Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Yesterday we had lunch at the Chinese Buffet. A family was seated behind us and the waitress ask the child "How old are you?". The child replied that she was five. When the waitress walked away the child exclaimed, "Oh no, I told her my age wrong!". "That is okay" the mother said," we need to keep from paying more for you as long as we can."

The family then proceeded to the buffet, filled their plates, came back to the table and waited until all were seated to join hands and say the blessing before their meal.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Some of these horses weigh almost 2000 pounds each. Watch the video at the bottom of this post.
This was a rock crusher that Ron believed would take care of our major rock problem on NOL-NOC Estates. The one that was for sale was smaller and I think he would rather have had this one.
Here is Ron drooling over a row of Allis Chalmers tractors.
This is a vintage Maytag washing machine.

We went to Ft. Scott, KS on Saturday for the annual Pioneer Days celebration. Ron loves to look at the old tractors and early machines. He almost bought a huge rock crusher but gave it a little more thought and will keep looking.

My favorite event is the horse pull. This video gives a little taste of the fair and also the thrill of watching teams of horses. Some of the teams weigh almost two ton each and pull sleds of huge concrete blocks with more blocks added each time around.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Say hello to Sneaky Pete. This is one of Boomer's kittens born in June. If you will remember Boomer moved her kittens to the neighbor's house but Boomer continued to show up here for breakfast. This week Boomer has had this little critter follow her to breakfast. The 3 month old kitten is very afraid of me. Perhaps there is no memory of having been born here. I call this kitten Sneaky Pete because he/she sneaks behind something and keeps eyes on me constantly until I leave the barn.

It just so happens there is another "Pete" in blogland today. Before I posted this I saw Lynn at Good Things Happened had posted about Brother Pete.

I am making every effort to catch up on my blog reading as I slow down a bit on my Portraits. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My book arrived yesterday. While my photographs do not do justice to this work, at least you can get an idea of the treasures I now own. Each artist is a master crafts person in their own genre it was indeed a privilege for me to be allowed to participate among such talent.

I was proud of this work and am glad to have it back among my treasures. If you don't know, EAGHL is also Granny Annie:)

Valeria is a marvelous artist and I saw this drawing on her blog and hoped it would be coming to me. It holds my favorite bright colors and a striking nude is almost revealed.

Could any of you doubt who did this beauty? Of course it is Ily and must be a self-portrait. "Salud" is the title of this lovely painting as she says to us every day on her blog...Cheers!

This is continued on the next two posts.


Now we all know what a great photographer Paul is and why he joined this group. I am honored to have this in my book.


I had a blue-eyed love –

In the heart of winter, we’d meet;

Crystal snow spread across our bed,

And river ice beneath.

I’m reminded by the cold and leaden sky –

My blue-eyed love and I.

I had a green-eyed love –

In the heart of summer, we’d meet;

Lillies spread across our bed,

And drowning depths beneath.

I’m reminded by unforgiving July –

My green-eyed love and I.

I had a black-eyed love –

In the heart of Autumn we’d meet;

Wind blows leaves spread across our bed,

And only the earth beneath.

(?) the desire that lives nor dies –

My black-eyed love and I.

I think I only missed one word in trying to transcribe this beautiful poem by Shay. If you have seen her work before you know that she is a gifted and talented poet who reaches inside her soul for the beauty of this work. Now I own this copy in the poet's own hand.

Doreen blessed me with two pages of her art and I could not be more thrilled. It wears me out just to try to imagine how much time this intricate work take her.


Wouldn't it be great if I could enlarge this and frame it and put it on my wall with all my other chicken memorabilia. Did Serena know her subject or what?

Carmen obviously got to know me before she did her work and picked out my favorite thing. I hope you can tell how amazing both pages are from my pictures. (I can't find Carmen's blog link anymore. Can anyone help me?)

Holland has given me a forever memory of my little goat Tandy Kid on the day he was born. So sweet and clean and pink. What a great painting to have when he grows into a smelly old billy goat. What a crowning glory to complete my long awaited project book.

Here is a link to my ArtBistro page that shows all the work I have done in the other books if you are interested.

Friday, September 17, 2010


My post on April 5, 2010 was titled 10 BRAVE ADVANCE. Today I received and emotional email from Holland/Monique and she has notified me that my book is on the way home. You can see what she added to the book by going here. I can hardly wait to view all of the original art I will own from each participant and it is my plan to share the contents of my book with all our blog friends. We did start out with ten participants but ended with nine when one had to drop out early due to family illness. It was a very rewarding experience to participate with these talented artists.

Meanwhile I am involved in another project and have already gotten into trouble. I posted the pictures I had drawn on my ArtBistro site and I also posted the photographs of each subject only that was a major "no-no". I had to take the photographs down, which I did post haste. I can display my work just not the subjects. I am a bad girl

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Any religion should stop being protected as religion when it crosses over into vile activities and requires the taking away of another man, woman or child's life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Ron took me fishing to get me away from the marker fumes for a while. It was a beautiful evening and he had been on the internet to determine exactly where we should lower our lines to get some catfish.

I was comfortable and enjoyed the sturdy new bridge. It is much more secure that the old metal bridge, though not as pretty. We fed a lot of fish our liver bait but didn't manage to reel in a single one. Thankfully we still have catfish in the freezer and will still have fish tonight.

The goats pen is completed now with their own fenced 220 ft. long pasture in back of the barn and an opening into the barn where they will remain dry and warm. That space behind the barn was our main reason for acquiring goats because it is difficult to get back there and mow.
Needless to say Tandy Kid has not been neutered yet. He cannot "connect" but that does not keep him from trying. Here is a less than tasteful photograph of poor Tina with her head stuck in the fence and TK taking full advantage of her predicament. Since I was there taking photographs, I was able to get Tina free immediately.

Friday, September 03, 2010


It is the 3rd of September. Our weather has taken a change for the cooler -- WhooHoo! And I am guessing we are in for a fishing trip since chicken livers are thawing on the kitchen counter. So what problem could I have when things are so delightful? No clothes. I do not have any clothes for Autumn and my only pair of comfy sandals are white. Technically those shoes won't be banned until after Monday, Labor Day, but I certainly know it is time for different shoes to face the new weather.

Have I been absent from blogging because I don't have proper shoes? Nope, I have been absent because Scarlet Ily has been kind enough to introduce me to an online Portrait Party and I am churning out my marker art portraits right and left. I had to submit samples of my work and be accepted in the project and wonder of wonders, I was accepted and now my life is ruled by scotch whiskey and the fumes of permanent markers. Could be the reason for the impending fishing trip. Ron probably thinks I need to get out of here.

Randy Johnson submitted by EAGHL for Julia Kay's Portrait Party

Many of your are aware of our sketch book project that is coming to a close and hopefully we'll all be showing the work we have done and the art that is coming back to us in the form of other's artwork. It has been unbelievably fun and uplifting and that is why I am so happy to have this new project to take its place

Meanwhile in the chicken world, Jack Bauer has been overthrown as King Rooster by Chicklet. If you remember, Chicklet is one of two chicks of the late Elenore Hen. Chicklet has just been biding his time by pretending friendship and obedience to Jack Bauer while all the time it appears he and Daryl (the previous ruler before Jack arrived) have been plotting this coup d etat.

Chicklet struts his stuff in the barnyard.

One of our grandnephew's Owen turned two yesterday and I had to attach this photo of his cousin Olive, one of our grandnieces, wishing him a Happy Birthday.

Owen gets a birthday hug from his cousin Olive.

My absence from blogland will probably continue for a while so don't forget about me. I am thinking of all of you and while wishing everyone a splendid weekend, I am especially wishing a safe weekend for my US friends as we celebrate Labor Day on Monday.