Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Friday, January 31, 2014


"Aaarrrgh! "
Slim (44 pounds)  perches on my shoulder each evening to look out the window into the field.  I can only guess that she is pretending she is a pirate's parrot and I am the Cap'n as we set sail in search of booty. Once she is through keepin a weathered eye open for bilge rats or mutiny, she retires to bed and I am free to attempt to rid myself of the crick in my neck.  


  1. lol lol.. that too cute Annie:)

    I woke up with apom asleep on my head a couple weeks ago. good thing she only weighs 4 lbs.

    I think he was just trying to protect you. thats LOVE sittin on your shoulder.)

    love you bunches

  2. How nice to have a friend that loves you so much!

  3. 4 legged heating pad.


  4. Oh, how I wish she were mine!!!!

  5. Anonymous4:05 AM

    I have had cats and a dog as pets. They are gone now, and I wish I could adopt another one. However, who would feed them when we are traveling? Lol.

  6. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Hahaha dogs are crazy!

  7. Awe - - - what a loving buddy !
    Just be careful. Pain in the neck is not funny. I would do some warm ups.

  8. Great picture....that is a fine 'matey" you have there.

  9. Sonny
    Well, what's another 40 pounds? lol
    Our pups love us the same amount don't they?

    She is my best friend for sure and looks after me very well.

    Never thought of it that way. She is that for sure.

    I would tell you to get one like her but there isn't another Slim and I can't share her:)

    Ask Cliff what you could do with your pet when you travel. He and his wife Marilyn run a kennel. All of my family members board their animals when they travel and if I go for more than a couple of days, I will board Slim.

    Crazy smart is what they are. Slim will play but when it is time to do her work of protecting the other critters and mama, she is poetry in motions tearing into critters twice her size. It scares me to death but she doesn't hesitate and they leave.

    Thankfully this little part of her evening routine doesn't last long before she turns in for the evening. I wouldn't deprive her for anything. By the way, I posted on SO WRONG that Rooster Bonnie didn't make it. Sad, sad.

  10. Brite Mist
    Oops, almost your comment. Thanks, it is unusual more than cute. lol

  11. Jeanie
    Well, you and Brite Mist both got in while I was posting responses. Thanks for commenting. She is a fine Matey.

  12. I like "your" parrot! Willie will do that to dad if he is setting in his chair and I say "Oh look I think I see a kitty!"

  13. Brighid
    Slim arrived here as a stray pup. Her only counselor and adviser was our aged cat Soccer Ball who came with the property. They loved each other and perhaps Soccer Ball taught her these kind of things. Slim does not get along with other dogs but she does love the cats that live here.

  14. Wow, nice. Can't say that I'd want 44 pounds of anything sitting on my shoulder. I do love it when George, my daughter's dog, stands on his hind legs and hugs me with his fore legs when I come over. Kind of like he's saying "Nana! you're here!" Cracks me up everytime.

  15. lol. That is so cute. We don't let our dogs into the living room because they both think they're lap dogs, but they weigh 104+ pounds and 89+ pounds. Think about that neck crick ;-)

  16. Ha ha, that's so cute. Cats do what they want to do, when they want to do it, and stuff anyone who gets in the way of that!

  17. Oh my! 44 pounds on your shoulder? That would probably give me bursitis. At least Slim is keeping you warm. :-)

  18. Now that is funny but I'm just glad you don't have a Dane.
    On a cool evening that could be nice.

  19. Slim loves you so much - I'm so glad she has you and you have her! Very cute selfie there of you and Slim's rear end. :)

  20. New version of a lap dog, eh?

  21. Oh dear when I first opened your post all I could se was this big brown b........ With the post title I began to wonder what on earth you'd been up to lol
    She certainly has learnt well from the cat because that's just the sort of thing we cat lovers (put up with) accept daily!
    Take care

  22. Oh man, that sounds painful. If I ever get a dog, it's got to be a small one if it's going to want to sit on me like that.

  23. Wow- That is one furry n weird looking bird perched there!

    Mischief sometimes like to people-ride me around the apartment to peek out windows n into mirrors too. She steers me as I walk, by bending her head the direction she wants to go! She's a heavy bird too- but yours is way bigger!

    This got me to chuckle a bit- thanks. Been watching Pirates of the Caribbean again this week too-
    How did you know??

  24. I hope you change shoulders each night or you could end up lop-sided.