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Monday, December 26, 2011


Question Of The Week 12-26-11


These were a few of mine from yesterday.


  1. I hold many wonderful Christmas memories and yesterday in Tulsa with my son and grandchildren was great. We joined the few loyal in our Church for a special Sunday service of favorite Christmas hymns and a great sermon. This was after my son's family had attended two Christmas Eve services the night before. They were real troopers to come again to celebrate with me. We sat in the seats where we always sat with my parents. The memory was tarnished a bit by the fact that Ron had a UTI and was unable to be with us. 2012 will find us making up for many missed celebrations I hope.

    The second Christmas after Ron and I married we spent it snowed in at our Kansas home. Our tree came off the property and I actually strung popcorn and decorated the tree with those strands and with other homemade ornaments. I can still recall the crackling wall furnace and feel the cold wind blowing through the door each time it was opened. It was my first real old fashion Christmas and it was so delightful. Somewhere there is a picture of that little tree and it will be a joyful day when I find it but meanwhile it is burned in my memory.

  2. Merry Christmas Granny!

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  4. Well, I had a memory I was going to share then I was off to google to see what a UTI was and then I had to go to the bathroom and now I hope Ron is okay and well my mind is on scan.
    Oh Yeah, two years ago we had a blizzard on Christmas Eve and our power went out late in the afternoon. The grandkids came down because we had propane stove out on the porch to help maintain the temp. It did get down into the upper 40's inside the house when we got the generator dug out and hooked up. I had gone out and started the big tractor with the snow blower on it for fear that it wouldn't start by morning without being plugged in.
    Power came on again about noon.
    I guess the thought of doing battle and then victory made for a good memory.

  5. I am sorry Ron couldn't be with you, but it looks like you still had fun with family. Merry Christmas!

    As for my most fun holiday memory was actually from a Thanksgiving. My godfather was visiting us in San Antonio from New York and gave this impassioned speech about the valor of the soldiers at the Alamo. His crescendo: "And that was the cry...Remember the Alimony!" He said this by mistake, of course, and all of us just stared. Then we all roared. It was a family joke for years.

  6. Come to think of it, I will probably post that on the blog!

  7. Watching my grandkids open their presents is always a favorite memory. The year I was 6 years old and my mom was rushed to the hospital on Christmas eve for emergency surgery and too drowsy later to tell my dad where she had hidden my gifts brings back a few memories - not good at the time, but funny to remember now.
    BTW - I saw your grandkids winning BOA performance posted on You Tube. It's no wonder they won first place - excellent!!

  8. The feeling of really understanding Christmas. sandie

  9. Dani – Thank you and Happy New Year to you.

    Cliff – An outcome of victory always makes or a great memory. Sorry the “UTI” threw you off track. Just so you know, Ron is much better today. He sure is craving good health soon.

    Riot Kitty – Oh yes, you must blog this That is hysterical. “Remember the Alimony!” Too funny.

    Rae – How can anyone keep from laughing at that. What an event in the family history to always remember. Glad you got to see the band’s YouTube video. They were great weren’t they? Thanks

  10. I'm sorry Ron couldn't be with you, Annie, and I hope he's feeling well again quickly!

    Your snowed-in Christmas sounded lovely!

    I was speaking with my older sister yesterday and we both agreed our favorite holiday memory is the year all the family and extended family gathered at a lodge and spent a week together. All the gifts were home-made. We skied, skated, played board was perfect.

  11. What a good-looking bunch you had posing there-
    Looks like you got to church very early-

    I hope Ron is recovered from that very soon- I agree youe Kansas snowed in holiday tree sounds quite special.

    When I was about 9 I got the mumps for Xmas n was too sick to eat. My family got a hammock with a stand for Xmas, n they assembled it in the livingroom, where I took it over n watched tv movies ("Heidi" was on) all day. My Gramps used to call me Heidi alot because of my blonde braids. He spent every winter at our home (Down South from the Northern Maine woods where his summer camp was). He was a big joker n I so miss him!

    N when I was 11, I got my first guitar from Santa :)

    Happy ho-ho-ho week!

  12. Happy Holidays. Thanks for reading my blogs. I wouldlike to follow you too.

  13. Sounds like a nice Christmas, GA (except that Ron was under the weather.)

    My niece Abby and her husband Curtis announced on Christmas Eve that they are expecting a baby. I've never seen my sister look more excited - this will be her first grandchild. She and her husband LOVE children, so this baby is loved already.

    We've been sad at Christmas since my dad died two years ago during Christmas week, so this wonderful news kind of made it OK again.

  14. My husband and I are usually frugal, but we have always chosen a gigantic, fresh Christmas tree. Years ago, my husband's sister was saving money by using a small artificial tree. When her two little boys saw our tree, they burst into tears, saying that Santa would leave all the toys at our house because we had a bigger tree! Of course, Santa was especially liberal with those two little boys that year.

    I hope you had a grand one. We certainly did.

  15. I love the photos. Well I've just told my favourite Christmas memory on my blog!

  16. Actually my favorite holiday memory was on New Years Eve when my husband proposed almost 40 years ago.

  17. Chatty Crone -- I always enjoy a Christmas much more than a “Giftmas”.

    Talon – Ron is a lot better now. Thanks. Our big family gatherings always include board games. We’re a competitive bunch. LOL

    Snaggle Tooth – We call our youngest granddaughter “Heidi” because she is such a good goat herder. LOL What a nice memory you have shared.

    Munir – I don’t remember what led me to your blog but I’ve been reading it for a while now. Happy Holidays to you too.

    Lynn – There is no better gift on Christmas than the announcement of an expected child.

    Susan Adcox – Sounds like those two little boys knew how to work their Aunt and Uncle. LOL Just kidding. Great story.

    LL Cool Joe – I read it and you made me cry. Beautiful story.

    Kay – How neat that each New Year’s celebration holds such a cherished memory of beginnings for you and your husband.