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Frankie and Slim
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Wednesday, August 08, 2012


A bit of color.
Result of a search, despite the heat, to find something colorful in this brown world of drought.  There are times we can be grateful for weeds.

Breaking News:  Glad I saw the flower and glad I posted about it and glad I was encouraged to research what it might be because now I must get rid of this horrible plant.  Click to read about Buffalobur Nightshade.


  1. Grateful is Always a state of mind..

    I always say ones perspective is what matters most.
    If it rains on your picnic- not good.
    If it rains on your garden- very good..

    its just Rain, only your perspective is different.

    I knew you'd be one of those folks who knew how to be Grateful and I am Grateful to call you Friend..

  2. A bloom that persevered! Lovely.

  3. Weeds - now that is something for a grateful journal. sandie

  4. One word: Roundup
    a scorched earth policy.

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  6. Cool picture! It reminds me of our best dry weather plant, Esperanza or Yellow Bells. It's very drought-resistant and beautiful! It's especially fitting that its name means "hope" in Spanish.

  7. Well, you do know the definition of a weed....!

  8. wow! so aptly said too...

  9. I'm back. After closer examination I recognize that I've seen that weed once before here on our place. It is not common here but the thorns look deadly. what is its name??

  10. sonny -- What if it "rains on your parade"? I would even take that right now. LOL Yes, I am grateful and full of hope and cherish friends like you.

    Lynn -- I do wonder what it is. The animals will not eat it. I shall begin my research.

    Chatty Crone -- I just happen to have a grateful journal:)

    Cliff -- Roundup is well known around here.

    Susan Adcox -- I don't think this is a dry weather plant...just a dry weather weed but I like the Spanish definition and will call it "hope".

    Tabor -- Well I followed your hint and looked up "weed" and found a multitude of definitions. Want to give me a clue?

    ashok -- Thank you. I'm still looking for some more color on our place.

    Cliff -- The leaves are kind of velvety looking. I shall research this. Obviously it is untouchable because it is untouched.

  11. Okay, here it is: It is called Buffalobur Nightshade, and is an invasive species. Known as a very "evil" plant, it is deceptively attractive with cheery yellow flowers. It is toxic, for one thing and animals seem to know better than to eat it.

    Guess I better get out the Roundup for sure:)

  12. Thanks for the info. It looks so evil that I check every year in the spot where I had it just to make sure it doesn't come back. Man, those look like nasty thorns.

  13. It seems like the weeds survive regardless of the conditions. Per your update, I'm glad you found out what it is.

  14. Haha! I was really p'o'd as a kid when I found out my favorite yellow flower (dandelion) was considered an undesirable.

  15. They also remind me of my cucumber flowers without the big leaves- Yep, can see the needles- bummer they are poisonous!

    You'll have to find someone else's spent wild flowers n scatter the dried blossom seeds around your property before the next rainfall. The birds might eat them all tho-
    Sorry you have to kill the pretty thing- better to keep it away-

  16. oh good heavens!!
    no good feeling lasts very long

  17. There's always a fly in the ointment:)

  18. Cliff -- I'm glad the comments led me to research the plant. Now we can get rid of it. I'm glad I did not touch the thorns.

    Jeanie -- Weeds and roaches always survive. Perhaps we haven't really touched on their benefits yet.

    Riot Kitty -- I will always love dandelions. We used to make necklaces out of them. Plus they turn into puffballs and if you blow off all the seeds your wishes will come true.

    Snaggle Tooth -- The leave also resemble watermelon leaves. Yes we do have to kill it because it can contaminate the ground.

    LL Cool Joe -- I'm on it!

    Dianne -- At lease I enjoyed the yellow flower for a while:)

    Pat -- Darn flies!