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Frankie and Slim
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Monday, May 16, 2011


How often do you fail to practice what you preach?

During our daily drives to Tulsa for Ron's treatment I look for ways to avoid boredom. This particular day I took my picture with the camera phone while driving. (Ron was very sound asleep at the time or he would have killed me.) I made the mistake of showing the picture to my daughter when she visited us at the hospital this week. (Yes, they have had to admit Ron to the hospital for bacteria in his blood and UTI. It seems with cancer treatments they have to come close to killing you before they cure you.) Anyway, when she arrived back at her home in Oklahoma City she sent me a text to let me know she arrived safely and it had her picture attached that she took while driving. Oh dear, I am a bad influence on my children. At least we both are wearing our seat belts.

I returned home last night to find a new baby goat in the pen. I was thinking Dixie would be the first to give birth but the baby is Polly's. What a lift in the day to be greeted by a new, cute, tiny baby goat. There might be more when I get home tonight. I will post photos soon and blog more once I get my Ron all fixed up and back home.


  1. I teach my kids not to swear, and then slip up and say a word I shouldn't in front of them.

    Nice photos of both of you!

  2. Were you at least at a red light when you took the picture??

    It's so nice to see your smiling face, it really brought a smile to my face, especially knowing what all you're going through.

    Hope they clear up the bacteria in Ron blood...hope he gets better soon.

  3. I preach wearing sunscreen, then forget to put it on myself. :)

    Sending healing wishes to Ron!

  4. If you had been wearing sunglasses you and your daughter could pass for twins! Not such a good idea to be messing with anything while driving though. :(
    Baby goats are so cute. I would want to be home all the time just to watch them.

  5. I think that's why one of my Mom's favorite expressions when us five were growing up was, "Do as I say, not as I do!"

    Awww, a sweet baby goat! How adorable they are! I'm so glad in the midst of all that's going on, you have these little pockets of delight, Annie.

    Keeping you and Ron in my thoughts and prayers. Hope he is home soon.

  6. Great shot of you driving... I haven't tried that yet..LOL. Yesterday we visited my SIL in the nursing home. On our way home we passed a car going extremely slow. The man had a book open on his steering wheel and he was reading as he was driving... Yikes.. Congrats on the baby goat. Hope Ron improves quickly... Hope he soon gets the treatments behind him and will feel good again! ((hugs))

  7. LL Cool Joe – Oh don’t we all. It was terrible when my granddaughter Jasmine told me “crap” was not a nice word and I should say “carp” instead. I have always tried to say Carp. Thanks for the compliment on the photos.

    Brown English Muffin – Nope, we both took the pictures in full motion. Whew, I am ashamed. I look okay early in the morning but you should see me at the end of the day driving home. It would be fair to take that photo too. Thank you for your well wishes for Ron. I might get to bring him home tomorrow.

    Lynn – Oh yes, you must remember the sunscreen. Oh dear, I forget it also. LOL

    Mountain Mama – Oh I love the thought that my daughter and I resemble each other but I’m not sure she would want to look like me. LOL This new baby goat is so darling and Polly is being a very good mother. No more new babies tonight but should be soon for at least two more. I cannot really tell yet if Tina is expecting.

    Talon – Yep, that was one of my mom’s favorite sayings also. And about these “pockets of delight” they are that indeed and I shall use that expression from now on for every serendipity that comes my way. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. It looks like I might have him home tomorrow but he is really afraid to get too far from the doctor. We named the new baby goat “Cole” after our doctor

  8. I think a new baby goat is a good omen! Sending hugs and prayers your way, my dear.

    And yes, I practice what I preach...mainly, "eat dessert first!"

    PS My word verification is "faten." HA!

  9. 'Do as I say - not as I do' could well be my motto.
    I hope Ron gets fixed up soon. We are longing for the day when all side effects disappear. Naively we thought they would stop when the chemo finished. But - as I'm sure you do - we plod on.

  10. Ancient One -- We have seen a lot of crazy things on these daily travels. The other day we saw a gal fixing her hair and applying makeup and did not have either hand on the wheel. Yikes is right!

    Riot Kitty -- My new motto as of today. Thanks for the new perspective)

    Pat -- "Plod on" is absolutely right. And as you know, we feel like we are plodding in two feet of mud with barely any forward progress.

  11. I have to avoid people taking self-pictures as well as reading maps, changing the channel, texting, putting on makeup, eating...does anyone actually drive anymore? ;-)

  12. The bad thing is that Ron was hit two years ago by a texting driver. I think we all believe the rules apply to OTHERS. I can remember simply changing a cassette tape and looking up to suddenly see a semi truck in front of me. I had drifted lanes. And, this was before cell phones

  13. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Like mother, like daughter. You are both great photographers :-)

    I hope Ron gets well soon

    BTW, tell Ron he has a great name :-)

  14. OM terrible hobby, pics while driving- Of course I've done it a few times, even in the Vermont Green Mountains last trip up there. (that was twisty roads in a thunderstorm- tsk,tsk!)

    Sorry to hear Ron got admitted- Home is always so much better! Have you heard of Cranberry juice cockail to cure UTIs? I drink it every day. When I don't I end up infected. It ionizes the bladder's lining so bacteria can't stick. I suspect it helps the rest of the body too- just a tad tart to get down. I like it first thing after waking- it wakes you up!

    Congrats on the new addition! Sounds like you'll end up with alot of weed control patrol!