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Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Thursday, February 17, 2011


This is the year that I will turn 65. In celebration of my upcoming birthday, though several months away, I am receiving mass quantities of mail. These cards and letters are congratulating me on my grand event of turning 65 and volleying for a position of first in line for my funeral:)

Everyone knows that death is inevitable but is it necessary to be reminded daily that we are each only a few moments from that big surprise party? Some of you know that I've already been there once and allowed to return therefore I have no fear of death but I also have no need to be constantly reminded. Should we be made to start each new day with doomsday proclamations?

Yesterday I received a breath of fresh air in the mail. It was from Gerber for "young mothers". There was that sweet Gerber Baby smiling at me from the corner of the envelope. Now, that's more like it

However those are actually two things I'm not that big on participating in again...death OR raising kids.


  1. I hope you have a happy birthday, GA. And a long and happy future ahead of you.

  2. Wow how annoying...I wish there was some way you could opt out of that kind of junk mail.

    Hope you have a fantastic birthday by the way.

  3. lol - you've got life and death all together in the mailbox, Annie.

    Someone needs to invent a spam filter for mailboxes!

  4. Lynn -- I've got a few months until my birthday but I won't forget it since I'm getting so many reminders. LOL Thanks for the early wishes.

    Brown English Muffin -- I usually love getting mail but this is definitely annoying.

    Talon -- Yep my mail represents the beginning and the end. LOL Wish I could put a spam filter on the regular mailbox too.

  5. I don't think I've heard your "comback" story. Please link the post if you've written about it and I happened to have missed it (or don't remember it).

    I'm with you 100%...while we're here let's focus on the positive! As for raising kids, I love watching them grow and experience life, but the diaper/sleepless nights stage is something I definitely do NOT miss!

  6. Lulu -- Oh don't get me wrong. Raising my kids was wonderful and I'm so proud of them but, hey, I've done my bit and now I can sit back and enjoy their pay-back. LOL

    I'm sure I posted about my death. December 18, 2003, died on operating table when second stent (after my heart attack 11-6-03) was being inserted. Dead for 30 seconds. That's a long time when you count it out 1-mississipi, 2-mississippi, etc. No lights at the end of the tunnel, just a calm assurance that either way, all would be well. The funny thing was when they jump-started me, I flopped and injured my leg and had to extend my stay in the hospital while my leg healed. LOL

  7. I remember that barrage of mail when I turned 65. It was depressing - but I ignored most of it. I always remind myself that being my age is better than the only alternative I have - which is

  8. Happy Birthday to you Annie and many many happy returns and although I am in my late 40s now I know what you mean by raising kids....hard work :D

  9. Hi Annie ~~ Good post and you should have years ahead of you. I will be 77 soon so have less time. But I enjoy most of my life even now with a few problems.
    Thanks for your visit and I am so glad you enjoy the jokes. Feel free to post any you like on your blog.
    Share the love and the laughs.
    Take care my friend, Love, Merle.

  10. kenju -- Did you see the comment on my facebook about the ad for valentine's day to give a prepaid cremation package to your valentine? LOL

    Shionge -- Yep, it's tough raising kids but the memories are all about the good times.

    Merle -- You say 77 makes you closer to death, but who knows which of us are closer? My best friend and I were going to stop smoking together to prolong our lives. In 1990 we had signed up for a stop-smoking group. The day before we could begin the program, she was killed in a car accident.

  11. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  12. I instantly recognized the Gerber Baby! How about renewal then? I don't know why it makes a difference to me to know my Grandkids will live on when I'm gone.
    Talk about thoughtless B-day themes, I finally recieved my first bouquet of helium baloons (I'd always wanted to get) for my 30th B-day- but they were all black n said "over the Hill" on them. (It upset me).
    Have those Life-insurance Co s been throwing ads at you again?
    Tell 'em "No Thanks!"

  13. Dani -- Thanks for the early birthday greeting.

    Snaggle Tooth -- We have all had to suffer through the black balloons, etc. on a landmark birthday. It was okay to me on the 30th and my 40th but after that it hasnt been as funny. I definitely don't want that theme on my 65th. Maybe my family can decorate with pictures of the Gerber Baby. LOL

  14. I wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting me and leaving words of kindness and inspiration..
    I too have had a glimpse of the other side- thought not a near death.. I sure wish we could discuss our experiences in greater depth.. I'd love that so..

    I have often wondered if we die and come here to pay off our karma-then we can go back where we belong once the lessons are learned- instead of the way we think of it :)
    write me sometime please.. my email is right under my blog header..


  15. I usually ignore those things and toss them in the trash as soon as they arrive. I really don't think about them.

    I gotta say, the Gerber baby is a cute one!!

  16. sonny -- Sounds like we may have a lot in common. Will email you soon.

    Rachel -- I throw them away too but it just irks me to know what a lucrative industry the funeral business is and how they can turn a person's life into dollars and cents.