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Frankie and Slim
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Thursday, April 18, 2013


This is June when she successfully hatched 19 guinea fowl keets.  Hoping she will be as successful with the 17 chicken eggs in the nest she took over when abandoned by Lucky.

Today we are  hopeful that the eggs under June Hen will begin to hatch. Here is the post that tells about guessing.
So far we have:
Lynn and Riot Kitty - 8
Jeanie - 11 
Munir and LL Cool Joe - 12
Seriously Though and Cube - 13
Bonnie - 15
Snaggle Tooth - 10 
Loraine Nielsen - 16
Sonny - 9 
Sparkling Red - 14

There is still time to guess.  Just because this is the due date, it hasn't started happening yet. Once it does, it will take about two days to get a final total.  The prize to the winning guess/s will be a Poetry Portrait by Angie Worth.  (see my sidebar for information)

Sad news to report.  Longfellow did not make it.  Once more we had a battle in the nest box between a very large hen and Mama David.  I'm guessing it overwhelmed the newborn kitten.  We are still needing a name for the kitten sibling and suggested names are:

Sneezy and Wheezy by Tabor
Henry by Lynn
Ralph (Ralph Waldo Emerson) by Seriously Though
Lord Byron by Riot Kitty
Wadsworth by Talon
Waldo by Snaggle Tooth
Catness by Cube
Pippen by Loraine Nielsen 
Shakespeare and Talula by Sonny 
Cornelius or Twyla by Sparkling Red

We will take more suggestions here and if any of you want to change yours since we lost Longfellow, you may do so. I will add your guesses and the link to your blog to this post throughout the weekend.


  1. Oh, I can't wait...

    Sad about Longfellow.

    Off topic, but recently my sister decided to get some chicks of her own and there were two that grew very large. One she named Adele, for the singer, and, city girl that she is (like me), it took her a while to figure out that his name should've been Adelo. They were roosters! Yikes.

  2. I am sorry about Longfellow :(


  3. so sorry about longfellow..

    my guess and kitty name suggestion::
    9 chicks will hatch
    Shakespear if its a male
    Talula if its a female


  4. Oh my - we will remember him for his wonderful name.

  5. Woops! You forgot to list my past guess for 10 chicks.

    Poor LongFellow- Ny condolences to Mama David, n Grannie you!

    That pic is so cute with the babies looking up at Mama June.

  6. My chicks guess: 16

    Kitty name: Pippen
    (surname of one of Tandy Cox's grandmothers - I think it's cute)

    PS - I swear we have the exact same couch! Random, I know, but I notice it every time I read your blog.

  7. Cube -- As you know, gender doesn't play a role in naming my animals. A mama cat named David and a Rooster named Bonnie. lol

    Riot Kitty -- This is only the second kitten we have lost in infancy. It was a sad thing to find. Probably we have lost more but the mama cat takes them away before we know it.

    Sonny -- Happy to see you here. Thanks for guessing a number of chicks. Love the names you mentioned for our one remaining kitten. There is a long story about the name Shakespeare between Ron and me that I will share with you sometime. Great suggestion.

    Lynn -- The name will probably be recycled someday. We lost a kitten named Boomer once and now we have Boomer II. As a matter of fact Boomer II may have also just given birth in secret and I will br able to use more of the names.

    Snaggle Tooth -- How did I miss your guess. You are in the mix now. Sorry:(

    Loraine Nielsen -- I put your guess on the list and cannot wait to learn how Pippen is a family name. You have sure been busy on your family blog and I have some catching up to do. Do you have another blog? I click on your name and come up with private listing. Of course we have the same couch...we're family:)

  8. I guess that 14 eggs will hatch.
    Kitty names: Cornelius or Twyla.

  9. The names aren't important. My city girl sister didn't know who to figure out the gender. She can't have roosters where she lives.