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Frankie and Slim
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Monday, August 01, 2011


Is there such a thing as coincidence?

What coincidence or series of strange coincidences have occurred in your life recently? Numerous things have miraculously fallen into place for us these past few months and it is difficult to define any one of them as mere coincidence.


  1. I can't really think of any off the top of my head. But I have to tell you that your photo really caught my attention and gave me a good laugh to start my Monday morning.

  2. Bonnie -- Glad to make you smile on a Monday:) I am thinking it was a little more than a coincidence that the carpenter was here to put out my grass fire last week.

  3. When I used to wake just before the baby cried out.
    Doing a crossword and the word I am about to use is spoken on the radio.
    Thinking of someone and then they phone - or is that telepathy?
    Like Bonnie I find it difficult to remember the more recent ones.

  4. We were waiting for my husband to get a promotion. Our HOPES were for it to be at the location where he currently works so we wouldn't have to move and make the kids have to change schools again. In order for that to happen CCB's boss would have to leave or get promoted. On July 4th they called my husband to tell him that his boss had been promoted and that CCB was to take his place! :D Coincidence? Or Blessing!

  5. There is a sign on I-95 which reads:

    EXIT 6B



  6. Nothing that recent. :) I did get a kick out of that sign!

  7. LOL @ the sign!

    No, I don't believe in coincidence. There are things that have happened in my life - what you might call blessings or downright miracles - that I don't believe are chance happenings.

  8. lol @ the photo, Annie. I don't believe in coincidence, but definitely in serendipty :)

  9. Just read the earlier post, and I'm so glad you weren't hurt from the fire or the fridge & washer! Stay safe Granny. :)

  10. I don't believe in coincidence. I think every thing that happens to us, happens for a reason, unfortunately! :D

  11. I've had several "coincidences" in the past of losing the truck brake pedal pressure before leaving the driveway. One night at 3am the truck broke down on the way home from work, just a short way from a co-worker friend's house. He was awake to give me a ride.

    I'd had a fight with my daughter years ago- hadn't seen her in several weeks, then my once per year bottle recycle trip took place in the same parking lot just after she'd had a car accident, n the officer let her go in my custody- so we made up. That was unconscieously psychic! To be in the same place at the same time like that, just when she needed help.
    It sure doesn't feel like it's accidental, does it? The angels are helping us-

    Glad your ac is fixed n Ron's getting around better!

  12. I always wake up before I get up. Coincidence? I think Not.
    I hope you guys get some rain soon. Sorry to hear about all of your trials.
    I've still got 600 acres of farm ground under water. Deep water. You can have it if you come get it.

  13. i've often wondered about this.

    I believe in God and so, I'm less about coincidence and more about that. However, do I feel like there are random things that happen, which aren't really meant to mean anything - we just think they do.

    blunt (you need to add the name/url option so i can leave a comment properly!)

  14. Anonymous2:50 PM

    I can say, after 56 years of marriage, I never needed a pistol license. lol

  15. Pat – I believer there is a close tie between coincidence and premonition.

    OGO – Blessing definitely! Now if I can just get you guys to Oklahoma.

    Nancy – What a conundrum at Exit 6B.

    Lynn – I thought the sign was a hoot also.

    Riot Kitty -- Fate and/or Faith probably explain it all

    Talon – Serendipity assuming all coincidences are good.

    Dani – Yes I should probably just learn to play banjo and that should keep me out of trouble. You see I’m assuming the banjo keeps you out of trouble. Just so it doesn’t keep you out of the garden

    LL Cool Joe – So are you a Presbyterian? They believe everything is predestined and foreordained.

    Snaggle Tooth – Wow, two great coincidence stories. Such good fortune especially with your daughter.

    Cliff – Wish we could come after some of that water. A friend in Tulsa showed 120 degrees outside temperature on her car thermostat yesterday.

    Blunt Delivery – I am probably mostly in agreement with you. Hey, I’m not sure what I need to do to fix the comment section but I’ll work on it.

    Honest Abe – Yes, but did she?