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Frankie and Slim
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Friday, March 09, 2012

# 2000

This is post number 2000 on the 7th Anniversary of FOOLS RUSH IN by Granny Annie!!!

Thank you all for escorting me here either by commenting or simply viewing. I felt your support and encouragement!

Since I will not be posting for a while in order to catch my breath, please feel free to wander through the 52 links to my marathon posts  on the sidebar and comment on anything you might have missed. I'm going to be catching up reading blogs and commenting.

A few of you did not allow rain, nor sleet, nor complete boredom keep you away from the designated path of cheering me on to victory every single day.  (OMG! How corny can I get?)

Blog friends are among the best in the world.  It is easy to welcome each and every one of you into my home daily.  It is is so sad to say goodbye to dear blog friends who have died.   It is difficult to part ways with some when we cannot agree to disagree.  It is fun to welcome new blog friends into the circle. It is comforting to hear from blog friends who feel my pain. It is exhilarating to share joyful times together.

Thank you for being my friends for 7 years!  Let's go another 7...(maybe).

Status summary for the Seven Years:
Total Blog Posts = 2000
Total Page Views = 78,811 +
Total comments = 12,200
Followers = 104

Thursday, March 08, 2012


This is post is number 51 in the marathon.


Jessi said, "You should have a blog."

I said, "What the heck is a blog?"

That is how it started.  My goddaughter introduced me to this world of blogging because she knew how much I loved to write and how much I enjoyed keeping a journal.   

How and why and when did you start blogging?


This is post is number 50 in the marathon.

Martian thy name is Judgement?

They said it couldn't be done:)  

(Who are "they"?)

We are pretty sure that "they" are Martians.  

"What will they think?"

 "I'm sure they believe."  

"They are never wrong."

They seem to rule the universe and our every move. We can never see them but we know they are out there, watching us.

Fifty down, two to go.  Assuming I  live until tomorrow, they will celebrate a 7th Blog Anniversary with me and 2000 posts. 

I hope YOU will celebrate with me too:)


This is post is number 49 in the marathon.

 I can't resist sharing this picture. It came in a email and I put it on my facebook too.


This is post is number 48 in the marathon.

My daughter is Michelle.  Her two best friends were Michelle and Michele.    My daughter was named after two aunts.  We did not know the Michelle part was going to be such a popular name in the 70's.  Many girls in her age group were named Michelle.

What names were common among your classmates or your children's and grandchildren's?


Wednesday, March 07, 2012


This is post is number 47 in the marathon.

 I am getting ready for our housekeeper to come tomorrow.  Her name is Lili and not Hazel, but I absolutely could not do without her.  Ron finds it humorous how hard I work to get things ready for the housekeeper.  (I know some of you know what I mean.)

This morning I am thinking about Hope's last visit.  Her mother told her not to get in the way because Granny's "maid" would be here working.  Hope ran in the house with such excitement and wanted to meet Lili right away.  I introduced them and watched Hope grow quiet and shy.  

A while later I saw Hope pouting.  "What is wrong?" I inquired.

"She wasn't wearing her uniform." Hope said.


This is post is number 46 in the marathon.

 Yesterday I met with the Oral Surgeon regarding a tooth extraction.  This was just the consultation to go over my current medications, my medical history, etc.  The procedure is scheduled for the 15th of March.  

The nurse asked me if I wanted a local anesthetic or if I wanted total sleep anesthetic. (Actually she asked if I wanted to be put to sleep, but that just doesn't sound right.)    I said "local".  She said "That should be fine for you because you don't appear to have an anxiety about the procedure."

Her comment really got me thinking.  "No anxiety" about a dental procedure?  Times have sure changed. 

As a child I did not have good experiences in the dental chair. Dentistry is now a painless procedure and thankfully our children and grandchildren have all experienced modern dentistry so they don't have the fears many of us had in less pain free times. I watch them just hop in and out of the dental chair with no fear and it thrilled me to learn yesterday that I have become one of the fearless ones.

Be kind to your dentist and remember it is a new day:)

(Of course it has helped to have my brother-in-law for my general dentistry and he has pampered me through my antiquated fears into this new world.)




This is post is number 45 in the marathon.


It has been a while since a baked a Pineapple Upside Down Cake.  I bake one on Friday thinking we might have company but we did not.  Ron and I have shared this delicacy.  He especially enjoys a snack when he prowls at night.  I am just happy that his appetite is back...well happy most of the time.

Yesterday I served up the cake and there was a section left that I cut into two pieces.  A large piece and a small piece.  I hoped if Ron got up during the night he would know that the large piece was meant for him.  No worries.  He ate both pieces.



1 pkg. yellow cake mix
1/2 c. butter
1 c. firmly packed brown sugar
1 can pineapple slices
Maraschino cherry halves
Melt butter in a 9 x 13 inch pan. Sprinkle brown sugar evenly in pan. Drain pineapple; save the juice. Arrange pineapple and maraschino cherry halves on the sugar mixture. Add water to pineapple juice to make the amount of liquid needed for cake mix; mix as directed on box. Pour batter over pineapple.Bake at 350 degrees for about 50 minutes, until cake pulls away from side of pan. Let stand for 5 minutes for topping to set. Then turn upside down onto a large platter. Serve warm, topped with whipped cream.


Tuesday, March 06, 2012

# 44 NO HOPE

This is post is number 44 in the marathon.

We called this bunch the Magnificent Seven before Hope was born. It would be another few years before she appeared and they became The Great Eight:)   These pictures are oldies but goodies.



This is post is number 43 in the marathon.

 I am pretty sure I was not quite five years old.  Sherry Sanders had a  swing in her yard for her baby brother.  On a visit to her house (next door to ours) I attempted to climb into this vacant portable swing despite Sherry's warnings that I was too big.  (I have a feeling she heard that admonishment from her parents when she had attempted the same thing.)  Nevertheless, my mission was already established.  Climbing into the cloth seat the entire apparatus collapsed and I tumbled down their very steep driveway (probably slightly sloped), crashing into the rocks (probably pebbles) at the bottom, and cut my head open (probably a scratch). 

What is one of your earliest childhood memories?



This is post is number 42 in the marathon.

This is a post for my retired friends.  How do you keep; track of what day it is? 

(Not knowing the day is bad enough but I also struggle with what month it is.  I lost March entirely and thought last Thursday was April 1st.)


This is post is number 41 in the marathon.

If we had a serious shortage of commodities, what two non-food items would you most hope would still be available? 

(If you have read my blog very often, you would know that toilet paper and gasoline are high on my priority list.)

Monday, March 05, 2012


This is post is number 40 in the marathon.

Okay my friends, hang in there with me.  We are in the home stretch.  Four days to go and 13 posts left to reach 2000 posts by my 7th Blog Anniversary.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.....



This is post is number 39 in the marathon.

 A friend came to visit me and told me that Elizabeth, the Queen of England, had invited me for a visit.  My friend had made arrangements and paid all of my travel expenses.  

The quarter was ending at the bank and it was not a good time for me to leave but everyone insisted that I go because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and would be good advertising for the company.

I pressed my friend for details about what I should wear.  Would a long dress be more appropriate and should gloves be included in the outfit and most important...why did the Queen want to meet me?

Finally my friend admitted that she and her boyfriend were coming along and he was paying all the expenses.  Her  boyfriend was a suspect in the recent murder of his first wife.  They were taking advantage of the fact that the Queen wanted to meet me and were using that as an excuse to leave the country.  

I decided it was best if I stayed in the U.S. and took care of closing the bank books for the quarter.

And then I woke up.




This is post is number 38 in the marathon.

Question Of The Week 03-05-12

Sunday, March 04, 2012


This is post is number 37 in the marathon.

 This was dinner and it was even better than I imagined.  Thanks Sonic!



This is post is number 36 in the marathon.

We live on The Grand Lake of The Cherokees.  It is a huge, man-made lake in Oklahoma.  People were not only displaced from their homes but some people were displaced from their final resting place. Not far from our home is a relocated cemetery moved in approximately 1939 in preparation for the filling of Grand Lake.  These tombstones date in the 1800's.  Most of the monuments have broken or crumbled or are too difficult to read, but there are a few like these.




This is post is number 35 in the marathon.

Can you believe that my cousin in Seattle and his family built this tree house?  I'm holding our goat pen gate closed with bungee cords.



This is post is number 34 in the marathon.

I cannot resist posting this.

 What other mindless drivel is killing literature?


This is post is number 33 in the marathon.


I have had my church membership here for 44 years. Ron decided to bring his membership here with me in 2006.   This is the church where I raised my children.  My brother was an associate pastor here and my parent's attended this church in their retirement years.  It shocks me sometimes to look at the beautiful pictures of the building because to me this church is the people and not the steeple.  

Arriving on Sunday or any day, I think of the parking lot, the side door, the fellowship hall and parlor, the regular seats our family has occupied for 44 years, (if we got there in time because we never saved seats) and the familiar faces awaiting me inside. There are 8,000 members of this church but I see more people that I know and love here on Sunday morning than I have in the small churches we have attended.

My son has raised his three children in this church and it is a thrill to receive the church paper and see one or two of my grandchildren peering back at me involved in some activity.

The children and I would play a game every Sunday morning,  Who Can See The Church.  We would peer through the thick trees blocking the view on the way downtown and sometime, after turning onto 18th street, someone would spot the tower (or say they did) and begin the cry, "I see the church!  I see the church!"

As a child I attended a multitude of Methodist churches all over Oklahoma because my father was a minister.  These were small churches.  Ron and I attended a small church in Kansas and we attended a local church here a few times.  It is odd how these small churches never made us feel at home, but our Tulsa church embraces us and gives us that warm feeling.  

Anytime I run into someone from our church home I want to shout, "I see the church!"

Saturday, March 03, 2012


This is post is number 32 in the marathon.

Last night two large intruders came on our property.  We had never seen these big black dogs before. They killed our young rooster Clyde on the spot and ran off with a black hen..  I will not know until day light if the the hen they took was Mr. Gibson.  Poor Clyde.  He put up quite a fight right outside the goat pen.  Perhaps he saved the baby goats from the villains.   I am never happy to lose a hen and it will be sad, no matter which one it was.  Still I hope it wasn't Mr. Gibson.   Once more it is time to rerun my poem from March 11, 2005.


Little Blackie Girl is gone.
Taken by some natural wrath.
Thus comes this rendering of
A Dead Chicken's Epitaph.

A slight little sex-link hen,
Among her peers the least weight,
Enabled her continued escape
In flight over the pen gate.

Half-eaten, clipped wings grow,
She was determined to explore.
Whole-eaten this time,
To return no more.

Bye, bye black(chicken)bird..........

by granny annie

Feel free to set this rhyme to music with the last verse as repeated chorus.


This is post is number 31 in the marathon.

Visiting with a group of young people, an old car drove by and I commented "Look at that old hoopy".  The sudden of burst of laughter from these kids shocked me.  "Hoopy?" they exclaimed,  "What's a hoopy?"

What antiquated expressions do you use that are greeted by blank stares?



This is post is number 30 in the marathon.

 We often refer to it as "Better living through chemistry".  Tons of medications are prescribed for every illness and often, as with my heart problems, multiple prescription  drugs are necessary.  

Currently my cholesterol numbers are off and usually when my lab results show any kind of change, my cardiologist will increase, decrease or add a new pill to my regime.  

His nurse called yesterday with the doctor's new prescription for my current problems.  He wants me to get back on my fitness program and reverse my weight gain with diet and exercise.  What kind of doctor makes this type of cure the responsibility of the patient?

I don't think his drug sales reps are going to be very happy with him.  

Friday, March 02, 2012


This is post is number 29 in the marathon.

Have you ever heard that using "but" in a sentence, erases everything you said before.  Today I read a comment that said, "I love my husband but sometimes he gets on my nerves"  This set me to wondering does she really love her husband or does he just get on her nerves?

"I love that drawing but..."

"The cake was delicious but..."

"Her butt is okay but..."

"This blog marathon is interesting but..."

Inquiring minds would like to know what you think.


This is post is number 28 in the marathon.

Facebook and Blogger have me a bit confused.  Some things I post on Facebook but not my blog and some things I post on my blog but not Facebook and some things I post on both.  In this mighty marathon there is a good chance that I could be confused and post something here that I have already posted here.  

Regardless I hope some of you will find my race against time a bit interesting.  I am trying to regroup my thoughts and find inspiration for the 25 remaining posts.  Try to hang in here with me if you can:)  Thanks!




This is post is number 27 in the marathon.



 w...what HAPPENED?

When we were kids we used to tell our parents, "If it's too loud, you're too old."  Well guess we're too old!  What goes around come around.


This is post is number 26 in the marathon.


Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks 

This was the most shocking news I have heard in a long time.  Thankfully I do not have a Smartphone but everyone I know does and watch to the end because you can see how to fix this problem.


Thursday, March 01, 2012


This is post is number 25 in the marathon.

 Here I am with my siblings.  That's me safe in the middle.

Here we are again and this time I'm on the left. They were "Joe and Josephine College" at the time so I was moved outside the circle.  See how nicely my sister learned to pose at university.


I not only had parents to look after me when I was growing up, my siblings have nurtured me all my life. Ron swears my brother and sister paid him to take me off their hands. Honestly, how much troubled could one girl be?


This is post is number 24 in the marathon.

 There is not a lot to say...except please DON'T.


This is post is number 23 in the marathon.

You may remember that our grandson Ryan visited us for a week this Summer before he went off to college.  We enjoyed his company so much.  One day, when Ryan and I were coming back from town, this comedian was on Laugh Out Loud Radio.  Some of you may have heard of him.  Roy D. Mercer out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He pranks people and this was an effort by him to make a prank phone call to a Navy Recruiter.  Ryan and I both laughed until we hurt.  Maybe it was just the moment or maybe it is really funny.  If you have the time to listen, you can be the judge.