Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Friday, November 16, 2012


Come back someday Talon,  You are missed:)

Looking toward
The moon
The stars
The birds that swarm
I miss our friend
Who touched us
With nature links
Memories form.


  1. Missing someone is hard on the heart, isnt it?..

    big hugs and I will wish with ya.

  2. Sonny -- Talon is a wonderful writer and I can't help but think she has found a more attentive audience. Sure have enjoyed her writing shared with us.

  3. I saw that Annie, when I clicked and went to her site..

    Maybe she will hear your heart calling to her's and come back..

    I think hearts hear each other across the ethers..somewhat like a radio signal:)


  4. So sad as we grow so close to our virtual friends as they share their hearts and minds purely. I did not read Talon, but I am sure she was worthy of all your memories.

  5. I never read here - but I can imagine it is hard to lose someone blogging - especially when they don't say why.


  6. Tabor -- Like you, she captures nature in words and photography. She experienced deaths in her close family and she tried to come back, but I can imagine it was too difficult.

    Chatty Crone -- There is a link to her pages in her name under the picture and you can see the poet she was in all her writing as well as her photography. I hate it when blog friends disappear especially such inspirational ones.

  7. o wow. I just clicked over to her blog. I will have to get a cup of tea tonight and do some reading! Beautiful words. I followed a young's blog from her first year of college through graduation and little beyond, and now she has deleted herself. She went somewhere where there the internet doesn't work. :( I've been missing her voice, too.

  8. Seriously Though -- In a lot of ways I think I envy those who are simply able to let go and move on. Yet they are missed and sometimes I wonder if they are still out there under a different identity. I am glad you read some of her work and know what I meant.

  9. I am in touch with her and will let her know you blogged about her, Annie. I miss her blogging, too.

  10. Everyone who read her stuff knows what you mean here-
    I especially enjoyed reading her short stories on blogger. Guess it just no longer suits her to blog. To each artist their own chosen media...

  11. Lynn -- Thank you so much. I heard from her this morning and my world is in balance again:)

    Snaggle Tooth -- I believe she has every intention of returning to blogland. Things in her life are simply too overwhelming right now.

  12. Talon certainly does have a beautiful blog. What a shame that she's not blogged much lately. It's hard to lose someone you get to know through our heart felt blogs.