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Frankie and Slim
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Sunday, February 13, 2011


The story told of asking children what they needed to live. "Food," came one response. "Water" and "a house" were volunteered. Then a young girl said firmly, "A neighbor."

This caused me to reflect on the many neighbors I have had in 27 different homes. In only three locations did I have neighbors from hell. Most of the locations yielded persons who pretty much kept to themselves but I knew I could call on them if I needed to. Four of the locations actually blessed me with neighbors who basically saved my sanity by their existence in my life. There is a very long story involved with each of the bad neighbors and the four heavenly neighbors. Perhaps I'll do a follow-up on them one at a time in later blogs.

Right now I am experiencing a new kind of neighbor. My blog neighbors. It would be such a pleasure to live next door to most of my followers and those I follow. We have shared some of our most precious memories and secrets and daily experiences. We're a lot like best friends. Like a good neighbor......bloggers are there!

Hope you all have a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!


  1. And the same to you!! YOu know that I feel the same way.

  2. kenju -- Judy, you have been my good and supportive blog neighbor a long time:)

  3. What a sweet post know we all feel the same about you.

  4. Anonymous9:01 AM

    For some reason, I feel an urge to go buy State Farm insurance. (tee hee!)

    Happy V-Day to you too!!

    Our current neighbors in AR are wonderful. I've grown to love them, and I know we will stay in touch even if the day comes that we no longer live next door to one another.
    As for blog buddies as neighbors, you can move in next door any time!

    Your "birds of pray" comment over at my place is so great! Very clever indeed!!!

  5. Changes in the wind -- Monica, how sad if I had never found you and the wonderful book you wrote?

    jdjaws -- Jamie Dawn, I can't imagine that you ever had anything but good neighbors because you are so neighborly. Please won't you be my neighbor?

  6. You are definitely a neighbour I would love to have in real life and on-line!

    I have to be honest and say I'm far closer to my blogging neighbours than I am to the ones that live next door, which is ironic really.

  7. Awwww! I think you'd be a great in-person neighbor, too.

    One more thing we have in common - I have lived in almost exactly as many places as you.

  8. LL Cool Joe -- I remember that we didn't think much of your Arizona neighbors that had you over for the party. LOL

    Riot Kitty -- All the places we have lived must be one of the reasons we're both so cool:)

  9. I can't believe it, 27 different houses. Is that since you were little?

    I'm so lazy I can't be bothered to move, it's so stressful and such hard work. I'm also a one who can't bear to throw anything away so moving again will be a nightmare. My daughter says I have to clear out or when I pop my clogs she'll have to get a dozen skips to clear the house! Not my problem then.

  10. Awww...careful what you wish for, Chica; my husband hasn't found a job yet!

    I doubt he'll find one in OK, but you never know...and I would LOVE to be your neighbor!!

    Happy Valentine's Day to one of my favorite chicas!!! ♥

  11. I feel the same way - wish I lived next door!

    Happy Valentine's Day.


  12. Winifred -- Yes 27 houses since I was born. Still our kids will need several ships to clear out our stuff too:)

    Lulu -- Oklahoma would simply be too much of a culture shock for you I'm afraid. As much as I would love to have you for a neighbor, my hope is for you to get to stay in Florida because I know how you love it there.

    Chatty Crone -- Wouldn't it be fun to live right next door to each other? Blog neighbors is the next best thing.

  13. Happy Valentine's Day, Annie!

  14. Yep, the new blog neighbors is the best part of this internet stuff!

    I do feel like you're right next door, in OK, GA, WI, even down under in NZ or Aussie. Thousands of miles have dissappeared in the click of a mouse!
    I'd be so lonely without this thing-