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Frankie and Slim
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Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Something is beeping in our house. We both will hear it and try to search it out to no avail. One of the children must have left some kind of computer game or something and the battery is running down. If the battery is going it is certainly taking a long time to die. It will beep twice, pause then beep twice again and by the time I think I have the position pinpointed it will stop until I go away and then it will begin tormenting me again, only to stop when I need to hear it.

Any suggestions what this might be?

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  1. You ruled out the smoke detector, I guess. My exercise bike has a computer pad on it that beeps when the batteries are getting low.

  2. Check your alarm systems, and the fire alarm. Watches, too.

  3. I don't really know - can you kind of locate the area it's at?


  4. Me thinks your husband may believe that if he purchased the $12.95 beep torture kit from China that he might be able to drive you over the edge. Hows he doin?

  5. I wish I knew, Annie. That must be beyond irritating! Obviously, it's full of those darn energerizer bunny batteries ;)

  6. I sure do not have the foggiest, but please let us know as soon as you do...Now I am totally curious what device (in 2011) is bugging you so much lol

  7. I have no idea either. The only thing that came to my mind was the smoke detectors. They do bleep when the batteries need changing.

  8. I was going to say smoke detectors....but, it seems as if others have already mentioned that.

    Good luck in locating the beep!

  9. lol @ Cliff thinking your husband is gaslighting you.

    A sound like that would drive me completely insane in a short while.

  10. Sounds like the fire alarm telling you it needs a new battery. Nagging is what they do best...

  11. Beeps are everywhere - You must have read my mind - check my post tomorrow - already written and scheduled - so definitely pinched from you lol
    Take care

  12. I can't imagine! Will be checking back to see what you find out.

  13. That happened at the house across the street which burned down to an empty shell in '07 - A very annoying beep-beep intermittent mystery which kept me awake for a few days... with police tape around it!

    My guess is qa small portable alarm clock. They'd miss a game or phone n call about it, right?
    Good luck with that

  14. Could it be some digital clock/watch that is running low on battery?

  15. Oh....I think it might be a reminder which you set and you totally totally forgotten about it and it is now beeping you :D

  16. Lynn – Yes, ruled out smoke detector. My exercise bike doesn’t have any computer components or that would have been a great suggestion.

    Rosaria – Didn’t think about watches. It is none of ours but that might be something I’m looking for that has slipped under something.

    Chatty Crone – I have thought that I had pinpointed the location only to hear it beep somewhere else when I was standing over that particular place.

    Cliff – I’m watching him very closely now to see if your suggestion proves true. There have been no purchases from China on our credit cards.

    Talon – I may have to destroy the Energizer Bunny before this is over.

    Holland – I wish there was an answer to report but so far we’re still on the search.

    LL Cool Joe – We have checked the active smoke alarms because that was our first thought also. Now I’m wondering if we may have one in the attic or something that we don’t know about.

    Grammie – Thanks for the interest. I hope to have a resolution to report soon.

    Fireblossom – It is beginning to take its toll on us for sure.

    Riot Kitty – Something is “nagging” us for sure.

    Cathy – Look forward to checking your post.

    Mountain Mama – Hope to have something to report:)

    Snaggle Tooth – Do you want to go across the street and try to find the noise? I think I would be over there trying to crush whatever it is.

    Shionge – I am going to search more diligently for a watch. I know it is none of the watches we wear on a regular basis. It could only be one that somebody left behind or one that we’ve put away and totally forgotten about.

    The most amazing thing about this is that Ron and I, two previously established deaf persons, can both hear this irritating beeping and it is not our hearing aids because we don't have any!

  17. I assume you have checked under all cushions. Glad you checked the alarms.

  18. I hate it when that happens. I find it really disquieting and begin to wonder if it is just in my head:)

  19. I was awakened in the middle of the night a while back by some toy talking in a creepy baby voice. (As you know I am sleeping in the basement of my daughter's house many nights.)

  20. know what's worse than beeping....

    CHIRPING!!! AHHHHHHHHHH. don't get me started on that.


  21. Happened recently to me, thought smoke/fire alarms. Turned out to be the carbon m detector - when I read the manual, said they only last so long and may beep when "croaking" - note to self:read manuals first!

  22. Hi Annie ~~ How very annoying. I had
    a similar problem a while back and it always started at midnight. At first I thought it came from the computer, but found it was a new color changing square lamp. It took
    me ages to figure it out. Now I
    ignore it and try to get to bed by 11.30 anyway. Good luck with yours
    Take care, my friend, and thanks for your comments on my good report.
    Love, Merle.

  23. What did it end up being...assuming it's NOT STILL driving you crazy beeping....I would say the battery back up for your home phone that the cable/telephone company usually installs in the basement....