Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Monday, October 11, 2010


It is a beautiful Monday to start out this new week. There is no better way to get started than pouring that first cup of coffee made from fresh ground beans. We do a good job of dividing a pot of coffee between the two of us although I do tend to imbibe to a greater degree than my spouse.

This morning I poured that first delicious cup and seated myself at the computer. Suddenly something caught my eye. A gnat had flown into my cup. Leaning over and looking into the black abyss, I watched the gnat tread the liquid as I had this debate with myself:

"I can fish the gnat out and go ahead and drink the coffee."
"If I had not seen the gnat fly into the cup I probably would have swallowed it down and been none the wiser."
"If I pour this whole cup of coffee out, someone is going to run on a shortage of caffeine today."

Rest assured my friends, I poured out the coffee and got down a clean coffee cup. Now I'm working on reciting this convincing line:

"What, we're already out of coffee? You must have had more that you realized my dear:)"

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Ha ha I just wrote about coffee on my blog! I'm trying to cut it out for health reasons and boy is it hard!

    I go on Lynn's blog and read about lovely food and now yours about coffee! Is God trying to tell me something!

  2. I would have fished out the gnat and drunk every drop! LOL

  3. In the morning I just want my coffee to kick start my brains to wake up. I would have fished out the gnat and drink the coffee (beyond that my brains don't go before I finished my first coffee). Have a great week yourself.

  4. I would have fished it out and went on with my business:)

  5. Anonymous8:24 AM

    I think you may have passed up some good protein :) Kidding.

    Hubby and I also share a pot and I get the majority, which would certainly explain why I'm always fidgeting.

  6. I think you did the right thing. LOL. It's not like you can't brew a new pot.

    PS. Ella is much better.

  7. I must say that I would have fished out the gnat and finished the cup of EXPENSIVE coffee. Fruit flies, gnats, tiny big deal at this house.

  8. Confession - I would have spooned it out and drank the rest.

    Have a fabulous week, Annie!

  9. John has been brewing 8 cups in the morning. Gah! That's not nearly enough for the both of us. MUST HAVE MORE COFFEE!

  10. I'd have fished out the gnat. :)

  11. Time to get a Nespresso machine for Xmas, Granny!

  12. "What, we're already out of coffee? You must have had more that you realized my dear:)"

    Then the gnat said " Have a heart,
    Lady, I didn't know it was your coffee. I thought it was my hot tub."

  13. Ha! I would've given the gnat coffee to my hubby and poured myself a new cup. ;)

  14. I can think of quite a few people I have meetings with for whom gnat coffee would be very appropriate. After all, sometimes we are just agents of karma!

  15. LL Cool Joe – Maybe God is trying to tell us “it’s the little things that get you.”

    Lynn – Shocking dear friends. I never would have picked you guys as fishing out the gnat and drinking the coffee.

    Maria – “Protein” LOL Do you think gnats would be approved for the Atkins diet?

    Beverly – Yes I could have brewed a new pot but I’m Scotch Irish and our coffee beans are expensive.

    Tabor – Wait a minute – you devour fruit flies, gnats and tiny beetles? Just how tiny are those beetles?

    Dani – I’m ashamed to say Ron and I finish off 12 cups. Yikes!

    Luxury-Loving Annie – Nespresso machine sounds good (what is it) and how does it keep gnats out of my coffee cup?

    Nancy – I can’t take it you’re so funny. The gnat thought it was a hot tub. LOL!

    Scarlet Ily – Shame on you -- giving the bad cup to hubby. I won’t tell.

    Riot Kitty – I see the headlines now, “Local Agent of Karma found serving gnat coffee in company meetings.”

  16. Can't believe you poured out a good cup of coffee. After all he was only on the top layer you should have just poured that off.

  17. Gnats are pretty harmless aren't they? If I shared your love of coffee I might just have whisked it out and supped.
    Now flies! I would never touch anything that had had contact with a fly. Not since that biology lesson. Yuck!

  18. I can't stand the thought of Bugs in my drink! Or Food! Or when folks drop food on the floor, then pick it up n eat it! ewwwww-

    "You know the floor is only as clean as your shoes are" is something I say at work alot!

    Glad I gave up coffee too- now I'm into by the cup tea! Did you have to make another pot of Coffee? (I remember what it's like!)

  19. Sorry Annie but I'll have to google gnat and see what's that LOL.

    Anyway I enjoy a good cuppa in the morning too :D

  20. Stella -- I can't believe I poured out a good cup of coffee either. Now if it had been wine it would have been a whole different story.

    Pat -- I'm with you on the flies. I hate them in, on or around my food and right now we have a bunch in the house trying to escape the new cold weather I guess. They are driving me crazy.

    Snaggle Tooth -- Thinking of something off the floor being "as clean" as my shoes will keep me from popping it into my mouth.

    Shionge --If you looked at gnats on google you probably saw some critters as big as horses. Actually they are about the size of a pin head.

  21. I need the I.V. drip of coffee in the morning, just not perky in the morning, a curse I tell you, though after working midnights for 25 years, and raising two kids alone, I do so cherish the late night peace, when all is dark and well. I may be a vampire.... :}

  22. I'm afraid I would have fished the bug out and continued excepting it were one of those stinky 'oriental beetles' we have. Then It would have been tossed.