Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Friday, December 20, 2013


Try taking a selfie of you and your pet/s.  Let me know in the comments that you have posted your efforts and I will link you on my blog.  Here are my disasters with Slim.
Her ears are spread in preparation for flight.
She cannot be this close to me without giving kisses.
Looks like this is the best we're gonna get.  We are both so much prettier than this:)
If you don't have any pets, let's see the inside of your refrigerator.  You can tell I'm not preparing any Christmas dinner.  Are you?
I just noticed that the bottom row of my refrigerator door is full of salad dressings but my vegetable bin is empty.  lol

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1.) Aunt Betsy of Betsy A Baby Boomer 
(She did amend the challenge a bit, but that's okay, she also added a bonus picture you won't want to miss). 
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2.) Olga of Confessions of a Grandma
(She also amended the challenge.  Look how tidy her refrigerator is.  And isn't she cute in her glasses?) 
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3.) heartinhand of Heart in Hand
(It is a tale of a frosty walk. You gotta love her.) 


  1. oops..i don't have a pet now :(

  2. our poor dog is afraid of cameras! So pictures are difficult, but not impossible as i have a few)!
    Dinner - i will be away - will i be cooking any way probably!

  3. Your selfies with Slim are great because the love shines through.

  4. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Molly and I haven't done selfies in a while! I'll have to see if she's up to it. LOL!

  5. ashok
    Did you have a pet before?

    Brite Mist
    I just added a notation on my post that the bottom row of my fridge is full of salad dressing but my vegetable bin is empty. lol

    Come on post a picture with Dodger. Add the selfie to your winter break post and I'll give you a shout out so you won't have to break your sabbatical.

    Just add a selfie with Mollie at the bottom of your current post and I'll give you a shout out. That post is worth the read.

  6. I am laughing at the salad dressings sans the greens. Salad dressings would survive a nuclear blast, I do believe. :) I love your efforts with Slim, Annie.

  7. Anonymous11:03 AM

    I last had a dog in 1975 in NYC before returning to live in Hawaii. I miss those cuddly moments.

  8. I have a camera phone but it is not connected to the internet. Hope fully after our contract with expires next November I will get a smart phone, God Willing.
    I can see that one of you is having fun, Slim will come around and get used to the Camera after a few more shots.

  9. Sale on salad dressing isle A....
    Love your selfie with Slim. Willie, who we are now calling Biscuit, has nixed the pic thing so far... but I control the biscuits so we'll see...

  10. Love your selfie.
    One of our cats loves the camera, but not me. The other cat loves me but not the camera. So a furry selfie is not likely to be a happening thing.
    Our fridge has a split personality too. One vegetarian and one carnivore...
    Going away to give this thought.

  11. Aww, how cute if out of focus. Kisses are always good.

  12. I have to ask you about a selfie - how do you shoot the photo and do you hold it yourself? I have no idea. sandie
    PS anything to get your out of Christmas?

  13. Don't feel bad about Slim. My two dogs and three cats are experts at turning away at the precise moment a picture is being taken.

    My fridge has plenty of different berries and veggies... even spaghetti squash, but I have not begun to cook for Christmas dinner yet. A spiral ham is likely.

  14. No pets here now and my fridge is too weird to show. Maybe tomorrow.

  15. I only have a cat. He never ever sits with me. Ever. Ungrateful Bastard.

  16. That's too funny! Actually I don't have any salad fixings right now, but I too have a lot of dressing. I love your photos with Slim. It's wonderful!

  17. I didn't take a selfie but posted my dogs and my fridge. :)

  18. Talon
    I guess the salad dressings will be around with Twinkies for the cockroaches to dine upon. Yikes!

    Cannot imagine cuddly moments without my Slim girl. Why have you not gotten another pup since 1975?

    This wasn't my first year to attempt photos of Slim. She is good to catch at a distance but close up she is just too curious to pose politely. I'll keep trying.

    Come on Willie, we want to see a close up of you and Brighid.

    Elephant's Child
    Oh your poor confused refrigerator! Lol I am still hoping you will return to meet this challenge.

    Arkansas Patti
    Moving doggies are always out of focus, don't you know.

    Chatty Crone
    I am thinking you could get Disco to take a nice selfie with you. Hold him close in one hand and hold the camera in front of you as far as your arm will reach with the other, say cheese and snap. You've got a selfie.

    You don't know how tempting it is for me to go out and buy a ham to cook for myself. Ron thought I fixed the best ham. I could prepare it, then freeze sections. I think I just talked myself into it. Wouldn't mind a spaghetti squash too.

    I know where you could find a Sammy cat who would be happy to pose with you:)

    Make it a challenge for the new year to make friends with your cat. That might help take your mind off things:) Love you and thinking of you.

    Besides all the salad dressing in my refrigerator I also have more in my pantry. What's that about I wonder? I just realized that you and Art don't have any pets. Oh my. Have you ever?

    Aunt Betsy
    Now here's my Baby Boomer pal! Thanks for meeting the challenge (kind of) and posting on your blog. I have linked you in my post above and love the bonus you gave us to see. Thanks for giving it your best!

    There is still time for the rest of you to try and meet the challenge:)

  19. ha ha...selfies with pets are tough. They don't sit still on command! (Rob)

  20. I am just about to post my answer to the challenge.

  21. Rob and Monica
    But Rob, would mine with Slim have been any fun if she had sat still?

  22. Aw, those are adorable! I don't have a pet, unless you count my houseplants. They're usually pretty well-behaved.

  23. Aww! I will try, but it's difficult ;)

  24. Anonymous5:03 PM

    I posted one of Molly and I on our afternoon walk!!

  25. Hmmm ! Taking a selfie with your pet can be very challenging ! We do not have a pet at the moment. Merry Christmas GA !

  26. Olga
    My children were here yesterday and I almost missed you answer to my challenge. Loved it. Thanks for being such a good sport. It must be that Florida air that got to you:)

    Sparkling Red
    Hey, houseplants are pets too. They take as much work, if not more, that a lot of animals. Take a selfie with one.

    Riot Kitty
    Okay, I'm waiting with great anticipation!

    You did it! You did it! Hooray. I see Molly, yes I do. Thanks for playing along.

    Yes, you can see from my own efforts that it is indeed very challenging. lol

  27. Well shoot - I missed this fun post. No pets though. My fridge is deplorably full!!!

  28. I do hope I remember to take a picture of my fridge when I get home....

  29. No pets and apparently I can't do selfies.