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Frankie and Slim
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Monday, December 09, 2013


Question Of The Week 12-9-13

Will you continue 
blogging to the end of the year 
or are you 
planning to take
a break?

Have you noticed that a few of our blog buddies are already falling by the wayside until 2014?  It is reasonable for them to do so in order to make time for all their end of the year projects.  Often I find myself considering this choice.  Are you thinking about it?  If you take a break, will you tell us you are going? Will you still read and comment if you stop posting a blog entry?  As friends take a break, will you look for some new blog friends to add to your reading lists?


  1. Anonymous4:11 AM

    I used to post daily, but after seven years, I decided to post every other day. I announced this change on my blog in October, but continue to read and comment daily.

  2. I am not planning a blog break. Anyway I blog as well as comment intermittently. I shall continue this practice without a break Merry Christmas !

  3. I don't think I will be taking a break, but that should only impact the two people that read my blog, so no

  4. I have thought about a break, but since I have a haphazard schedule anyway, it doesn't make sense for me. Every now and then I go explore and maybe add a new blog to my reading list.

  5. Not planning on making any changes to "Changes in the wind"

  6. I am taking a break, but still reading and commenting. Of course, I think of way more to write about when I am not actually posting anything. :)


  7. I'm sure folks think I'm already taking a break but I'm not. i've just packed my camera cord and cant find it yet.. Since mine is a decor blog , folks expect photos...:(

    so I visit till I can hunt things down lol..

    Havent ya heard- Noo breaks for the Wicked and the Good dont need them:)

    love ya bushels n barrels

  8. I'll still post on my MWF schedule. I seem to be having trouble keeping up with blog comments the last few posts - I've felt a little over scheduled, but it's all good. :)

  9. I'm just getting back into the swing of blogging after taking a slow-down break since summer. I plan to keep on blogging right through the holidays. And am trying to be more diligent on comment on the blogs I follow.

  10. I just go with the flow. I've been blogging so many years now, it's sort of become part of my DNA. I always want blogging to be fun so when it starts annoying me, instead of making me feel good, that's usually when I take a break or if life intervenes and necessity dictates I be absent (which has happened too often these last few years). I always miss it, though. Always a sign it's not time to close it down just yet. :)

  11. A little like Talon, I go with the flow. When real life gets busy , which is right now, crazy in fact, I just have to keep blogging to the minimum, which is a shame because I have a lot to say but no time to say it. But no I won't take an official break because as soon as I do that I'll write a post. :D

  12. I imagine I will be slowing down a bunch since I post almost daily. I can see me posting maybe weekly for a while.

  13. Yes, to the last two.

  14. Since I don't blog to a pattern (except Sundays) no break here. When I know I am going to be absent for a while I do let people know.

  15. I will be blogging. It's the only thing that keeps the shreds of sanity from breaking loose and flying off into the wind. Sorry, you get no break from my constant whining.

  16. I write only if I find something inspiring. Si otherwise, I just go and visit blogs by blogger friends and sometimes blogs that just come across.

  17. I was taking frequent breaks throughout the year as I was becoming seriously burned out. However, after deciding to start a brand new blog in the beginning of November to replace the one I started my blogging journey with for the past 5 1/2 years, I'm getting my second wind and I don't foresee a voluntary break for quite a while.

  18. I used to post every day, but now I am sporadic with it. I still read others blogs, even when I don't post. I will not take a break at this time, and if I decide to do it, you'll be among the first to know.

  19. This is the most voluminuous writing I do for myself, so yes, I will continue :)

  20. I am going to keep on blogging - less. LOL What about you? sandie

  21. gigihawaii
    Yes I remember that you cut back the number of days you post. I think many of us have done that. Has it freed you up the way you hoped it would?

    R. Ramanathan
    You have always done your own thing and that is a good way to be. We all just expect to see you when we see you and look forward to something good.

    You are not being truthful. I have counted at least ten comments.

    I am much the same. My only commitment is my Question Of The Week and I do try to do that every Monday.

    Changes in the wind
    We know if you will be away because you post your little lady with the suitcase who is waving to us. I don't like for you to be away but it always means you are going to be back with some great travel story.

    Just be sure you jot down those ideas while you are on break so you don't forget to post them in the new year:)

    Tell me what camera cord you need and I will send you one. I'm sure I've got what you need in my drawer of cords. Think I might have to post a blog about that.

    It is wonderful to know you are on schedule. If you are late posting on MWF, I almost panic.

    Pat MacKenzie
    I have noticed you are picking up speed. Yea! Hooray!

    You share such wonder with us, we cannot bear to manage without your stirring words and photographs.

  22. LL Cool Joe
    You are one who seems to teeter on the brink most often. It seem you ponder the possibility of leaving but then you don't and we are all glad. Your mind is so creative what would you do with those thoughts if you didn’t' have us to share them with?

    Aunt Betsy
    Weekly is good. We always look forward to what you share.

    Oh I know. Both of your blogs. Sad tears. Hope you enjoy your sabbatical.

    Elephant's Child
    You have so many people who comment on your blog, you might start a riot if you were to take a break.

    Lisa (aka Mollie's mom)
    I have never once thought of you as a whiner. Just the opposite, you are a champion.

    You are inspirational in what you post and in your comments. It is always enlightening to hear from you.

    G.B. Miller
    I know you are out there somewhere, it just gets so confusing. Pretty soon I will figure it out.

    Well I better be or I will track you down. We've been at this too long.

    Riot Kitty
    “Voluminuous”, wow, you know some mighty big words there sister. Does that mean the same as
    F_ _ _ _? jk

    Chatty Crone
    Keep giving us our Fun Friday and my life will be complete. Don't know where you come up with all that, but it makes my week.

  23. Good question. I plan to keep blogging & reading, but there are days I just don't have time to get to it.

    I'll keep doing it as often as I can, but there will probably be a small break around Christmas, but I'll get back into it more regularly right after.

    As long as I enjoy blogging, I'll keep doing it.

  24. I'm jealous of all the folks with travel plans for Holiday visits. A trip to Miami for the Xmas Boat Parade would be nice too (I'm Freezing)!

    It's all I can do to get posts up these days- I'm so tired I fall asleep waiting for this slow set-up to do it- But only being severed from the internet will stop me from trying! That's happened to me 3 times involuntarily, but one of the kids usually tells folks in a comment on ESR that I'm not able to at least.

    Thanks for being patient waiting for my comments to get here- I do read then can't open the text input page on many nights recently.

  25. I used to religiously do at least three posts a week.
    Now my work load has doubled and I also do a bit of FB and Scrabble is a great comfort.
    I have no plans to take a serious break -just the odd gap when necessary.
    My blogging friends are too important to me.

  26. Interesting questions. I've been blogging less but I will continue to write for as long as the feeling hits me. I miss the times when I used to read blogs and write posts with such fervor but like everything else in life, we go through changes that don't always allow us to continue doing what we've done at the same pace. Since I've been focusing more on my art, I tend to visit blogs that fuel my creativity, more "art" blogs...that is, when I have time. As for the holidays, I don't have a set plan but I'd like to blog MORE.

  27. Did you not notice that nine of my comments were

  28. I have nowhere to go and nothing to do so I will keep blogging and keep reading others blogs.

  29. Annie, I just struggle to find the time to do a "proper" post sometimes, as I tend to put quite a bit of energy into each one, it's hard sometimes to focus to write it, but as you say I really, really would miss blogging if I had to stop. But yes you are right I have often thought I will give up, and not to get people to write saying "Oh you'll be missed" just because it seems when I do have time to blog I have nothing much to say, and when I don't my mind is working overtime on all the posts I could write.

  30. Every so often, someone's comment will catch my eye and I will look up their blog. Otherwise, I barely have time to keep up with the cyber friends I already have. This is an awfully busy time of year. I am posting, but having a difficult time keeping up with my visiting.I hope people don't mind. I usually look for a free time to just sit back and catch up on everybody's life every weekend when I'm not posting.

  31. LOL if I took a break I'd be non existent!!!

    I will say though I had to go through my entire list of blogs that I follow and weed out people who had not blogged in years...some of them I was secretly hoping would start back up and one actually did after years..

    Then I started looking for others to read but I still always go back to my good faithful bloggers such as yourself.