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Frankie and Slim
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Monday, June 27, 2011


What funny stories will your family tell about you at your funeral?

(Undoubtedly my daughter will tell the story of coming to help me clean last weekend and finding this: The book on HOW TO CLEAN PRACTICALLY ANYTHING , covered in mouse droppings and setting in the middle of my cleaning supplies.)


  1. Gosh, I don't know! They might be saying "why did that old bat live so long?" LOL

    Ugh! Mouse dropping! I hate finding their little calling cards!

    Hope you are having a great Monday Annie!!

    Oh, your grandson Ryan is a real cutie!

    The word verification is grump! LOL

  2. Hard to say what might be said, other than glad she's gone! Hope you are well! :)


  3. Oh my - I'm struck speechless at the thought of that. I better come up with something good so they'll have things to say. :)

  4. Maybe they'll mention the time we had a fire in the kitchen and the Insurance Company told me to list every item in my pantry.

    So, Carol and I started to take out stuff and write it down and every other item was a box of Shake and Bake. We ended up counting 15 boxes of Shake and Bake and the funny thing is I NEVER made Shake and Bake anything.

    It obviously looked really good to me in the store but I never made anything with it. BUT, the next time I went to the store I would buy a new Shake and bake.

    By the time we were done listing everything Carol was rolling on the floor laughing about all the Shake and Bake that we never "Shook or Baked."

    Somebody might mention that at my funeral....

  5. Hahaha! They'll make sure they all say "fuck," that's for sure.

  6. Very funny cleaning book!

    My kids always talk about how they enjoyed it when I did "Smoking in the Boys Room" on the guitar... (Us all being girls). Or sang the song "Automobile" with them doing "Beep do eep!" back-up. Or "Teenager in Love".

    Or the time I built a campfire for cooking in the down-pouring rain (a "teepee fire") so the whole girl scout troop didn't starve.

    Maybe the amazing tale of how when I was really sick with the flu, I talked my older daughter through replacing the radiator of her first car herself - as I laid on the couch upstairs- I'd never once looked at it! She did well for her first self repair, too!

    Maybe I've forgotten the funnier stuff in my over-worked state here...

  7. What an interesting question. I don't really know - over the years I expect there have been quite a few.

    I'm going to find out:)

  8. I am sure it will some that I am surprised at...

  9. I think probably all the stories where I've turned up to very posh work parties with my partner and ALWAYS got the dress code completely wrong. Either over dressed or completely under dressed.

  10. Rachel – I hope I’m around long enough for them to say that about me. Love it when my verification word is a real one.

    Jane – I am well… that is until I get sick from a disease carrying mouse. There is now Decon everywhere except where my dog could get into it. Hope you are well too.

    Lynn – Undoubtedly your family will say what a clever and creative writer you were:)

    Nancy – Gawd woman, your stories are so funny! I almost feel guilty for not owning one box of shake n’ bake. LOL My granddaughter helped me organize my pantry recently and we kept finding boxes of Jiffy corn muffn mix. She was amazed and was then more amazed when she went to the store with me a couple of weeks ago and I had Jiffy corn muffin mix on my list. Yep, we had eaten it all.

    Riot Kitty – I would like to be in attendance to hear that word at a funeral for the first time. (aside to my grandchildren…I don’t know this person who just randomly commented on my blog with such a bad word.)

    JeanMac – I thought of it as a story at my funeral because my sister found dust bunnies under my parent’s guest room bed in my mother’s later years. That was very shocking because my mother was the most meticulous housekeeper in the world so my sis has to share that story at the funeral. It was an important story for all of us because someone actually found a mess in mother’s home.

    Snaggle Tooth – Sounds like you may have enjoyed a second childhood while you were raising your kiddos. Fun family! My kids used to gang up on me and hold me down until I sang “Animal Crackers In My Soup” with feeling:) I’m sure they will tell that one.

    Pat – It might be a good idea to find out in advance so you can get a laugh now or try to vote them down on the choices they will share.

    Changes in the wind – Too bad you won’t get to share the surprise:)

    LL Cool Joe – You should write a request for everyone in attendance to dress like you. Or maybe you could have someone passing out bling as funeral party favors.

  11. That is too funny..i guess the mice ignored its message..Im sure this is just one of millions of wonderful stories about you...!! to ya soon Massey...Lol..!

  12. Robin -- Oh no, now I have a new nickname. Maybe they can tell about that at my funeral. Actually saw the mouse this morning as he peered at me from beside the stove. He is very well nourished...just wish it was on Decon.

  13. I wish I could find the cleaning bug, but it hardly comes my