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Frankie and Slim
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Monday, August 29, 2011


What does a blogger need to do to lure you in? Is it their illustration picture, their post title, a comment they made on another post or the first paragraph/sentence of their post?

(Are you more likely to leave a comment on a short blog post?)

(11:54 AM I am adding another thought to this Question Of The Week; If you get a new commenter and you, with limited time, follow their link only to find they have multiple posts, how to you determine which to read to return their visit?)


  1. Not so much as lure me in as make me curious.

    Whenever I get that rare drive-by commenter on my blog, I thank them and visit theirs. If I find it interesting, I'll subscribe. If not, I don't.

    As for what makes people come to mine, dang if I know. People pop up on mine and I have no idea as to why.

    One of my most popular posts is an attempt at writing a 55 word post that was a link to my picture blog. Even though it was called "Pictorial Post", it had no picture.

  2. Hmm, I visit new blogs all the time, but don't follow many of them. I look for someone who has something interesting to say on a subject. I'm not bothered if it's well written really, in fact I tend to steer clear of blogs with beautifully written posts because they do tend to bore me. Maybe it's a bit of raw passion, about anything, that I enjoy.

    Oh, and I avoid blogs with lots of baby shots, and adverts and giveaways too. :D And flowery backgrounds. :D

  3. My favorite type of blog is one that is honest - real. It can be long or short. Not a book though! lol

  4. G -- Perhaps I should have said "draw your attention" instead of "lure you in". Good titles usually catch my eye first.

    LL Cool Joe -- I'm afraid I'm not much on a blog with busy backgrounds. I don't mind tasteful flowers but a lot of anything can make me dizzy.

    Chatty Crone -- "Not a book" is my same attitude.

  5. If it is something that interests me I read it and I may or may not comment. There are some posts that there is nothing to commen to. I have a hard time with really long posts that cover lots of topics and I like pictures:) Most of my comments are short and sweet as you have pointed out miss Granny Annie so I knocked myself out on this one LOL!

  6. I admit to being drawm in my the photo or subject line or both:)

    I like this ? of the week you do. I always come to see if its one I have an opinion about or something to share...

    see ya soon:)

  7. You hit the nail on the head and I'm saying all of them. Photo, subject yada yada. It's all about grabbing a persons interest right out the gate.

  8. Often a comment left on a friend's blog draws me in.

  9. I'm usually lured in by the title. Especially if it seems to be about something I can relate to. More and more often I visit a blog based on a comment posted on another blog as well.

    To answer the question you asked in my blog re Arizona from Canada at this time of year, we have a house down here that we like to check on every couple of months so whenever we have time, we come down...even when it's hot. Horray for AC.

  10. Changes in the wind -- I almost didn't recognize you the comment was sooooooo long:) Oops when you call me Miss Granny Annie I know I'm in trouble. LOL Yes, I read a lot that I don't leave a comment. "How to" blog posts interest me and I learn from them but usually don't comment.

    sonny -- Glad you like the question of the week. Some get a big response and some barely any. It is fun to see what will grab the most attention.

    Always Nesting -- I am guessing beautiful photos of home and hearth do the best job of capturing you since you do that so well yourself.

    Beverly -- I too am captured by the comments others will leave someone I follow. Often I find a new friend or blogger to follow that way.

    Pat MacKenzie -- I think you found me that way...or did I find you that way? Any way, I'm glad we found each other. Thanks for the explanation of your travel to AZ. Do you follow LL Cool Joe? He lives in the UK and owns a place in AZ also.

  11. Added question: I am going to add another thought to this Question Of The Week; If you get a new commenter and you, with limited time, follow their link only to find they have multiple posts, how to you determine which to read to return their visit?

  12. To that last question, I usually just go to the latest post and comment on that one. It's pretty easy to tell if someone is just trying to acquire new readers - there was one man who seems to be a prolific blogger and just spews out info, but doesn't ever answer comments. He has one of those blogs with ads all over it - so it's probably more for earning income. He never came back to my blog.

    Sometimes I just read intriguing comments on blogs and check their's out. I think that's how I came to yours, Ily's and Joe's.

    I also generally like to stick to just one blog per person. (Some people have multiple ones.)

  13. Clever comments on another site and consistency in posting will always draw me in!


  14. I haven't been doing much blogging but when I do I like the shorter posts. Not enough time for a lot of long ones. I like blogs that I have something in common with and pictures are a plus.

  15. I ditto what Lynn says. If a blog has multiple links, usually I'll read the latest.

    However, I do not like blogs that are just money machines with gobs of ads and nothing else.

  16. I'm commenting here today just because I so enjoy you and your blog!
    I feel like we are long time friends...
    : )

  17. I like ones that are interesting. Like you!

  18. Dear Annie ~~ I usually keep to the people who comment and then read their blogs and also comment and the
    titles are often interesting. I just read back through some of your posts and found the wonderful news that Ron doesn't have cancer. How relieved you must be, both of you. I am so pleased for you. I went shopping today with my trolley and my carer.
    I am glad you enjoyed the story and
    sorry it brought you to tears.
    Take care my friend, Love, Merle.

  19. Lynn – Sometimes I will tell the new commenter that I must select only one of their blogs to follow and then ask which they would recommend. That saves me from trying to read all of them and usually the one they advise me to follow works out great. Once LL Cool Joe said if they have hundreds of comments already he figures they don’t need him and moves on. I feel that way a lot myself.

    Pearl – Hello and thanks for stopping by my blog. I will also often select a commenter I see somewhere else. I will also select someone like you who pops up here and draws me in:)

    Mountain Mama – You know exactly how you do it and it sounds like you follow that formula religiously. I like the shorter posts unless the long ones are my own then it is alright. LOL

    G – Now I know how to pick one on your list. I’ll take the latest. Your comment has caused me to reflect on another question. Besides all the ads on the sidebars, I wonder if anyone ever looks at a blogger’s sidebar anymore. I forget to look and when I take the time it is often surprising to see all the fun and interesting stuff there (when it's not ads.)

    Grammie – We are! I am pretty sure that in another life we hung around together:)

    Riot Kitty – Well your blog is certainly interesting and you caught me by your artistic and casual use of a certain word. I’ve always found it awesome when a gal can comfortably wield that word:)

    Merle – You put wonderful response in your comments and I don’t see how you manage that while you are managing such a fun blog at the same time. I get some of the best jokes as well as touching stories over at your place. Thanks for the kind words about Ron’s good report and I must say it is good to know you are getting good reports on your health as well.

  20. I haven't really thought about it before. Blogs seem to be as individual as the people themselves...which is what always fascinates me. I don't like visually busy blogs, though. And I have a hard time reading white or colored script on a black background...

  21. Clarity is all.
    Multiple or long videos are difficult when one is trying to visit blogger friends and I do believe it is important to do so.
    Some blogs take so long to set themselves up before you can even read them.
    An interesting comment on another blog often lures me in - eventually.
    Multiple blogs are a problem - I usually read the most recent date.

  22. My very favorite posts of yours are the ones about Slim,Jack Bauer,Chiclet,David and her kittens and the goats.

    I was born and raised in the city and the only animal I ever had was a cat.

    I suppose that is why I love to read about the intrigue that goes on in the henhouse, and about the kitties being born in there among the chicks,and what Slim and the goats think of each other.

    It's just magic to me and I will continue to read it just as long as you continue to let us share your life on the farm.

  23. If I encounter multiple posts I'll comment on the most recent

    I always visit a new commentor and often if I see a comment by someone on another blog that makes them seem interesting I'll check them out

    thanks for checking in during Irene

  24. Talon – So true…they are as individual as the people. Good call.

    Pat – I wish new visitors to my blog who have multiple blogs would add “visit me…(here) …” and tell the name of which blog they believe we should visit. Yes, clarity is most important.

    Nancy – I know how you love my animals. You will be interested to know that Mr. Gibson is setting on a nest again and this hatching is due around September 12th so mark your calendar :) She has turned her last hatching of one surviving chick over to June, the red hen, to watch while she is on another nest. Plus the little kitten Vern still has not grown a bit. I believe he is a phenomenon.

    Dianne – Visiting the most recent seems to be the general consensus regarding multiple blogs. So happy you survived Irene unscathed.

  25. It's really hard sometimes with blogging. There are so many blogs that I'd love to read all the time but time will not allow it. There are regular blogs, like the ones I read and follow (like yours), and then some people have crafty blogs and cooking blogs and fitness blogs and I like them too. What to do? What to do? have to just skim over some or just try to catch up from time to time. I like the blogs where we have things in common. I don't like real long blogs and I love photos, love animals, flowers, nature, etc. Also humor is good!

  26. I think the blog name often catches me -

  27. Rachel -- Oh yes, humor is very good. We do have some mutual blogger friends who are quite funny don't we:)

    JeanMac -- The title of the blog is a good catch as well as some of the blogger names that grab my attention.

  28. To everyone -- If you receive follow up comments in your email, I have another question I should have included. How do you feel about blogs that have word verification or waiting for approval messages on your comments. I recently removed my word verification and haven't had a problem so far. Blogger has set up some pretty good spam monitoring now. Are you more likely to comment if those safe guards are not present or does it make a difference?

  29. I find myself commenting mostly when someone continually comments on my blog. I've never had someone continually comment on my blog and me just ignore their blog completely which I find a lot of bloggers do...I try to not get offended (LOL)

    When I visit a site I also find a post that interests me and comment on that one no matter how old it is I'll scroll until something catches my eye.

  30. I have no problem with waiting for approval, but the word verification gets on my nerves sometimes if it's a new site I don't even notice it has word verification and sometimes I just close the window after I've left my comment and then wonder where's my comment!! LOL I also hate when I type the word incorrectly and it gives me another word I didn't even notice and I nearly close the window again.

    P.S. I Used to have follow ups turned on for all my blogs but then the amount of email just got too great.

  31. A really good question to ask is how many people copy their comment before hitting submit...especially if its a long comment, I know people get really frustrated when they type a really long response only for it to get lost in some error!! LOL

  32. Brown English Muffin -- Yikes! Look at me failing to respond to three comment from you on this one post.

    I too will often scroll til I find something I like. Recently I have been seeing posts that I knew I had commented on and there is no comment from me. I must have failed to notice that I got the word verification wrong. Blogger seems to have some pretty good spam controls set up now and I have stopped my word verification. Yes, I have started saving my long comments before I hit post just in case it does get lost. That happens....