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Sunday, November 17, 2013


This is a post from my first blog SPONTANEOUS OVERFLOW OF A POWERFUL FEELING that ran from May 1, 2003 to February 10, 2005.  We lived in Kansas in a one room school house that Ron had remodeled and made into a cozy home.

Sunday, November 21, 2004


Last night the chickens were put to bed. The door was closed and I told them all goodnight, I listened to them moving around trying to get the best roosting position. I listened to them whisper in their subdued clucking. It reminded me of girls at Camp Egan getting settled in their cabins. They were all accounted for and told “lights out”, but the rustling and jabbering continued. . I sat down outside the chicken coup to reflect and remember. Next I heard a flock of geese flying overhead. Soon the train chugged through my revere. This is my absolute favorite time of year in our Kansas home.

Today at church we sang congregation selections. They picked hymns out of the old hymnal and I blinked my watery eyes when we closed with WHEN THE ROLL IS CALLED UP YONDER. If you every heard P.G. (My paternal grandfather) harmonize on this one, you would know right where I was coming from.

Now Ron is napping and I’ve been working in the kitchen cleaning up and peeling potatoes and making hummus and listening to bluegrass on Sirius cable TV. Our furnace is kicking on as the weather is growing colder and colder. I can hear needle tapping of the beginning of freezing rain. 

Thank you God for these framed moments to reminisce.


  1. I hope that all is well with you.

    Sometimes we do get overwhelmed with moments that we remember very clearly. It is nice to remember times when we were touched by something very powerful.

    Take care of yourself.

    My husband and I have been thinking about your hens. You are lucky to have enough yard space for them.

  2. A beautiful memory, Annie. I love your description of the chickens settling in for the night.
    I also get teary when I hear some of those old time hymns.

  3. I need a LIKE button!


  4. Memories do pull at our heart strings and I appreciate you sharing yours with us.. I could hear the clucks and the ping ping ping of freezing rain as I read.
    love you bunches

  5. Anonymous9:54 AM

    This is a wonderful memory. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Great writing, lady!

  7. Your pocket full of good memories can be brought out again and again. They are a forever present. Blessed be.

  8. That is a very touching memory. I am glad that you shared it again.

  9. I hope you're doing well. There are no words to help...

  10. What a warm and perfect memory. Thank you for sharing. I had never gone back and read your archive. I don't even remember why or where we started reading each other's blogs.

  11. I forgot to write that I think chickens are your spirit animal.

  12. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Annie please write more in that vein - it is good to share memories and there must be many more from your life with Ron.

  13. That is such a vivid scene - I can picture everything. Can we get a link to that blog?

  14. What a beautiful post. I love this glimpse into your life before you and Ron moved to Oklahoma. It's lovely.

  15. Munir
    It is my hope to acquire a lot more chickens soon. Once I had almost 60 and I could supply eggs for family as well as neighbors. I do not sell the eggs but give them away and it is a wonderful way to put protein on the table for many.

    It is always fun to try and imagine what the girls are talking about when they settle in at night. I'm pretty sure it is all gossip. We don't sing a lot of the old hymns at church like we used to but when we do, I sometimes have to leave because they make me cry.

    I think you just hit one:)

    It will always be amazing to hear those sounds for this once city girl.

    It was wonderful for me too when I found it in my archives.

    Thank you lady!

    I had deleted my first blog and was glad yesterday to realize I had saved it before I deleted it. I'm finding lots of wonderful memories there and will probably share a few more in the weeks to come.

    Thank you Olga. I know you have a lot of the same loving memories.

    I am doing very well. Certainly better than I ever dreamed and I have lots of support from a community that I barely even knew though we lived her almost 8 years.

    This blog doesn't exist anymore. I deleted it in 2005 just before we moved to Oklahoma but I did keep a copy of it. I'm not sure just when we started following each other either. When I read your amazing blog now I sometimes chuckle remembering how you struggled to believe you were a good writer when you were always an amazing writer:) And yes, a chicken must be my spirit animal.

    That writing takes a deep emotional commitment. That blog was my journal and did not have many if any comments. My readers were mostly family.

    Riot Kitty
    The blog was deleted when I started Fools Rush In. I kept a copy of it on a CD and that is what I found yesterday.

    The property in Kansas was our honeymoon home. Basically we had a 7 year honeymoon before moving to Oklahoma. If people could only know the adventures we had on our 8 acres there that had been an old school yard with two old school houses and one old house that we were in the process of adding to and remodeling to be our future home. It was over 100 years old and had never had indoor plumbing. All this time living in the one room school house Ron had turned into a cozy honeymoon cottage. (Oh how my family would laugh at that description!)

  16. There is balm for the heart in this post, Annie.

  17. Anonymous3:08 PM

    I remember going to Camp Egan when I was in Jr. High.

  18. That is such a beautiful post. Memories are wonderful, aren't they, especially on bad days, but on good days too.

  19. Talon has a way with words, an 'delightful' is assuredly apt. The capture of chickens settling down for the night so strong, I caught a whiff of the coup -for better or worst. Am hooked, I'll be back to read more -for better or worst. Anyone who can write with a sense of welcoming as if inviting a reader into the kitchen has my attention. Good shtufffs, an shtufffs is good.

  20. Thank God for the memories...

  21. A precious moment - beautifully captured.

  22. Talon
    Thank you Kim. I am honored by any compliment coming from you.

    LL Cool Joe
    Thank you.

    How exciting that you know Camp Egan. I went there often. Returned as a chaperone when my children had their turn.

    I hope all people have memories, even those we believe do not.

    Hudson Howl
    Thank you so much Mr.Howl. It seems appropriate to call you that since you appear to be such a dapper gentleman.

    And as Bob Hope would sing.....

    Thank you Pat.