Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Friday, October 29, 2010


This week we visited a new flea market in our area. I tend to charge into a room without any concern for my surroundings. Ron, on the other hand, never goes anywhere new without scoping the place out before charging forward. "I'm not going in there!" he boomed, "Not with that anvil resting on that cracked board!" I had not even seen it and was already almost right underneath it. Can you guys see it above the Tool Man booth? Anyway, it's a fake. The anvil is made of light wood, painted and tied to an already cracked board. I was amazed by the number of people who walked in and walked all around and never even saw the anvil. Sometimes it might pay to look up.

Last weekend was great. The boys worked with grandpa while my son rested for his birthday weekend. Our granddaughter Beth pretended to work as the goat herder but she is lacking in he cousin Hope's herding skill. Beth is a typical 14 year old with her head in the clouds.

In case you are curious about my sleep study, I am too. They haven't scheduled it yet so I'm still avoiding driving. It will be nice to get it over with.

Here we go again into another weekend. Hope everyone has a spectacular one!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Hello Friday!!! Time for bloggers to make their weekend preparations. My kitchen is cozy with the aroma of ham cooking and a chocolate cake baking. It is my son's 40th birthday weekend and he and the children are going to visit. It has been over six weeks since they were here last. I want to make things as festive as possible.

Actually I made his birthday cake earlier in the week and experimented with making 7 minute icing. I do not have a double boiler so I tried using a recipe that adds boiling water to the mix. The icing was a flop. Today's cake will wear a butter cream frosting. I found an easy recipe on google and emailed it to myself. The subject line read ICING OUR BUTT.

Speaking of butts -- the goats have been following our cat Lil' Bear all around the property. Don't know how they fell in love with this little guy and elected him their leader but yesterday I decided Lil' Bear is on a mission to get rid of the goats. I was watching them out the kitchen window and the goats were moving deeper and deeper into the back of our property. I then noticed Lil' Bear walking ahead of them. He would go further and stop and they would do the same. Pretty soon the goats seemed to uncover the plot and realized they were pretty far from the house. They turned and ran home abandoning Lil' Bear who followed them with a look of, "I'll get you next time my pretties".

I have completed 50 portraits for the Julia Kay Portrait Party on Flickr. I keep thinking I will get tired of this soon, but so far I am still addicted. I love my blogging and I love my art and am trying to strike an equal balance some way plus take care of my daily chores and weekend visitors. Why aren't I skinny? Oh yes, ham and cake. Oops.

Happy, happy weekend one and all:)

Friday, October 15, 2010


The big one hit Oklahoma yesterday...see an image of the mayhem and destruction.

Everyone have a great weekend:)

Monday, October 11, 2010


It is a beautiful Monday to start out this new week. There is no better way to get started than pouring that first cup of coffee made from fresh ground beans. We do a good job of dividing a pot of coffee between the two of us although I do tend to imbibe to a greater degree than my spouse.

This morning I poured that first delicious cup and seated myself at the computer. Suddenly something caught my eye. A gnat had flown into my cup. Leaning over and looking into the black abyss, I watched the gnat tread the liquid as I had this debate with myself:

"I can fish the gnat out and go ahead and drink the coffee."
"If I had not seen the gnat fly into the cup I probably would have swallowed it down and been none the wiser."
"If I pour this whole cup of coffee out, someone is going to run on a shortage of caffeine today."

Rest assured my friends, I poured out the coffee and got down a clean coffee cup. Now I'm working on reciting this convincing line:

"What, we're already out of coffee? You must have had more that you realized my dear:)"

Hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Four years ago we purchased seven young pecan trees. We lost two for no reason other than weather or maybe they were doomed to begin with. The other five trees have done very well. We were told not to expect any pecans for seven years. Lo and behold, Ron came to the house to get me and told me to grab my camera. He had a surprise to show me. Look closely at this little tree and see the two beautiful clusters of nice, large paper shell pecans. I believe these excited me as much as new kittens or hatching chicks.

If you ever decide to come visit us, remember we will get as much work out of you as we can. My daughter brought her two children this weekend and not only did she work herself to death on the inside of my house, Ron had poor Michael on the barn roof sealing leaks.

Our granddaughter Hope has turned out to be the best goat herder of all. She worked to keep the goats in the back of the property. You can tell from the picture how Tandy Kid has grown. This will probably be the last time Hope will be able to pick him up.

Thanks to everyone for the supportive comments on the sleep study. I believe I am ready now to go through with it since you all made it sound easy and worthwhile.

I am still loving the art project but I am not as frantic about it as I was at first and believe I can blog and work on my portraits also.

Friday, October 01, 2010


My new cardiologist has determined that I am sleeping but not getting any rest. My children, godchildren and grandchildren all say that my snoring can be heard from outside the house or from the basement to the attic. My precious spouse calls it purring. I guess he can sleep through anything.

I do fall asleep during the day and in the evenings sleep through most of the prime time television. I actually fell asleep driving the other day. So, I have agreed to participate in a sleep study. For some reason I have dreaded this medical procedure more than any other. Strangers watching me sleep is not very appealing. Plus I do sleep wig less and that is not a pretty site.

Tell me what you know about sleep studies. Have you done one? Have you had a close family member complete one? Is it as horrible as I imagine? What life changing results should I expect?