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Monday, April 30, 2012


Question Of The Week

 Growing up did you get into trouble?  What was the worst thing you ever did?


  1. Oh, there are so many! And I don't think I was all that bad a kid. I once showed my little brother where Mom had hidden all the Christmas presents in the garage. My mom was so disgusted with me for days. Then there was the hidden cigarettes in the doll case, the time I hit my brother on the head with a ceramic duck...I could go on and on!

  2. My older sister had my stuffed Pluto dog by the ears and was laughing and twirling it around by the ears and wouldn't stop. She had this radio that she loved and I looked at my younger sister and told her to throw it on the floor. She did and of course it broke. I suppose I thought if I got her to do it, I wouldn't get in trouble. Wrong. :) I had to work off paying for the radio to be fixed by doing manual labor in the garden - weeding, moving rocks around, etc. This went on for weeks. It's what made me not like gardening that lives on to this day. I just pot plants, water them and call it a day. :) I did learn my lesson though.

  3. I was too scared to be naughty as a kid, but I remember once accidentally breaking a small pane of glass with a ball I was kicking around outside. I was totally terrified about what my mother would do when she got home that I tried with my brother to find any coins in the house to pay her for fixing the glass. We are talking about a very small bit from a leaded window.

    I honestly can't remember what happened. There goes my brain again, cutting out the shitty parts. It serves me well.

  4. Started a fire in the garbage can in the HS bathroom sneaking a smoke.

  5. Tthere were very few things i got into trouble about - really!
    Once i destroyed some box wood in our back yard playings with "stuff" (chemistry was fun in those days!), but that was about all.

  6. I am ashamed.
    I put a worm in some soil on the head of the girl sitting in front of me at school.
    I got my come uppance. She vanished from class - phoned her mother and I was summoned to the Headmaster's study.
    Many tears flowed, she is still a friend and I still don'tknow why I did it.

  7. Tabor -- So your middle name really was "trouble". I wonder how many of us will include cigarettes in our memories of bad choices.

    Lynn -- Defense of Pluto was a serious matter to you so I assume the consequences were worth it. Congratulations on completing the A-Z challenge. You did a great job.

    LL Cool Joe -- Amazing the little things that frighten us and stay with us. Your mother probably never uncovered your indiscretion.

    Changes in the wind -- OMG! Hopefully the fire was only a little one. I burned up a lot of stuff from sneaking cigarettes. Great job on the A-Z challenge. You will deserve a bit of a break after this.

    Whitemist -- Lots of disasters came with those chemistry sets didn't they? Of course that must have helped mold you into your career today.

    Pat -- I'm sure you had good reason to place the worm on her head. Perhaps you were trying some kind of cootie cure:) Glad you were able to remain friends.

  8. Oh she did, I was a mouth a minute then too. ;)

  9. As a Kid I almost never got in trouble. I was known by all other kids and adults as the 40 year old midget. about 20 I realized always being Good, was bad for my mental and physical health and my True self emerged and has remained out ever since.

  10. I'm not going to tell you - lol. sandie

  11. When I was, oh about 7, I tried to burn a pile of supplement paper bags that were lying in the garage in Dad's pot belly stove. I darned near burned the garage down. I ran instead of calling for help.
    They put the fire out and Dad found me. He had a 1X4 in his hand and used it.
    The only really hard spanking I ever got.

  12. I was pretty much a goody two-shoes...and I also got away with a lot. I made my little brother pick his own nose. That was probably the worst offense before high school.

  13. Alas, the only trouble that I got in was when I was 7 or 8.

    Ran away (walked away?) from home and wound at the local regional center (aka, one of the schools for the moderate-to-severe developementalll disabled).

    Not sure what happened when I got home, but I'm sure I got punished really good.

    Since then, all of my troubles have come as an adult. :D

  14. Oh, no. I was such a perfect child that I never got in trouble! NOT! I was just curious, that's all. And I was a middle child - how could I not get into trouble! Can't remember any specifics now though so it can't have been too bad.

  15. What kids don't get in trouble?

    When I was about 4 a neighbor kid came to the door selling candy for school, but Mom was sleeping n wouldn't get up. I got .50 cents out of her purse n bought one. Woops, not only never enter someone elses bag- but didn't realize I was giving away an old silver 50 cent piece! The neighbors Mom called...

    Thanks G for reminding me I walked away several times over the years. Of the 5 sibs I was the least trouble tho- as number 4.

  16. My playmate was the girl who lived next door. She was a year older than me. I came up with all sorts of evil schemes (like dropping our chewed gum into my mother's box of laundry powder) and put all the blame on my friend. (Some friend I was!) Because she was older my mother believed me and blamed the other girl for being a bad influence. Mwa ha ha!

  17. Maybe it was the time I poured india ink into my dads Lucky Tiger hair oil or the time I switched the salt for the sugar in the sugar bowl. I kept my parents on their toe for sure! Heeehehehehe!

    God bless and have a great day!!! :o)

  18. LL Cool Joe -- "A mouth a minute"!!

    Sonny -- So tell us the ornery things that you do now?

    Chatty Crone -- You never tell us the good stuff about yourself:(

    Cliff -- Of course you did...I'm sure you did a lot of other things too but it is obvious this incident stands out due to the 1x4! That would leave an impression.

    Riot Kitty -- Nose picking is a very important life lesson.

    G.B. Miller --You've got me thinking that I need to ask another question about the things everyone has done as adults. Might be even more entertaining.

    Pat MacKenzie --All you have to say is "middle child" and we know you got in trouble. Thanks to my big sister (the middle child) I learned to lay low because I watched all the stuff she pulled and all the trouble she go into. That kept me on the right path. (Well not really, but I learned how to hide all my antics.)

    Snaggle Tooth --Those were definitely the "good old days" when the neighbor's mom would recognize the mistake and call. Now with the price of silver, the neighbor might keep her mouth shut. Whew, I'll bet you did learn about NEVER getting into mom's purse.

    Sparkling Red --Oh that was a dirty trick. Get it? Gum in laundry detergent? Okay I'm not a brilliant humorist. You however were very clever.

    Nezzy --Salt and sugar is one thing, but India ink in the hair oil!!! Yikes, it's a wonder you dad didn't kill you.

  19. I will have to admit to my own youthful pranks. The primary recurring event for me was tattling. As the baby of the family it was my job to seek revenge on my siblings who tortured me constantly. I would spill the beans at every opportunity. Even now, when we have a sibling gathering, I will have moments of looking toward the sky and calling "Mu-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-ther!"