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Frankie and Slim
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Monday, June 11, 2012


Question Of The Week

Mine would be: Auto Mechanic, Piano Player, Computer Tech

What are three things you regret never learning to do?


  1. Like you learning to play the piano.



  2. OK - now that you said "juggle" - I think that would be one of mine. And learning to play a musical instrument, except I tried as a child and found that wasn't my gift. :) And I sort of wish I had physical therapy training after watching the woman work with my mother. That looks like a great job to me.

  3. Speak Spanish is the only one I can think of.

  4. I wish I had been in the band at school and learned an instrument. I wanted to play the drums but Mom said that was for boys, so I didn't want to learn anything else after that. Yes, regrets. And sewing and cooking. We had Home-Ec classes that taught that in school but I could just never get the hang of either. Now I can bake! Baking is right up my alley, lol.

  5. 1. Taking an auto shop class in high school. My dad talked me out of it. I harass him about it to this day. 2. Learning sign language. I still want to do this. 3. Learning to sew. My brain just doesn't work that way, however.

  6. Oh, there are too many to name! I regret not going to architecture school, and I regret not traveling more when mr. kenju was able.

  7. LL Cool Joe -- I did take piano lessons but the teacher suggested to my parents that they might be wasting their money. Same with my singing teacher:) I can see you building instincts in your hobby woodwork and your novelist desire in your blogging.

    Lynn -- Have you actually attempted to juggle? I have tried it a few times and always ended up hurting myself. What musical instrument did you attempt to play? Physical therapist is a great field. We have been to many and they are a very special breed.

    Changes in the wind -- I know a little Spanish but when I attempt to use it with a Hispanic person they can hardly keep from laughing. The most fluent I can be is when I tell the story of the Three Bears.

    Bonnie -- I did play the saxophone in school bands but not because I wanted to play and instrument. I just wanted to be in the band. Made an apron in Home-EC and learned to make toast. That was (and is) the extent of my domestic education. I can tell from the food you mention preparing for your family that you have become a very successful and talented cook.

    Riot Kitty -- Look at the two of us...both wanting to know the workings of an automobile. My desire came from being taken by so many mechanics who knew I didn't have a clue. My grandchildren know sign and I would like to learn that too. And, like you, my brain doesn't compute on the sewing issue.

    Judy -- Wow, you would have made a phenomenal architect. Just look what your imagination can do with flowers and think what tremendous designs you would have made as an architect.

  8. Growing up i wanted to play the guitar - my parents sent me for Ulalale lessons - scratch that, but fast forward to my early 20's and some one gave me a guitar and i learned on my own, but stopped after a bit-it really wasn't what i thought it would be like.
    They tried to teach me spanish in school i failed miserably. Fast forward to my 30s - i meet a Columbian girl who spoke little English and intrigue me - i learned Spanish and still use it today.
    Always wanted to cook well, but failed miserably for reasons that were multiple - fast forward to after the brain operation - everyone likes my cooking most of the time (i fail occasionally now instead of most of the time). I guess i really did meet most of my things i wanted, save 2 - getting married and having a child. - not going to do that now and do not want to.

  9. Perform on the trapeze, act in front of a live audience and travel to Spain. There's still time for two of those things, however. ;)

  10. Sing, sing, sing.
    Then perhaps I would have been able to protect my quite reasonable voice throughout old age and still sing along.

  11. Scarlet -- Your life is a trapeze act:) Don't you karaoke in front of a live audience? I'm sure you will go to Spain someday you just gotta get those kids grown first.

    Pat -- Oh yes, me too. I should have said sing. My family all sings well except for me.

  12. I would add on "...Yet!"

    I want a small airplane pilot's License, so I could visit my daughter 4 hours away after a 15 minute ride... n visit my sisters in FL in less time than a normal ride in the car to Vermont.

    Last time I had money I should've got a rowboat or canoe! (I don't want a kayak). The cheapest is several hundred bux-

    I regret not having more time for the writing projects n art, n hope I get to retire n order to get to it all someday. Too busy just coming up with rent lately!

  13. I'm still thinking.
    I'd love to have been in a band. Banjo, bass guitar or something and high harmony but I guess I can do that.
    Play the piano like my daughter. (she can play anything cold, the first time she sees it.)
    Play golf. (even though I do it every tuesday night), I'd still like to know what the heck I'm doing.)

  14. I tried to play the flute and just couldn't. When I was in the 5th grade, we all learned to play the song flute (which amounted to a whistle.) So at the end of that, I wanted to play the flute. I could just see myself in the marching band in high school. But I could never get the hang of it.

    One morning before school, my mother found me looking upset and I confided that I just hated the music class and I didn't think I would ever be able to do it. I was in tears. So she gently told me that she believed I had given it enough of a try and that it was OK to back out of it. So I did and endured a barrage of "quitter" insults from other kids, but it was OK. The loudest mouth of all was the second to quit. :) Funny - that memory just came back to me.

    And for the life of me I can't juggle either, but think it would be cool to do that. :)

  15. Well let me think - learning to cook better, finishing college, and being able to say no more to others and yes more to us. lol sandie

  16. Snaggle Tooth -- Sometimes your comments make me sad and I want to wave a magic wand so your wishes could come true.

    Cliff -- I can just see you as banjo picker. Know already that you can sing. Sounds like your daughter has a natural piano gift and that kind can't be learned. I am fairly sure no one who "plays" golf knows what they are doing.

    Lynn -- Oh my, isn't it the most wonderful feeling in the world to hear parent's say "you've given it your best shot so now you can quit"?

    Chatty Crone -- Yes that learning to say "no" is a really big challenge.

  17. I can play guitar, but wish I'd learned piano. I can't think of anything else I haven't tried that I'd like to do :) (I learned to juggle years ago and love it!)

  18. Dancing - I've never danced except once or twice at weddings with DH.

    Gardening - I love fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers but have no time or aptitude for growing my own.

  19. Talon -- What items do you juggle?
    I'm guessing you can put on quit a performance:)

    Pat MacKenzie -- I wish I were a better dancer. It's all I can do to get through one waltz. Sure miss the Twist. Those were the easy days of dance:) I have learned a little about gardening from Ron but he is the master gardener in our household.

  20. I've had incredibly back luck in trying to do anything that you needed expert coordination in.


    1} Ice skating.

    2} Roller skating.

    3} Playing the guitar.

  21. play tennis, draw & paint