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Frankie and Slim
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Monday, May 30, 2011


Do you respond to people who attempt to communicate with you by pointing, grunting, staring or blinking?

(I was raised in a family that voiced their desires. We said things like "Please pass the potatoes, etc." I find my spouse pointing, grunting, tapping, or staring and I am supposed to interpret what he is wanting. Did I miss the class on this particular sign language? Do you know this language? Is there some need for us to preserve words because they might be endangered? I find this form of communication amazing well as annoying.)

Remembering those who gave their lives for our freedom and safety this Memorial Day.

Watch another quick clip of baby goats at play 2011


  1. Hello Annie
    Bit short of patience are you today?

  2. Nope I don't respond to grunting at all. In fact if my kids don't talk clearly to me I won't respond. Verbal communication is important to me, and if it's not articulate and clear, I ignore it. :D

  3. Dear Annie ~~ The grunting etc would be hard to take so I sympathize with you.
    I join with you in remembering all the service men and women who gave their lives that we may be free,
    Thanks for Peter's birthday wishes
    which I will pass on.
    Take care, my friend. Love, Merle.

  4. I ignore animal sounds and respond only to words.

  5. I love the baby goats, abhor grunters (who are only given credence if they are really sick) and hope you have a good Memorial Day.

  6. If they were mine I'd sit and watch them all day.
    I'm appalled to admit that I have occasionally grunted - usually very early in the morning - after a bad night. Sorry.

  7. My hubby tends to do the gesture thing at the dinner table. I ignore him at those times. He always finds his voice. ;)

    I don't think there are any cuter babies than goats. They are just pure adorableness!

  8. I respond only if they are cats ;)

  9. welllll, i'm italian.

    so you know we voice our opinions and feelings and have no problem communicating what we want.

    the problem may be communicating TOO much.

  10. My mother LOVES to communicate with all kinds of noises, accompanied by words, so you know EXACTLY what she wants. She (as well as my aunt) points with her lips when she wants me to see something without anyone else knowing. It's kind of freaky, but after 40+ years I'm used to it. :)

    Cute video, amiga! I'd love to see the baby goats up close!

  11. Cute cute cute goats!

    No - not a fan of grunting either. :)

  12. I have never had to deal with the grunting issue but married into a family of mumblers. It actually seemed like they spoke a language other than English.
    I love your video clip. Those kids have happy hearts.

  13. Love your goats - and hubby "got your goat, did he:)

  14. I confess I think I'm great at non-verbal communication.

    Sometimes it's painful to speak, so I avoid it. I get constant absessed teeth these days- my jaw hurts alot.

    Maybe Ron's treatments are drying out his throat too much- happened to my Dad during treatments too.
    Never mind the pills that cause brain-fogginess...

    I'm easy-going about that. Communication is commumnication, n takes effort to send n receive!

  15. Cathy – I was. You had that right:)

    LL Cool Joe – Well I guess that sometimes I am guilty of not enunciating appropriately.

    Merle – Perhaps I exaggerated a bit. So happy that you are doing better.

    Tabor – My spouse is more of a pointer, tapper than a grunter.

    kenju – Glad you enjoyed the kids. They certainly do their share of lifting spirits around here.

    Pat – How funny that you would admit to being a grunter. Yes I could also watch the goats all day but right now the babies sleep the biggest part of the day.

    Talon – I guess I could ignore the gestures but I fear they might be signaling distress so I have to pay attention. Yes “pure adorableness” describes the kids.

    Riot Kitty – Cats certainly do know how to use their body language don’t they? LOL

    Blunt Delivery – I should totally have exempted Italians.
    Of course that is your primary language.

    Ileana – I am absolutely going to start pointing with my lips. Practicing now as I write this. I love it! It does have to include some eye rolls to complete the message.

    Lynn – Because my goats are pygmy goats they are still pretty cute as they get older. But oh they are never as joyful as when they are babies.

    Mountain Mama – Perhaps mumblers and grunters go in the same category. I have known some mumblers and I fear I have often been accused of being one myself.

    JeanMac – Boy you hit that nail on the head. LOL

    Snaggle Tooth – Your comment was the lesson for the day. Excellent comment and I think I shall just be grateful for communication in whatever form.

  16. Well, call me wierd but I sort of like the short side of communication..I think I get that from using sign language. Most of the English language if just a lot of flowery words. The goat is sooooo cute.

  17. little bird told me that your birthday is tomorrow and I'm here to wish you a very happy one!!

  18. In that Case...
    Happy Day!

  19. Changes in the wind -- Monica, all quick draw champions can communicate any way they please:)

    kenju -- Thank you for the early birthday greeting. It will be a very low key birthday but my daughter, my sister, three of my grandkids and my sweet hubby will help me celebrate. I am truly grateful for each new day.

    Snaggle Tooth -- Thank you. It will indeed be a happy day. I received my birthday present in the mail from Ron and I'm going to tell him what he got me today. LOL