning English when I went to kindergarten.

  13. Earliest thing I remember is learning how to play jacks on the sidewalk at school in probably first grade. I just loved playing jacks and played for hours every day for years.

  14. Brighid
    I can still remember passing out in the shower when I was 12. I had the flu and hit the side of the tub with my two front “teef”. I will remember that feeling forever. They aren't worth a darn as brakes.

    Being “boosted up” is an old term. Wonder if kids go climbing trees anymore and need a boost?

    I remember learning to ride a bike because I was eight and thought that was way too old to just be learning to ride a bike. It was humiliating for me. And I remember my piano teacher telling my parents they were wasting their money on my piano lessons. Yikes!

    If you could see a sample of my handwriting you would know that was something I didn't practice very much.

    I know kids in my classes were promoted beyond the rest of us but I don't remember hating them for it. Are you sure they hated you?

    Arkansas Patti
    When I left my crib, my sister became my side rails.

    I can imagine that learning a second language at so young an age was a very big deal.

    Aunt Betsy
    How could I have forgotten playing jacks? Oh what fun. The memory almost makes me want to run out and buy a set of jacks right now.

  15. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Playing Jacks with a golf ball.

  16. is it an accomplishment? I ran away on my tricycle at 2 years and 6 months and went quite far, only to be brought to a restaurant (Brennan's in Houston) and served ice cream while they got me home....I must have been one smart little tyke!

  17. Anonymous10:30 AM

    I remember swinging on a swing and knowing all the words to Elton John's Your Song.

  18. gigihawaii
    How did you ever manage that?

    Brite Mist
    Clever tyke on a trike. Bet your folks were scared to death.

    "How would you like to go up in a swing up in the sky so blue? Oh I do think it the loveliest thing ever a child can do" Robert Louis Stevensen

  19. I remember learning to read. My sister had started to school and I was still at home. Every day she would practice reading her Dick and Jane as I sat beside her. One day I realized that I could read. My parents were surprised.

  20. Learning to tie my shoes. Apparently I could only get it by doing it a different way than normal. So you see, nothing much has changed ;)


  21. Oh, Annie, how well I remember reading Robert Louis Stevenson's Children's Garden of Verses to my children.

    Do you recall my favorite? "In Winter I get up at night and dress by yellow candlelight"?

  22. 1st place in school Art Fair in first grade.
    I ran away on my trike at 3 too. But couldn't cross the street so kept going around the block! Heard the story from neighbors n Mom many times.

  23. Oh, they hated me and the others who were double promoted. One example that sticks in my mind is that of one girl who feverishly began sticking her tongue out at me whenever she saw me, but insisted she was just licking her lips. She had a red ring perpetually around her mouth.

    Maybe hate is a strong word for it, but we were never friends with the kids we left behind.

  24. Susan Adcox
    What a great memory. I wonder how many younger children learned to read that way.

    Riot Kitty
    My daughter Michelle learned to tie her shoes the wrong way too and still does to this day. I'm guessing you both learned the same way. Make the bows first then tie them together...right? I don't know if someone taught her that or if she taught herself.

    Would you believe I still have my A CHILD'S GARDEN OF VERSE. It is very well worn. Your beloved poem is
    A Bed In Summer
    by RLS
    In winter I get up at night
    And dress by yellow candle-light.
    In summer, quite the other way,
    I have to go to bed by day.

    I have to go to bed and see
    The birds still hopping on the tree,
    Or hear the grown-up people's feet
    Still going past me in the street.

    And does it not seem hard to you,
    When all the sky is clear and blue,
    And I should like so much to play,
    To have to go to bed by day?

    Snaggle Tooth
    Do you have your art submission that won the First Place prize? That would be something to see. How funny that you kept going around the block. lol

    Oh dear, I was a lip-licker. Almost every picture of me at age 8-9 has me in pigtails with a big red ring around my mouth. They did everything to keep me from licking my lips. I was hideous and now I have to worry about how many people thought I was sticking my tongue out at them. Yikes!