Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
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Saturday, May 01, 2010


This is Wilma, on the left, and Paula, on the right. Wilma was selling her deceased husband's Allis Chalmer's G. Paula, her youngest child, was there to help. If Paula had not been there we would not have brought home this tractor. If I heard it once yesterday, I heard it a zillion times, Wilma would say "Let Paula do it" and by golly Paula could.

Gracie, Wilma's dog, was there to help also. She kept constant guard and was ready to attack any copperheads that might appear.

The neighbor's dog showed up to help with the entertainment. The dog ran around and around with this big box turtle in his mouth trying to give it to someone. We were there a long time and when we left the dog was still carrying the turtle.

These are the neighbor's sons who showed up with sleep in their eyes in time to see the tractor already loaded on the trailer. They were able to help Ron with the tie down so finally Paula could get a break.

And here she is! Just exactly what Ron needs -- another tractor. It is a 1948 Allis G with cultivator and plow. We could not get it started (that's why the loading was so difficult) but they assured us it does run. Now could you see two more honest looking people than Wilma and Paula?

We arrived home well ahead of the storm but it did hit mid afternoon Remember this is tornado season and heading out for a drive from Oklahoma to Missouri with dark clouds and high winds is a frightening thing.

Okay friends, if you guessed a tractor, congratulations, you were right.

Another adventure was in store for me when we arrived home. It will have to be another post. It is one of those sad/happy tales from NOL-NOC Estates.


  1. Well that sounds like quite a day with cheerful women and funny animals. (I was a little concerned about the turtle.)

    You'll let us know if the tractor works? I hope so!

  2. The tractor will make a nice addition to his stash!

    I wonder what the turtle thought about being carried around?

  3. I grew up with people like Wilma and Paula. I'll vouch for their honesty.

    How many tractors do you all have :)???

  4. One cannot own enough old Allis tractors. Even if they are only half there. :)
    I'm glad the weather held out.

  5. Is that top dog a rat terrier?

  6. Lynn – The women were so cheerful that my poor spouse had to hold his breath to keep from cussing like a sailor. I learned it's much better to have women help than men cause he doesn't hold back around the fellows. I have to admit I do not know the fate of the turtle. The dog was still carrying it around when we left.

    Kenju – The tractor adding to his “stash”. I love it.

    Pat – We only have seven tractors right now. A friend in Tulsa has 32! Yes Wilma and Paula are like many people we know so that was why we trusted them.

    Cliff – Are you saying the people are only half there or the tractors? I can easily vote for Ron only being half there when it comes to tractors.

    Z – Yep a rat terrier. Every farmer should own one. If I didn’t have Slim I’d want a rat terrier because they are such good snake dogs but also loving pets..

  7. I think it's funny that they didn't mind letting you take pictures of the whole thing! Don't know if I would have been so keen on it! You go Granny Annie!

  8. My Grandpa H. had one of those. I remember standing on the seat behind him when I was a kid and holding his shoulders as me drove down the lane!

  9. Oh Lord, I hope Mr.Gibson II is

    I don't think a farmer can have too many tractors... She's a beauty...

  10. I'm glad you got there and back safely. I have a feeling those are completely honest people behind those smiling faces and that tractor will be revving up :)

    I did laugh at the turtle being carted all over. Reminds me of Charlie, our labradoodle - she always brings "gifts" to everyone - lol!

  11. I think we all need a Paula in our lives. :)

  12. OGO – I gave them my blog address and told them I was going to post about the trip. They did not seem to care and let me take the pictures. Guess that is just another part of how nice they are.

    Quilly – It is good to hear that you remember those moments with your Grandpa. All eight of our grandchildren have memories of riding like that with Grandpa Ron and I believe they will cherish their memories too. Of course as they have gotten older each will remember driving a tractor before they drove a car.

    Lucy – Don’t worry, the new story is not about Mr. Gibson II. How much trouble can there be when She spends all her time on a nest. LOL

    Talon -- We have had too much rain to be able to work on the tractor but we’re sure it will start too. We saw that same honesty in their faces. About the dog and the turtle I should have added the disclaimer that “no turtles were harmed in the making of this blog post”. Yes our Slim also went through a period of bringing gifts and some were stolen from workmen in the area, like gloves and flashlights, etc.

    LL Cool Joe -- Yep, Paula definitely is a "go to" guy. I'm usually pretty proud when I have my own Paula moments and someone can depend on me.