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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


X-ray of my hands 12-19-11

Yesterday I finally saw the hand specialist about my "trigger finger".  Some of you might remember my post in October titled  PAINFUL AND NOT ITCHY.  Many of you gave me some good advice and I was not surprised to finally learn that this Orthopedic Specialist wanted to give me shots in the middle fingers of both hands.  Ron had to leave the room at that suggestion.  

My friend Nancy told this story about her "trigger finger" of the thumb in the October comments: " So I went to an Orthopedic surgeon who specialized in hands. He told me that I had two choices. One: hand surgery or Two: a very painful needle stuck in my thumb.

I chose the painful needle and he wasn't kidding. It hurt like H for about 2 minutes then I have never had a minute's trouble with that thumb since and that was about 5 years ago.

Choose the needle. You won't regret it."

And so I followed Nancy's advice and chose the needle.  She was right about one thing.  It hurt like "H".  However my relief is not instantaneous and may take 24 hours for the trigger fingers to cease popping.  I am assured it will only take about a week for both fingers to be completely back to normal.  All I could think was Nancy is one tough broad. 

It is great to finally have this taken care of after three months of suffering and I know total relief is imminent. Why I put it off so long is beyond me. 

If you are curious about how I did this to the same finger of both hands, it was a tendon injury from picking up a bale of hay by the wire without gloved hands.  Ask me if I'll do that again.

(Nancy does not have her own blog but she comments on other blogs and she does post great stories  at The Elder Storytelling Place.)


  1. I think we are all very happy that we've "met" Nancy!!
    Happy to hear your troubles are almost over - at least the ones with the hands. DON'T do that again!!!

  2. Well I am thrilled for you and I just read this to my husband who has been suffering for years.

    I know you will have a better holiday not in pain.

    Sandie - Merry Christmas

  3. Yikes - the shot and the bale of hay accident both sound hurtful! I'm glad that is behind you now, GA.

  4. Not so sure I could handle the painful needle in the fingers. You are a brave woman. I hope the shot works and your are painfree from here on out.

  5. Two minutes of "H" is certainly preferable to surgery. I hope you soon have total relief.

  6. Annie, I hope the shot is totally successful. And I'm glad you learned your lesson :)

  7. Annie,

    I am so proud of you for choosing the painful needle. You showed real courage and now you will very shortly get your reward. Pain-free fingers!

    Now that your fingers are fixed, you have no excuse. You are quite able to purchase my Christmas present ,wrap it and take it to Fed Ex for immediate delivery to my home. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you....

  8. Way to go Granny Annie! Relief in sight.

  9. Wow, I'm so proud of you to take the needle. I hope your relief comes quickly. I tend to take after my dad who said.. don't tell me about the procedure.. just do it! Now, I'm going to go check out Nancy..

  10. I did this to my right hand 5 years ago shovel sand from an April's Fool "beach" party I gave. I covered a large area of my yard with a truck load of sand and then spent 2 days shoveling in around. So I go one of those shots in my wrist after suffering for 3 months. It less than 48 hours and my wrist hurt no more.

  11. So glad you have relief! I have never picked up a bale of hay. That sounds like a lot of work.

  12. I wish you a quick recovery in time to have an almost pain-free Holiday!

    Nifty xray pic

  13. Judy (kenju) – Glad you know Nancy too. I probably met her through you. Don’t worry about me doing this again. The doctor gave me impact gloves to wear when I do my chores.

    Chatty Crone – Tell your hubby to see a doctor. I am already so much better. After three months of suffering it is strange to finally be pain free. How great hour husband would feel after such a long time with the problem.

    Lynn – I knew it was the wrong thing when I lifted that bale of hay by the wire but thought I was okay. The trigger finger didn’t start immediately. Yikes is right.

    Bonnie – Thank you for your good wishes. I should not talk about the pain of the needle because that might scare folks away from doing the same. It is brief and certainly worth the effort if it stops the trigger finger from catching and hurting.

    Susan Adcox – I have do much relief already. Last night I did not awaken with the usually pain in my hands. This morning there is a slight catch in the fingers but not any pain associated with it. I am truly convinced that I am on the mend.

    Talon – I know I learned my lesson about moving the hay but who knows what stupid thing I will do next. So far so good on the shot success.

    Nancy – Thank you again for your encouragement about the shot and be aware that I have done your bidding. Please watch for Fed-X. They are delivering you a crate of our BEST free-range, farm fresh eggs. I was in such a hurry to thank you that I did not have time to put any protective packing around the eggs but I’m sure Fed-X will handle them carefully. I hope it won’t matter that I didn’t mark the container “Fragile” or “Handle “With Care”. After all the hens that laid the eggs are a bunch of tough old birds, like you:) However if the container feels damp and something yellow is seeping through, you might want to have a lot of people around who like scrambled eggs.

    Changes in the wind – Thank you! Relief is in sight and I am thrilled.

    Ancient one – We really shouldn’t listen to a lot of frightening tale about medical treatments and just do what is best. I hope you were able to find one of Nancy’s stories. She is an excellent story teller.

    Charlotte – Thanks for visiting my blog. You much throw one heck of a party is all I can say.

    Riot Kitty – Thanks RK. Moving a bale of hay isn’t a bad job it is just one that needs to be done with care. Now that I have my impact gloves I should be fine only I will have to remember to put them on. That will be a big part of their working.

  14. Here is a link to Nancy's most recent story at the Elder Storytelling Place:

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