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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Owen and the Kansas Beanstalk
My sister had a large gathering Father's Day Week that included five of their seven grandchildren.  Their Grandpa Dave read the children the story of Jack And The Beanstalk.  Then the dads gave the children some "magic beans" and helped them plant them.  The very next morning the excited children awakened to a sight that thrilled them more than Christmas morning.  They were greeted by a very tall Kansas sunflower with a strange number of green beans hanging from it (staples included)  Owen is proudly showing us the giant beanstalk that they expect to grow even more while they are visiting grandma and grandpa. 

This reminded us of the time a young grandson Michael visited and Grandpa Ron assured him if he would put rocks in a bowl of water they would grow.  Sure enough the next morning those rocks had tripled in size.  Oh what miracles grandchildren can witness with some creative adult help.


  1. Ha ha, what a great idea! I bet they had fun.

  2. Me thinks Ron has worked in politics.

  3. What fun...tricking little kids!

  4. LL Cool Joe -- The children wanted to take home some magic beans to plant and their Grandpa told them they would only grow in Kansas soil:)

    Cliff -- Every minute of everyday Ron is working in politics!

    Tabor -- Well, it was done to us...right?

  5. What a fun thing to do! Cute boy there with the beanstalk. :)

    My mom told me when I was little girl that if made a frog house and left it overnight, the frog that stayed in it for the night would leave me a penny. So she showed me how to mound some dirt and make a door (think dirt igloo.) Sure enough - the next morning there was a penny. I can remember imagining a frog with a jacket and suitcase going in. :)

  6. Lynn -- Oh Lynn that is a wonderful story! I'm passing that on to my sister. My grands are all too old to fall for it, but she's got seven little ones that will eat that up.

    Perhaps you should write (and print) a little book about that frog:)

  7. That is adorable! And what a sweet picture.

    The only overnight creative tale I can remember is making caramel apples, being too tired to eat mine, and when waking up the next morning, my mother telling me that she had to throw it out because a roach ate a hole through it.

    And being 7, even though she had a serious sweet tooth, I believed her! It was only several years later, when I told the story to my stepmother, that I had the rude awakening that my mother was the roach, and she had eaten the whole thing.

  8. Riot Kitty -- That is a great story! I was a teenager when my mother, with a sweet tooth, got onto me for taking a gift of candy from a boy and then breaking up with him. The whole time she was lecturing me, she was eating the candy!

  9. That is just too cute. I'm going to have to remember that one for when we see our grands next time.

  10. Grannyyyyyyy

    i've missed you.. just making my way back to the INTERNETS and catching up.

    and freaking out about turning 30 in two days :/

    Thanks for always being a great blogging buddy!!!

  11. Oh, what a sweet boy little Owen is.

    He is getting so big and he looks like he is very proud of his agricultural skills.

    Who else could get a beautiful plant like that in just one night?

    The whole story has me humming" "I'm a Sunflower From The Sunflower State."

  12. OH tooooo funny! I love it. I'll bet the kids will remember this forever.

  13. Xmas was always magic when I was young, n for my girls at my parents on Xmas Eve too. During Chinese food dinne, gifts magically appeared in the livingroom (I usually helped, n ate late) So many were there The few weren't missed.
    When we got home after the trip, gifts were magically at home too! (I had them stored ready n set them out when doing the lock-up check with kids waiting in the car)
    Kids believe in magic so easily, I wish the wonder never had to wear off when you find out the truth...

    So cute with the beanstalk story!

  14. Marla and Steve -- Glad you enjoyed this story and before you entertain your grandkids with this one, also read Lynn's comment about the overnight frog visitor. So clever.

    Blunt Delivery -- You're freaking about 30? Hey girl I just turned 66:)

    Nancy -- I knew you would love to see Owen. All of the children enjoyed the "beanstalk" but when we arrived it was Owen who had the most excitement to jump out of the pool and run show it to us.

    Kay -- Wow, good to see you here. I guess it might be appropriate to say, "Where you bean?" Get it..bean...beanstalk:)

    Snaggle Tooth -- I believe I shall call it "dinne" from now on! LOL

  15. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Oh the things we do/did to our little ones. Keeps us and them on our toes doesn't lol
    I've got a couple of posts lined up alreasy but am thinking of one about the Dab Ball later in the week. will explain then Annie.
    Take care

  16. That's so sweet.

  17. cranethie -- Cathy the little ones are so delightful. I envy my sister having the little ones. Our youngest grandchild just turned 10.

    JeanMac --

    Pat --

    "Too sweet" is exactly right:)