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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


My son Tandy and grandson Ryan were relaxing at home after both had completed a hard days work.  They were expecting our grandson Dillon to come home any minute. The front door opened and closed and Tandy turned expecting to see Dillon.  Instead he saw a stranger standing in his living room. 

My son yells:  "What the (expletive) are you doing here? 

Intruder responds: "I live here."

Tandy: "No you don't.  This is my house.  Get out!" 

And he proceeded to push the stranger out the front door, lock the door and dial 911.

911 Operator:  "Where is the man now?"

Tandy looks out his front window to observe that the intruder had climbed into my son's truck and was fumbling for keys to start it.  Tandy rushed out and pulls the obviously intoxicated man out of his truck and holds him on the ground until emergency personnel arrive.  The responders consisted of one fire truck, one ambulance and three police vehicles.  Needless to say the entire neighborhood was awake now basking in the glow of red and blue flashing lights.

The ambulance and fire department had responded in case the man was diabetic and not drunk.

I've never been clear on what our grandson Ryan was doing all this time but I'm guessing he was jumping up and down yelling "Go Dad!" 

It is a funny story. It is an interesting story.  It is a sad story.  It is a frightening story.


  1. My story isnt funny so I NEVER tell it. I live here- work here- create here and thats the main reason I choose as open a floor plan as I could find and then I took out 2 more walls .. I need to SEE and on the rooms I cant see I have extra window locks- like deadbolts in the framing and security wiring and 4 poms who go off like banchee's if they hear a sound.. still, I am on guard..
    deep sigh-- not a good way to feel in your own home.

    glad your son wasnt harmed and could take care of the situation.

  2. Glad your folks are okay... gotta' keep those doors locked... (something I don't do sometimes). Scary!!

  3. I'm glad everyone is okay and the intruder wasn't malicious, just intoxicated and confused. But it is NEVER a good feeling to have someone in your house who doesn't belong there!

  4. Never ever leave any doors unlocked! Glad everyone was okay.

  5. I'm glad it ended well for your son and grandson. What a scary thing to have a stranger walk in your front door. Recently here a young woman who was drunk walked into the wrong house in the middle of the night and the homeowner shot her in the hip....she was lucky it wasn't any worse.

  6. It is a frightening story for sure and glad no one was hurt...

  7. I can't even imagine! Wow, what a scary thing to happen but good thing there was fast and clear thinking from your son.

    Years ago I was taking a morning shower. My three year old was with me and I suddenly saw vague shadow of a person moving. I threw open the door, my heart pounding, naked, dripping wet and ready to protect my daughter. It was a neighbor's 3 year old that came to visit. Yes, I should have locked the front door :)

  8. Wow, glad all went as it should have.
    When I was young, our neighbors had a drunk crawl in bed with one of their little girls and go to sleep. (a complete stranger) The girl crawled out the other side to tell the parents.
    We lock our doors at night because we're both pretty sound sleepers.

  9. Very scary and I'm glad everyone was okay. I'm not so sure in this day and time that it was such a good idea for your son to go after that man. So many people carry guns and weapons anymore. But Tandy was protecting his family, so I commend him. Glad their was a quick response from police, fire and rescue.

  10. Wow - I'm glad that turned out OK. Pretty scary.

  11. Our friends, who never lock there door, had someone (probably drunk and walking into the wrong apartment) wander in about 2 a.m. recently! Our friend looked at him and said, "Well! I think you'd better go." And he did. I can't imagine I'd be so calm.

  12. at least the man was intoxicated and confused - not a person who wanted to steal and hurt


  13. I suppose I am overcautious but I always lock my doors..

    If I go out back to water my tomato plants, I lock the front door because I am very afraid that someone will go in the front door where I can't see them and be waiting for me when I go back inside.

    Scary thought, so I relieve that anxiety by locking the door. It's the easiest thing to do.

    I wish I had a Slim to bark if someone came in....

  14. I have heard that happening before. Sad. sandie

  15. Yiiiikes! This is just so scary. Thank goodness your son wasn't hurt.

  16. Good story with the lock doors to home n truck moral- Greatfully the intruder wasn't alert, armed, n dangerous-
    There was a home invasion with robbery n two rapes across town from here this summer, 20-somethings doing damage. Never know when the crazies will strike!

    Lucky nothing went badly for your Son n Grandson. I'm glad for you-


  17. Sonny -- I too know that being a victim can never be forgotten. Once your space has been invaded you continue to feel vulnerable. I am so happy my son's incident turned out to be a harmless occurrence.

    ancient one -- My poor son has had to explain over and over to everyone just why his door was not locked. LOL

    Susan Adcox -- An intruder entered my home when I was alone at age 16. Thankfully he was as surprised to find someone in the house and I was to encounter him and he quickly left. the police picked him up a block away. He saw a bank bag sitting on a table in the house and was after it. It contained tickets and NOT money but it looked like a big bag of cash.

    LL Cool Joe -- Me too!

    Marla and Steve -- Where was the three year olds mother?

    Cliff -- That is a horrible story! Drunk or not I'd be sending that bozo to jail. It is amazing all the stories we have heard since this incident of intoxicated persons entering the wrong homes or getting in the wrong vehicles.

    Bonnie -- It worried me too that Tandy went after the fellow. Even drunks can carry weapons. Evidently the guy was weak as a kitten though.

    Lynn -- Me too. Scary yes.

  18. Glad everything worked out for the best and kudos to your son for stopping the man from driving away (even though it wasn't his truck).

    I'm usually by myself on the weekends this summer, so whenever I decide to sit out in the backyard to write, I always lock the front door.

  19. Jeanie -- At least the drunk lady will have something to remind her of the incident.

    Changes in the wind -- It certainly is not something to be expecting during a quiet even at home.

    Riot Kitty -- I would NOT have been calm. Especially if my family was threatened.

    Whitemist -- Yes, at least not this time.

    Nancy -- There was an incident in Tulsa a couple of years ago where a man was mowing his back yard. He did not lock his house and while he was occupied with the mowing, thieves went int he front door and casually robbed him of all their valuables. You are smart to lock up when you are in the back. About Slim, if a dog was trying to rob us Slim would protect us. If a human was the villain, Slim would lick them to death. She won't be happy with me shattering your image of her protective prowess.

    Chatty Crone -- It is sad a scary for my son. It is even sad or the pitiful drunk fellow who will probably never know it happened.

    Kay -- Amen!

    Snaggle Tooth -- I believe locking doors will keep drunks from wandering into our homes but I believe a real home invader won't be stopped by locks. Usually we hear of them taking down the entire door as they enter the home. Oh yes, I am so glad they are all okay. Thanks.

  20. G.B. Miller -- Entering his home was one thing but my son really got mad when the guy went after his truck. (His pride and joy.) Nancy commented above too about locking the front door while she is in the back. It's a good idea.

  21. Yes, it is all of those things. I once when very young threw a party where some of the guests left several sheets to the wind. I woke the next morning to find one of these guests asleep in the cab of our truck. His truck was tucked back under a tree and he had tried to start our truck with his keys and finally gave up and passed out!

  22. Oh, my LORD!!! I hope that no one was hurt. I never have unlocked doors at home, even though I live in an area that would seem okay to do that.

  23. Tabor -- Wow, you must throw some pretty wild parties.

    Ashok -- Yes, scary.

    Kenju -- No one was physically injured but my son's mental state is still in question:)

  24. Dear Annie ~~ Whar an awdul experience and a timely reminder to lock doors at all times. I live alone and am old so mine are always locked. Hopefully any crooks will look for a door that is not, rather than remove my door. Funny that drunks do not fell so invasivr isn't it? Take care my friend, Love, Merle.

  25. thank heavens it wasn't someone armed or more sinister than this poor drunk/ill person

    how scary!!

    we have a Iraq war vet living near us who has episodes where he doesn't know where he is and if you approach him in the wrong manner he becomes defensive and sometimes violent
    his wife and kids are amazing caregivers but he sometimes wanders from home
    we all do our best to look out for him and the local police know about the situation

  26. At leat it sounds like it is an unusual occurrence.
    Terrifying though.

  27. I can't find a button to join your blog, but I enjoyed reading it! God bless.