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Frankie and Slim
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Martha is on the left.  My sister Elenore is on the right.  A quilt that Martha made is in the middle and Martha is giving this beautiful quilt to ME!  Why?  Because this very special quilt is made out of my mother's dresses.

Martha is my sister and bil's close friend.  I know her through them and have become her friend also.  My sister gave her all of our mother's dresses after Mom died and Martha  surprised my sister with a quilt like this several years ago.  I rejoiced in my sister getting such a lovely quilt and having such a wonderful friend.  

You can only imagine my shock and total disbelief when I received  one too on Monday.  A total surprise and a wonderful, beautiful, loving, caring gift.

I thanked Martha and I hugged her and I thanked her again.  I wanted to reach in my purse and find enough money to pay her for such a magnificent gift but there could never be enough money to cover this priceless gesture.  I see my mom in each dress from her fancy Christmas dress to her favorite house dress to her comfy robe.

It is time to write Martha a thank-you note and I have no words.


  1. The gifts that take your words away are easily the best.
    This is one of the best. All good folks for sure. You are blest.

  2. Wow what a beautiful work of art!! How wonderful and unique!

  3. That is a truly precious gift. I teared up reading about it.

    The words in the thank you note should contain your words already written: "I see my mom in each dress from her fancy Christmas dress to her favorite house dress to her comfy robe."

  4. Oh my goodness - that is beautiful!!! I have always wanted a quilt! Nice.

  5. What a wonderful and stunning gift!

  6. wow, what a wonderful gift.
    Please thank Martha for me too. Her work, creativity and generousity has given me the perfect gift to give to my daughter. I will start saving some of my own clothes and versus giving them away or tossing them due to stains or just no longer in style, I will make my daughter a quilt so one day when I am no longer on this earthly plane , she can wrap it around her and feel a hug from me.

  7. Cliff -- Oh yes I am!

    LL Cool Joe -- I had never heard of such a thing and get a chill every time I look at it.

    Lynn -- I teared up when I wrote this post. Thanks for pointing out a good line for the note.

    Chatty Crone -- It is now in our guest room and a perfect place for my morning devotional.

    Tabor -- "wonderful and stunning" for sure!

    Sonny -- I'm so happy that you are inspired to do this. You should try to tuck away a snapshot of you in each item of clothing if you can. I am now looking for pictures of my mom in each dress or blouse and framing them some way.

  8. I'm sure your reaction let Martha know how grateful you are, but I agree with Lynn, above, that those are perfect words for a thank you note.
    What an amazing and thoughtful gift.

  9. What a wonderful, thoughtful gift. One I know you will truly cherish. Martha is a great friend.

  10. Jeanie -- Yes amazing and thoughtful and she acted like it was no big thing. So kind and so humble.

    Changes in the wind -- I can't stop going in the guest room to look at it and touch it remembering the hug and smile that came with each dress.

    Bonnie -- Martha was a good friend and now she definitely is a GREAT friend.

  11. What an amazing gift! It is absolutely priceless! What a wonderful woman Martha is!

  12. Oh my, how very wonderful!

  13. I think this post is a good start to thanking your friend for such a beautiful gift.

  14. Annie,

    I know exactly how you feel. In my memory I still see my Mom in certain dresses.

    The green one she wore to church a lot and the black and white one with the big collar and the white beads and the gold one that was only brought out for very special occasions.

    I wish I had a Martha in my life.
    Tell her we all think she's the best!

  15. The best present in the world I'm sure. It's an amzing gift.

  16. How amazing for you to get such a treasure! It must've taken Martha so much planning, time, talent, n determination to get both of those done over the years- Plus it's lovely! Your Mother wore alot of stripes n patterns, n the alternating design of the squares is pleasing.
    (I think that's what my note would say-)

  17. Oh my goodness! That is just so spectacular and an heirloom piece. You could hang that from a wall. It's so gorgeous. You are very loved!

  18. What an amazing present! And lovely.

  19. Perhaps the best thank you that you could give to her was your wonderful reaction to the quilt.

  20. Oh great One -- Yes she is pretty wonderful. She dropped the quilt off while she was on her way to help her church feed 170 college student who need assistance.

    Dani -- I am still in shock.

    cube -- I'm not sure she even knows that I have a blog but I might give her the link.

    Nancy -- I am betting your mother was like mine with very few new dresses. Mother took such care of the clothes she had and she had had many of those items for years and years.

    Winifred -- Yes it was a unique and certainly unexpected gift.

    Snaggle Tooth -- Martha did not have to feel any pressure in completing the quilt because I had no idea it was being made and there never would have been a bad time to give it to me. However I will have surgery next month and I believe she wanted me to be able to be comforted by this gift.

    Kay - Yes it would make a wonderful wall hanging but then I couldn't snuggle up under it.

    Riot Kitty -- Yes an amazing present I have another amazing friend who sent me a greeting card out of the blue with a Panda on the front. She must have known my love of Panda bears.

    G.B. Miller -- I hope she appreciated my reaction and I didn't come off as a complete idiot. I was truly whelmed.

  21. That is so beautiful! I'm happy for you. :-)