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Frankie and Slim
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Remember the enthusiasm generated in school pep rallies? Did (or do) you experience staff meetings at work that basically were pep rallies? Have you ever entered a WalMart in the morning when they are having their daily pep rally?

Corny as pep rallies are after the fact, in the moment you cannot help but get caught up and feel a bit of the energy they generate.

I try to say my blog posts are for me, for the purpose of journaling to remember the events of my life. The comments are very nice but getting comments is not the point to my blogging -- or are they?

If I post something that you relate to, you comment with a story of your own or you simply applaud what I have said. By the end of a day or two I'm able to review my post and read your great comments and feel exhilarated by your support. The comments turn my post into a mini pep rally and I begin compiling the next post to see if I can create a swell in the audience. I love reading your blogs and commenting there for the same reason. The comments you receive are equally energizing and it is a joy to share that. We can walk away feeling uplifted.

Does this make sense? Can you think of your own blog as a mini pep rally?

Give me a G - give me an R - give me an A - give me an N - give me an N - give me a Y...

What's it spell?


  1. GRANNY!

    I never thought of posting that way, but knowing that people like my blog posts does make me want to keep doing it. Mine started out as journaling, too. I haven't shared my blog with my sisters, so it was funny last weekend when my sister questioned me about the date of an event and I was positive I had it right - it was all chronicled in my blog. :)

  2. Granny! Makes perfect sense:)

  3. G-R-A-N-N-Y Granny Yay!!

    Never thought of it in that way. Neat perspective, Annie. I'm still surprised anyone would be interested in the things I post - lol!

    Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

  4. Granny Annie, you're just what the doctor ordered! Yeah!

  5. I think it spells CHICA! :)

    I also write to journal and document my life (since a part of it was lost when they burned our photos in Cuba...and my parents don't particularly enjoy talking about the past), but I definitely value the interaction and friendships that have developed since I started blogging in January of 2006. Also for me, blogging is like a dance between the writer and the reader/commenter. You write this, I add that; we laugh, we cry, we dream. It's entertaining, thought-provoking and oftentimes touching/meaningful. Like you, I mostly get a lift out of blogging and kick out of you, Annie! You're one of my favorites!!

  6. You know Annie - it is true - blogs are pep rallies and so are the comments -they make the world a better place including yours! sandie

  7. This is a perspective on blogging that is new to me...but so true. I try very hard to write for myself, but find that my bloggers do creep into my ideas and comments. Oh well, that is the new journaling. They do give me energy and they do give me new perspectives.

  8. Thta's true for most posts, except the ones I label rants or laments!

  9. That's a very good analogy actually. I'll be your cheerleader anytime :)

  10. (GO) GRANNY! your analogy and your, here is an Alabama cheer from me!

  11. Lynn – Occasionally my family will read my blog but they never comment. However they have come to know that through my journaling (since I was 10) that I’ve got things pretty well documented to reference event dates. Yay Lynn!

    Changes – Thanks! You have always been a very good cheerleader for me and I hope I have been for you.

    Talon – You have never had a bad or boring post and it surprises me that it surprises you that a lot of people think that.

    Lakeviewer – Thank you for such a nice comment. I guess we all feel pretty good if we can lift the spirits of others. You’re a great addition to the rally:)

    Scarlet Ily – “It spells CHICA” how cool. I loved that but you are the Royal Chica. You are good and kind to all of your followers and your sincerity is truly amazing.

    Chatty Crone – And certainly “including yours” miss Sandie:)

    Tabor – “Energy and new perspectives” was right on target for what followers bring us in their comments. You go girl!

    Kenju – Yes, I guess we all have our occasional rant or lament. But hip-hip-hooray for the times we’re on top of the world. You are undoubtedly one of the blogworlds best cheerleaders. I like to think you were my strong leader into this maze of fun.

    Riot Kitty – You and I both exchange cheerleader roles for each other. It sure keeps me going. What else would I expect from a Michelle:)

    Grammie – Oklahoma back at cha with a YeHaw! And GO Grammie!

  12. Yeah what 廷家祥家祥雯 said...
    真是好文呀~~給你拍拍手再加, I've always thought of blogging like running throw lines on the river. You go check to see if you've had any nibbles and every so often you need to change the bait.

  13. Cliff -- I love your analogy but I'm not too sure that I agree with your Japanese friend:)

  14. You really have your thinking cap on :) It seems like no one but you thought about blogs being mini pep rallies and they ARE! I never would have thought of that either. And fellow bloggers are the best cheerleaders going!

  15. Never though of blogs as a pep rally but know they do add a much enjoyed and important part of my life. I do enjoy all the things I learn, the support, and humor. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Glad you stopped by to leave me such a nice note while my hip heals. Stella

  16. I remember those school rallies for the sports teams-
    Can't imagine having one at work- (would have to be in Portuguese!) Our jobs are physically challenging to say the least... a case of "How well do the humans keep up with the big machines-"

    Oh I love comments! Without them I feel lonely! (I Live by myself)
    Great comparison!

  17. Anonymous1:50 PM

    That is a great way to look at blogs...i think I need to change my view or goal of what I want mine to be...right now I only feel pressure to write and all I come up with is blanks...I like your outlook on this...Thanks Granny.!